How to Get Rid of Bad Luck in Gambling

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Bad Luck Streak

You’ve probably felt the high of a win and the low of a loss, but hitting a bad luck streak can feel like you’re stuck on a runaway train.

When that happens, people often make decisions that worsen their situation, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Improving your fortune with some know-how and the right attitude is possible.

We will go over some tips and tricks to help you turn that bad luck around.

Tips To Turn Your Luck Around When Gambling

Are you feeling like it might not be your lucky day to gamble? Is turning your luck around even possible? While you can’t change the odds, you can make smart choices that will help you in the long run.

#1 Reconsider The Game You’re Playing And The Odds

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There’s no shame in playing a low-house-edge game. It’s the best way you can give yourself a head start.

Take a break and consider the statistics if you hit a losing streak. It might be time to switch to a more advantageous game.

Out of all casino games, blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge. If you play single-deck blackjack and apply the right strategy, the house edge is just 0.05%.

#2 Set a Budget and Stick To It

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If you set a budget and stick to it, you won’t have any regrets regardless of the outcome. Manage your bankroll wisely.

In the best-case scenario, you win. In the worst-case scenario, you only lose what you were comfortable with. 

#3 Only Gamble in a Good Mood

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Your attitude can significantly affect how you perceive ups and downs. Starting a game off in a bad mood is a great way to end up in a worse one, so only play when you’re feeling happy.

Approach gambling with a lighthearted mindset, and you’re guaranteed a good time.

#4 Do Not Drink or Take Drugs

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Drugs and alcohol impair your judgment, and you might not be making intelligent decisions while under the influence. Don’t go too wild.

Moderation is key if you’re going to consume alcohol while you wager. Your body and your wallet will thank you in the morning.

#5 Learn From Other Gamblers

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Experienced gamblers know all about the most advantageous games to play, the smartest strategies, and how to quit while they’re ahead.

It’s always a good idea to gain a little insight from knowledgeable peers.

Ask questions or join player forums!

#6 Bring Your Lucky Talismans

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While your lucky rabbit’s foot won’t lower the house edge, it will raise your spirits. If keeping a talisman in your pocket or blowing on dice is your thing, go for it.

Superstitions and player traditions can make you a more confident bettor.  

#7 Play at Reputable Sites

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The first step in deciding where to gamble online should be choosing a reputable site. If you lose money, you want it to be on your terms, not because you got scammed.

Visit one of our recommended sites if you’re ever in doubt.

What Is The Gambler’s Fallacy?

It’s all too common for players to try everything they can to climb out of a losing streak. You’ve probably seen it or have felt tempted to do the same. After so much bad luck, there must be a win around the corner, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You can’t predict a future event based on previous outcomes. That belief is called the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Some people will continue to wager past the point when they should stop, digging a deeper hole. Others try superstitious tricks like blowing on dice. While that might coincidentally work sometimes, it doesn’t affect a game’s outcome. If you’re counting on rituals, chances are you’ll end up disappointed.

Common Superstitions To Remove Bad Luck

Although gambling superstitions aren’t proven to work, they can be a whole lot of fun. As long as you’re not relying on them to change a game’s outcome, why not give a few a try?

Red Clothing

Wear red clothing for luck icon

Red is a massively important color in Chinese culture. It symbolizes luck, happiness, and good fortune.

Over time these beliefs permeated the gambling world, making this a popular color to wear when betting. So rummage through your closet and find something fiery.

Lucky Number 7

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The number seven is significant all over the world, and things get interesting when you start to break it down.

There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven days of the week, seven continents, and even more connections to Judaism, Christianity, and Chinese culture. It’s no wonder this is a popular number in gambling.

Lucky Charms

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Many bettors have a charm they keep with them.

For some people, it’s a four-leaf clover; for others, it might be a lucky penny. Putting something special to you in your pocket might make you play more confidently


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A lot of people have rituals they perform before a round. Blowing on dice or knocking on wood are two popular luck-bringing beliefs.

If you want to try something a little more discreet, there’s always the old-fashioned trick of crossing your fingers. 

Luck Starts With You

The truth is that losses will arise no matter what you do. The best way to improve your luck is by taking the time to make well-thought-out decisions. Choose games with a low house edge, set a budget, and maintain a positive attitude

And, of course, always play at legitimate online casinos like those we recommend. Are you ready to try out our tips and tricks and put that old rabbit’s foot to use? Sign up at one of our suggested sites today!

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