How To Become an Online Casino Dealer

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How to be an online casino dealer

The top internet casinos have live table games, so the demand for online casino dealers is growing. They are the friendly face of a production closest to the real casino experience players can find.

With training, commitment, pleasing personality, and knowledge of casino table games, almost anyone can get the job. Let’s explore what this role requires and how you can become an online casino dealer.

What is an Online Casino Dealer?

Professional Live Dealer Online

A dealer is a person who makes a live casino game run smoothly under its rules. They shuffle cards or spin a roulette wheel, all in the proper order of the game –much like how it works at a Las Vegas venue. The difference is that live games are streamed from a studio with cameras rather than on a casino floor.

They draw a salary and even accept tips. But unlike at a brick-and-mortar casino, an internet casino dealer doesn’t handle real chips or money. The live casino game software takes care of that.

How to Become an Online Casino Dealer?

Becoming a dealer at a gambling site involves a process like any other career choice. Learning the game, practicing the task, and doing a job search are all part of the process. Here is how to go about it.


Investigate Dealer Skills & Requirements

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When you play a table game, the dealer takes care of so many things that you may not realize how hard their job is or how they got it.

They must know the rules of several table games and how to carry them out, so training is involved. They also have to learn the basics of the production aspect of live-dealer games.

Then there are basic requirements such as people skills, hand-eye coordination, a little math knowledge, and a willingness to work odd hours. You must be at least 18 years old (usually 21), have at least a high school diploma, pass a drug test, and often obtain certification or licensing.


Think About Why You Want to Become a Casino Dealer

How To Become a Live Dealer

Being a dealer in a gambling site is a specialized craft that requires a commitment of both time and money. And you may not be located near a casino studio. So location is part of considering this line of work. You have the training to go through, even if you know the games from a player’s perspective.

And, like other service jobs, you interact with customers. You can approach it as a temporary job or a first step to a career in the casino business. But know why you are getting into it.


Learn & Practice

Online Casino Dealer Learn and Practice

Learning the craft is the first step to becoming an online casino dealer. Ace Academy is a good start, but there are other training centers such as Vegas Aces and The Casino College. And some recruiters will incorporate training into their programs.

Any of these trainers will take you through learning the rules of games, how it works, and practice.

Practicing is a big part of preparation because you want to know what to do in any situation. Since specific equipment is involved (chutes, roulette wheels, table layouts), practicing on your own is complicated beyond the shuffling and handling cards that a casino card dealer does.


Find & Apply for Online Casino Dealer Jobs

Casino Live Dealer Jobs

Online casinos are not everywhere, particularly in the US. However, the market is growing. Fewer than 10 states host online casinos, and other states have proposed legislation or are considering having internet casinos. The industry is more accepted in Europe, but if you reside in or near a major city, live casino jobs are more accessible.

A good place to look for this job is Playtech or Evolution, a leading B2B destination for online casinos. But you can also find jobs using more common search sites such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Keep in mind the training sites above as job source outlets.

How Much Does an Online Casino Dealer Make?

Live Dealer Blackjack Studio

When technology made online streaming smooth and stable, casino sites added live games to their gaming portfolios. Online casino dealer jobs have become more available with the trend.

According to ZipRecruiter, job salaries for an online live dealer position range from around $35,000 to $50,000 a year. That’s based on full work at $18 to $23 an hour. That doesn’t include tips and possible benefits.

Top Games You Need To Know To Get A Casino Dealer Job

The games you will need to know are the classic table games, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. But there are various games a casino card dealer may carry out, such as three-card poker games. Depending on the site, Pai Gow and Sic Bo are other live casino games.


Blackjack Game at live casino

This is a classic and one of the most popular casino games of all time. And a must-know if you want to become a casino card dealer.


Roulette Game at live casino

A game that can’t be missed at any casino! Roulette is really popular due to its simplicity and fame in the cinema industry.


Baccarat Game at live casino

This popular Asian-style game is also commonly offered at live online casinos and is well-received among high roller players.


Pros & Cons of Becoming a Dealer at a Casino Site

There is no doubt that casino card dealers are the backbone of any live online casino. They are the ones who make sure that everything is running smoothly and that players know what they’re doing and enjoy it.

But it isn’t all fun and games – there are some advantages and disadvantages of being an online casino dealer that you must consider before becoming one.

  • A growing industry with enormous potential
  • Learn the inner workings of live dealer casinos
  • Get to know more about live casino production and studio operation
  • Don’t have to handle money physically
  • Live dealer studios are not everywhere
  • You may have to work odd hours

Working from The Other Side of The Screen

Live online casino dealer

As online casino players, we have always seen things from one side of the virtual table. But there is another side, and that’s the side with a guaranteed income.

If you like table games and have played a lot, you may want to learn more about the casino business.

Being an online casino dealer is an ideal start. It may be the beginning of a new career in a continuously growing industry.

Online Casino Dealer FAQ

Here are some of the most popular questions we get about online gambling dealers and how to become one.

How long does it take to become a casino dealer?

You can take a two-week course from a training center to receive a certificate to become a casino dealer.

What is it like being an online casino dealer?

Being an online casino dealer involves working with customers and working odd hours.

What do online casino dealers see from their side of the screen?

Online casino dealers see cameras, at least one monitor, and maybe a game control unit that encodes the video.

How to apply for an online casino dealer job?

You can apply for an online casino dealer job through a training center, a specialized casino recruiter, or a standard job site.

Is it easy to become an online casino dealer?

Yes, it is relatively easy to become an online casino dealer, with a brief training and application period.

Are there any famous online casino dealers?

There are no famous online casino dealers, but they are popular with their own niche audiences. However, you will find a few youtube influencers that have actually worked as one in the past.

What are the most popular job titles for online gambling dealer jobs?

Online croupier, online dealer, and video game presenter are the most popular job titles for online gambling dealer jobs.

What are the best companies to work for as an online casino dealer?

Evolution is the most popular employer of live casino dealers. But other software companies such as Playtech and Microgaming also hire.

How to become a live blackjack dealer?

To become a live blackjack dealer, you must undergo casino card dealer training and be referred or apply for a position.

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