Haunted Casinos: Enter at Your Own Risk!

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Haunted US Casinos

While some of us leave the memories of wild nights behind in Vegas, others may never leave at all. The history of casinos paints a colorful picture, and many believe some characters may have unfinished business in these old establishments. Would you play at a haunted casino?

People are captivated by the possibility of a supernatural realm. Aging buildings hold lifetimes of stories in their walls, some good and some bad. It’s no surprise that casinos always top the list of haunted places in America.

Top 5 Haunted US Casinos

Next time you’re planning a gambling trip, you may want to consider visiting these historic locations for a paranormal experience. Check out the top 5 haunted US casinos below.


Luxor Casino

Luxor Casino

Is the Luxor Casino haunted? The giant pyramid is completely covered in black glass, and it looks especially sinister at night when its dark shape looms over the Vegas strip. It wasn’t easy to construct, and rumors claim seven workers died in the process. 

It doesn’t end there. In 2007, a bomb placed inside a coffee cup killed a 24-year-old food court employee in the Luxor parking garage.

Even more bizarre, in 2010, a man got into a fight and fell against an elevator door. The door mysteriously opened despite no compartment being present, and he fell to his death down the shaft.

It’s easy to see why so many ghost sightings happen here.


Colorado Grande Casino

Colorado Grande Casino

This building dates back to 1863, when Cripple Creek, Colorado, was a mining community. After dwindling business, the area was on the verge of becoming a ghost town. Its remaining 100 residents voted to open gambling establishments, and they converted the Colorado Grande into a casino

One resident of the old mining town apparently lives on. People report seeing Maggie, an apparition with bright red hair. Was she the daughter of a miner or one of the merchants who inhabited the building?

No one knows her story, but visitors often see her at the slot machines or singing and dancing around the ballroom.


Bally’s Resort and Casino

Bally's Casino

With much anticipation, the MGM Grand opened its doors in 1973, only to be entirely devastated seven years later. In November 1980, a fire that started in the kitchen quickly swept throughout the first floor at a rate of 15 feet per second.

The materials used to build the MGM were highly flammable, and no one had any warning as there were no smoke alarms.

Plumes of toxic black smoke filled the stairwells, elevator shafts, and rooms above the casino. In total, 85 people died, and 500 were injured.

In 1986, the resort was sold to Bally’s and subsequently renamed. Now guests frequently experience chairs and tables moving on their own.


Whiskey Pete’s

Whiskey Pete's Casino

Whiskey Pete’s started as a service station on the outskirts of Vegas. A quarrelsome moonshiner named Pete McIntyre ran the place and became known as a local nuisance.

When he died in 1933, his friends honored Pete’s request to be buried standing up on the hillside overlooking the station so that he could watch the comings and goings for eternity.

Over the years, it transformed into a casino, and things were quiet until something peculiar happened in 1994. During construction on a railroad track, workers accidentally disturbed Pete’s remains.

Since then, reports of Whiskey Pete’s mischievous spirit haunting the place have ramped up. To add to the weird energy at the casino, Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car sat in the lobby for some time. Overall, this is one of the more active haunted sites on the list.


Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Flamingo Casino

Infamous mobster, Bugsy Siegel, had a big hand in opening this casino in 1946. His ways caught up with him just a year later when rival gangsters gunned him down in Beverly Hills, California.

Is the Flamingo one of the haunted casinos in Las Vegas? Although he didn’t die at the Flamingo, patrons believe Bugsy Siegel’s spirit lingers in the rooms of the hotel and gardens of the chapel. People have woken up to a dark figure looming at the end of their bed and spotted an apparition floating through the grounds.

A Paranormal Gambling Experience?

There’s no denying haunted casinos and the people who frequented them have been a rich part of American history. One can only wonder what stories the spirits that haunt their halls are trying to tell us.

Are you brave enough to spend the night in one of these casinos? If not, try checking out one of our spook-free recommended sites instead and indulge in a game of blackjack or play your favorite online slot game.

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