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Games Like Bingo Alternatives

Bingo has been popular ever since its invention in 1929. It’s even more popular now thanks to online bingo, which lets you play for real money anywhere.

If you enjoy playing live or online bingo, you’ll like these online casino bingo-like games.

We’ll cover popular bingo alternative games, including scratch-offs, keno, and pull tabs. As you’ll see below, these three games have the same excitement as bingo and are available online.

Why Do Players Love These Games Similar To Bingo?

Games Similar to Bingo

Bingo has many aspects to like, including its entertaining format, element of chance, and significant potential prizes. If you have to mark your numbers too (versus auto dauber), there’s even a skill element involved.

Games similar to bingo have the same great qualities going for them. Everything from scratch cards to keno brings the same fun gameplay, exciting luck element, and big potential payouts.

Of course, the jackpots depend upon the game, but huge prizes are available under the right circumstances.

You can also find bingo-like games at online casinos, adding convenience. All you need to do is fire up bingo alternative games on your phone or computer to start playing.

Games Similar To Bingo You Can Play at Online Casinos

Which bingo-like games are the best of the best? You can see our favorites below, along with why these games are worthwhile, their rules, and their win potential.


Online Keno Game Like Bingo

With origins dating back to 200 BC China, keno has been a popular game for thousands of years.

The modern casino version lets you decide how many balls to pick and offers prizes accordingly.

You can win larger prizes when selecting more balls, but you also need to make more correct picks this way. Some online keno games pay up to 10,000x your stake or more.

Keno comes in various formats, including 80-ball, 40-ball, Super Keno, and Power Keno. With 40- and 80-ball keno, you choose up to 10 and 20 numbers, respectively.

The Super and Power variations have bonus balls that lead to special payouts.

DuckyLuck Casino
DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards Game Similar To Bingo

Other bingo-like games, scratch-offs, are commonly available in convenience stores. Physical scratch cards have opaque spaces, which you scratch off to reveal potential prizes.

These games were previously only available in stores, but now they’re available at online casinos too.

Online scratch-offs have a similar look and gameplay as the physical versions.

The main difference is that you’re virtually scratching off the opaque rather than using a coin or similar object.

Online scratch cards can pay up to 50,000x your bet, depending on the game.

500% up to $7,500

Pull Tabs

Online Pull Tabs Bingo Alternative

Yet another game like bingo, pull tabs spawned in bars and restaurants in the 1950s.

They initially offered novelty prizes, such as a free drink or sandwich, but they now pay real money.

You play this game in a land-based setting by buying a ticket from the machine. You then pull the tab(s) off the ticket to reveal winning or losing symbols.

Online pull tabs are rare, but they do exist at BetUS Casino. The online version works like a physical pull tab game, where you virtually peel off tabs to reveal results.

BetUS Casino
BetUS Casino
150% up to $3,000

List of Games Like Bingo You’ll Love

We’ve covered games similar to bingo in a general sense. Now it’s time to discuss some individual games like bingo that are available at online casinos.

We’ve scouted plenty of casinos to find the best options, which you can see below.

Rank Bingo-like Game Online Casino Welcome Bonus Play Now
Sea Treasures Scratchcard
Sea Treasures Scratch Card
DuckyLuck Casino 500% up to $7,500 PLAY NOW
Online Keno Game
SlotsandCasino 500% up to $7,500 PLAY NOW
Keno Draw Game
Keno Draw
Bovada Casino 125% up to $3,750 PLAY NOW
Keno Game
Lupin Casino $8,888 Welcome Package PLAY NOW
Cosmic Strike Pull Tab Game
Cosmic Strike Pull Tabs
BetUS 150% up to $3,000 PLAY NOW
Overboard Pull Tab Game
Overboard Pull Tabs
BetUS 150% up to $3,000 PLAY NOW
Buccaneer Booty Pull Tab game
Buccaneer Booty Pull Tabs
BetUS 150% up to $3,000 PLAY NOW
Aztec Warrior Scratchcard Logo
Aztec Warrior Scratch Card
DuckyLuck Casino 500% up to $7,500 PLAY NOW
Demon Train Scratchcard Logo
Demon Train Scratch Card
DuckyLuck Casino 500% up to $7,500 PLAY NOW
Prosperous Bloom Scratchcard Logo
Prosperous Bloom Scratch Card
SlotsandCasino 500% up to $7,500 PLAY NOW

Play Online Casino Keno for Free

Play Keno Megapays for free and learn how fun games similar to bingo can be!

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Play for Real Money & Keep What You Win

Lupin Casino
Lupin Casino
Accepts US players with a $8,888 Welcome Package

How To Play Games Like Bingo at Home

You won’t have much trouble getting started with bingo alternative games online. The following steps show how easy it is to register, deposit, and start playing at a gaming site.

  1. Visit a Quality Online Casino

    Many online casinos offer games like bingo, but which ones are the best? You can check our casino reviews to see which gaming site is right for you, or just pick one of the sites we recommend in this post.
  2. Select The Sign-up Button

    You begin the registration process by selecting the option to sign up (a.k.a. register). This button will open up a short registration form required to become a member. The process only takes a minute.
  3. Complete The Registration Form

    The registration form can differ slightly from one casino to the next. But generally speaking, it requires your name, address, country, email, phone number, and birth date.
  4. Make a Deposit & Start Playing!

    After opening an account, you can play free bingo-like games to get the hang of the rules. Of course, you’ll need to place a deposit if you want to play for real money.

    This step requires visiting the banking section, selecting an available deposit method, and funding your account.

Have Fun Playing Games Similar to Bingo!

You may love bingo, but you might also want to try alternatives to broaden your horizons. Keno, scratch cards, and pull tabs have the same qualities as bingo but with unique gameplay styles.

We highly encourage you to try these bingo alternative games if you want something slightly different. You’ll also appreciate that these lottery-style games are conveniently available at online casinos.

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