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The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise is famous for its memorable missions, open-world concept, and letting you drive people over. Thanks to Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s also notable for casino games. The fifth installment of the franchise—GTA Online—features the “Diamond Casino & Resort.”

The GTA casino launched on July 23, 2019, as part of an online update. It has become a mainstay thanks to its authentic atmosphere and realistic games. 

The following guide provides insight into GTA 5 casino games, controversies, acquiring chips, and common questions.

GTA Online: Diamond Casino Casino & Resort Overview

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Be Lucky: Los Santos (aka Vinewood Casino) was the original GTA Casino. However, Diamond Casino & Resort replaced Be Lucky on the corner of Los Santos’ Vinewood Boulevard and Vinewood Park Drive.

The Diamond GTA Casino is larger and more extravagant, featuring a rooftop pool and patio, VIP gambling rooms, and penthouses. You can access these amenities while making your way through Diamond Casino & Resort.

The rooftop patio and pool are impressive and provide a Las Vegas feel. This gaming establishment also offers several GTA 5 casino games, which we’ll cover in depth later.

GTA 5 Online Casino Gambling

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The GTA publisher Rockstar Games received criticism for promoting gambling via the Diamond Resort. The controversy arises from how many kids play this game and visit the casino.

As this Reddit post explains, players can practice responsible gaming through various means. They can understand the gambler’s fallacy and set a limit on their play-money bankroll.

GTA V Casino Games

The GTA casino features a complete run of games, including everything from slots to blackjack. It generally provides the same options that are available in real-money online casinos.

In the casino’s racebook, Inside Track, you can also enjoy betting on horse racing. We will discuss all the offerings at the Diamond Casino & Resort, along with players’ common questions.


Lucky Wheel

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After purchasing Diamond’s basic membership, you get one daily spin on the Lucky Wheel. The wheel offers cash prizes, chips, a car, and mystery prizes.

Regarding the latter, you may want to know how to claim a mystery prize in GTA 5. Mystery prizes automatically go into your inventory after the spin. The key is to check the pop-up on the screen’s left side to see what you’ve won.

If you miss the pop-up, you’ll have to go through your inventory or check your cash funds to know what you’ve won.


  • Chips
  • Clothing
  • Cash
  • Mystery Prizes
  • Cars
  • Discounts

Horse Racing (Inside Track)

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The Inside Track racebook is available down a hallway off the main casino lobby. It displays virtual horse races on an LCD screen and features betting machines for up to 16 gamblers.

You can wager on either single events or the main event. A single event revolves around races lasting for 30 seconds, while the main event involves races running for a minute.

Either way, you can wager on one of six horses with different odds. The payouts range from $100 (top favorite) to $10,000 (biggest long shot).

Pay Range

  • Top Favorite Pays $100
  • Biggest Long Shot Pays $10,000


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The GTA blackjack experience is arguably better than the average online blackjack game.

It provides a first-person vantage point, where the cards, chips, and 3D dealer are all visible.

This game offers 99.6% RTP with optimal strategy, which is about as good as anywhere.

House Rules

  • Natural blackjack pays 3:2
  • Dealer stands on a soft 17
  • Four decks with a continuous shuffling machine
  • You can double down on any two cards
  • You can only split once
  • Double down after splitting is available
  • No insurance or surrender is available
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack if there’s an ace or 10
  • Seven-card Charlie rule is in play

Three Card Poker

GTA V Three Card Poker Feature Image

You start a GTA three-card poker round by risking the ante and optional Pair Plus side bet. After viewing your three-card hand, you can either fold (surrender the ante) or make the play bet (2x ante).

GTA’s three-card poker game provides 96.63% RTP on the ante bet, which isn’t very good. However, the overall RTP is 97.99% on the ante and play bets with optimal strategy.

Speaking of the latter, you’ll play optimally by raising with Q-6-4 or better and folding everything else. The Pair Plus bet offers 97.68% RTP, which is solid for a side bet.


  • Ante Bet: 96.63% RTP
  • Overall RTP: 97.99%


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Diamond Casino features double-zero roulette tables (aka American roulette), where zero and double zero are on the wheel. American roulette tables only offer 94.74% RTP and are the worst-paying GTA casino games.

Hopefully, Rockstar will add single-zero tables (aka European roulette) during the next online update. A European roulette table provides 97.30% RTP, which is more in line with GTA’s other games. It’s the real money roulette option with the best odds.

Roulette Variants

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette (upcoming)


GTA 5 Casino Slots

The GTA slot machines are available near the back of the main lobby and include a wide variety of slots.

GTA casino offers 98.7% RTP for all slot games, which is incredibly generous by real-world standards. Betting limits and maximum prizes vary based on the game.

Diamond Miner and Deity of the Sun offer the highest stakes and payouts. Meanwhile, Evacuator and Fame or Shame have the smallest bet sizes and potential prizes.

Slot Titles Include

  • Angel and the Knight
  • Deity of the Sun
  • Diamond Miner
  • Evacuator
  • Fame or Shame
  • Impotent Rage
  • Republican Space Rangers
  • Twilight Knife

What’s the Best GTA 5 Casino Game?

GTA Lucky Wheel Logo

Lucky Wheel is the best GTA casino game from a profit perspective. It doesn’t cost anything to play and can award outstanding prizes, including a car, cash, chips, and mystery prizes.

The catch is that Diamond Casino only gives you one spin per day. But this daily spin is undoubtedly worthwhile because it awards roughly $100,000 on average.

How to Play Casino Games in Diamond Casino?

Dealer with Casino Chips

Like London casino clubs such as Crockfords, the GTA Casino requires you to purchase a membership. A basic membership costs $500 and provides games and Lucky Wheel access.

The wheel makes membership worthwhile due to its massive potential payouts. You’ll also need to acquire GTA 5 chips, which we’ll cover next.

What to Do if You Can’t Access Casino GTA Online?

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Diamond Casino & Resort offers a highly entertaining virtual gambling experience. But what happens when you can’t get into the casino GTA online?

The most straightforward workaround is to restart your game cache, which involves pushing L1 and R1 when starting the game. You need to continue pushing these buttons until seeing your screen brightness reset.

GTA 5 Casino Chips

GTA V Diamond Casino Chips

You’ll immediately receive 5,000 in GTA chips after paying the $500 membership fee. Diamond Resort gives you an additional 1,000 chips for every visit.

Each chip is worth $1 GTA dollar and is convertible at the cashier’s cage. Standard betting limits within the casino range from 5–5,000 chips. However, the VIP lounges allow you to bet up to 50,000 chips per round.

Your ability to win more chips depends upon the game. Double-zero roulette offers the worst prospects of winning due to its 94.74% RTP.

Blackjack provides the best chance of beating fixed-odds games thanks to its 99.6% payback. You’ll win the most profits on Lucky Wheel due to the $100,000 average payouts.

Visit the GTA Casino

GTA 5 offers plenty of chances to earn money. However, few of these opportunities are as entertaining as the GTA casino games. You’ll get chips just for purchasing the cheap $500 membership. You will also rack up lots of money and prizes through the Lucky Wheel.

Of course, the entire focus doesn’t have to be on winning. You can also play slots, blackjack, roulette, and more just for entertainment. In any case, Diamond Casino & Resort should be a must-stop on your GTA journey.

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