Useful Gifts for Gamblers That They Love to Receive

Written by: Aaron Kim , Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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Looking for the perfect gift for the gambler in your life? If you have a birthday party, wedding, Christmas, or other holiday coming up, we’ve got you covered! With the range of practical gifts and life experiences to fun little trinkets that will warm their heart, there’s a little something for everyone.

The best gamblings gifts are useful and thoughtful, so it makes sense to look for a bit of inspiration before you buy something. The pressure is on for you to get your casino-going family members something to remember, and you’ll find it right here.

Best Gift Ideas for Gamblers

There are plenty of gambling gifts floating around the internet. Whether it’s a poker player, online slots enthusiast, or someone that plans a trip to Vegas every year, below is a list of the best presents they really want. Don’t worry. We have options to choose from in every price range.


Visa Gift Card

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While it might seem like a cop-out, you can use Visa gift cards at online casinos. That makes them the ideal present for any internet gambler. For such a simple token, it sure can make a large impact on the recipient’s bankroll.

You can choose from a selection of prepaid Visa and Mastercards, with options from $20 to $500. Plus, you can slide it into a card for easy wrapping. From there, they can deposit at any top-rated real money online casino that accepts credit cards. 


Poker Set

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When you’re playing poker for real money, nothing compares to using real chips, so no wonder a quality set is a fantastic gift. It brings a legit brick-and-mortar casino feeling to a night of playing cards with friends and family.

A starter kit will run you about $30-$50. That gets you a foam-lined metal case, some okay plastic chips, a couple of decks of cards, and some dice. The premium sets have heavier clay chips with wooden or leather cases and can be upwards of a few hundred bucks.


Scratch Cards and Lottery Tickets

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Scratch-off games are a classic gift that gamblers love to receive. Although they are not the most flattering, the idea of a winning ticket with a huge instant payout is exciting. There’s always that chance to turn a $20 gift into hundreds.

Scratch cards are available for any budget. Visit a gas station or convenience store to get tickets from $1 to $100 a pop. You can pick from different themes, prize amounts, and even game styles. Everyone loves the bingo and crossword cards.


Personalized Dice

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Every gambler is superstitious in one way or another, and craps players are no exception. Many people have a lucky routine or set of rules they follow at the table. That’s why personalized dice make for a great gift.

For only $15 to $20, you can get a name added to some custom dice. This gift is about showing that you understand the person’s hobbies. Sure, they can’t use them in Vegas, but they can keep them in their pocket for good luck.


Trip To Las Vegas

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If you’re willing to spend some big bucks, then a getaway to Las Vegas is the dream gift for all gamblers. Plan the trip ahead of time, buy the plane tickets and hotel rooms, and put the paperwork in their card’s envelope.

There are always lucrative package deals to Sin City. For a long weekend trip, you can expect to shell out $1,000 or more per person. Of course, that all depends on how much everyone plans to gamble, what shows you want to see, and where you plan to eat.


Miscellaneous Casino Gifts

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If a trip to Las Vegas is outside the budget, go with something casino-related. There’s a gift on Amazon and Etsy for every type of gambler. Poker chip drink coasters, graphic tees, and “casino money” piggy banks are all just a quick search away.

You can even get a couple of smaller gifts to fill a basket. It’s the thought that counts, so don’t worry about breaking the bank. You can spend as little as $10 on something that lets the recipient know you were thinking about them on this special day.


A Good Luck Charm

Good Luck Charms Icon

Rabbit’s feet are a thing of the past. There are plenty of other lucky coins, figures, and necklace pendants out there. You can find pocket-sized horseshoes and resit cast four-leafed clovers that a gambler can keep with them.

Good luck charms are small and inexpensive, so this is a perfect gambling gift under $20. If you like this idea and want to spend a bit more, maybe look for a lucky symbol on a piece of sterling silver or gold jewelry.


Casino Game Strategy Books

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If the gambler you’re getting a gift for also enjoys reading, get them a book that could help them win some money. The best reading material breaks down the math and strategies of specific games on the casino floor.

Most gambling books are in the sweet spot price range under $30. Just take note of the game your gift recipient wants to know more about or actively plays. There are options for craps, blackjack, roulette, poker, and more.


At Home Casino Table

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Gifting a casino table or game layout lets your gambler friend get in on the action anytime. There are tabletop roulette wheels, blackjack felts, and even home craps games. Want to go all out? Get a combo table that has all three!

Table-toppers for poker or blackjack start around $75. A quality roulette wheel will be about $300, but you can find cheaper plastic ones. To go this route on a budget, you can find printed felt with a game’s layout for around $10-$15.

Gifts for Gamblers that Keep on Giving

Hopefully, the suggestions on this page give you a little inspiration for some gifts for gamblers that you know. Whether it’s a small token or a trip to Vegas, you’re loved one will appreciate it!

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