Best Gambling Tattoos of 2024

Written by: Ashley Grasse, Casino, Games, and Trends Specialist
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Gambling Tattoos

Gambling can be the ultimate metaphor for life. We all experience highs, lows, and unpredictable outcomes along the way. A gambling tattoo can represent the trials and tribulations of your personal story, even if you aren’t an avid bettor. Or maybe you are, and you want something that shows off your love of poker.

Tattoos can be highly meaningful or just for aesthetics. You’ve come to the right place if you’re thinking about getting some casino-themed ink. We’ve compiled some of the best gambling tattoo ideas of 2024.

Most Popular Gambling Tattoo Ideas

When it comes to tattoo designs, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want something popular or original, it helps to look around for inspiration. Let’s dive into some of the most popular gambling tattoos.


Life Is A Gamble Tattoo

Life Is A Gamble Tattoos

If you believe nothing is guaranteed and life is all about taking calculated risks, this is the perfect tattoo for you. It makes a strong statement about your beliefs and how you approach life’s challenges.

There are a ton of different artistic directions you could go with this idea, but some of the more common ones feature dice and playing cards around the phrase. 


Angel Number 777 Tattoo

Angel Number 777 Tattoos

The number 777 is known as an angel number, and many believe it’s a sign that you align with the universe. It represents a positive spiritual shift with blessings ahead if you’re willing to put in the work.

Due to its perceived power, it’s also a lucky number in the gambling world. Perhaps this tattoo will attract good fortune into your life.


Joker Gambling Tattoos

Joker Gambling Tattoos

The joker can have many meanings depending on how you interpret it. Have your friends ever called you unpredictable? In poker, sometimes the joker can be a wild card. It’s even the inspiration for the Joker from Batman. 

Whatever face you decide to put on this character, he gives the impression that you’re mysterious and a risk-taker.


Dark Gambling Tattoos

Dark Gambling Tattoos

There’s no denying gambling has had somewhat of a sinister side throughout its history. If you enjoy the more macabre things in life, you might prefer a gambling tattoo with a dark theme.

It can be anything from the grim reaper dealing card, terrifying joker face to skulls with dice and poker or blackjack cards.


Gambling Dice Tattoos

Gambling Dice Tattoos

Dice games have been around for centuries. It’s no surprise they are a classic tattoo. It’s the perfect choice for those that like to take risks in life or just have a set of lucky numbers.

You can surround them with any art, such as flowers, flames, or your favorite phrase.


Skull Gambling Tattoos

Skull Gambling Tattoos

Skulls give you an effortless, rebel vibe and are easy to incorporate into just about any tattoo. They represent an acceptance and fearlessness of our fate as mortal beings.

Some popular gambling ideas feature skulls on face cards or a skull with dice and cards surrounding it.


Gambling Cards Tattoos

Gambling Card Tattoos

Sometimes it feels like life deals you a bad hand. Gambling cards represent the luck of the draw.

They can tell a story of your hardships or lucky outcomes or express a surrender to fate. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that deep. Some people just decide to get a tattoo with cards because they simply like to play card games.


Old School Gambling Tattoos

Old School Gambling Tattoos

Old school tattoos are still popular for a good reason: they hold up beautifully as they age. Thick, clean lines ensure the edges don’t bleed out as fast, and the artistic style is classically cool.

They often feature simple designs and rich primary colors. A pair of colorful dice or red and black playing card suits would be perfect in the old school style.


Cards with Dice Gambling Tattoos

Cards with Dice Gambling Tattoo

Why not combine cards and dice for a tattoo that gives you double the luck? They go hand-in-hand with a gambling theme, and you can pick your lucky numbers.

They’re an excellent base for incorporating other elements like skulls, cherries, or stars.


Gambling Poker Tattoos

Gambling Poker Tattoos

Maybe you like to play poker for fun with friends, or you’re just known for having a poker face. You don’t have to be an expert player to rock this tattoo.

Popular poker tattoo ideas feature suits, winning hands, or chips. Some also include the highest winning hands of the game, like royal flush or poker.

Where Can You Get a Gambling Tattoo?

Gambling Tattoo Big Icon

As with any tattoo, we recommend finding an artist you can trust and whose work you like. It’s essential to choose someone that specializes in the style you want. Don’t go to an artist that does old-school tattoos if you’re looking for something hyper-realistic.

Also, take into consideration the reputation of the tattooist and the shop. Do they get good reviews? Do people say they cancel appointments at the last minute or make frequent mistakes? You want to feel comfortable with your decision because it’s a permanent addition to your body.

If they meet these standards, you’re good to set an appointment. Communicate what you want clearly and work with the artist to find something that you’re happy with.

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