How to Use MatchPay on Bovada – Full & Easy Guide

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How to Use MatchPay on Bovada

As great as Bovada is, their entire operation improved when they implemented MatchPay as a banking method.

MatchPay and Bovada go hand in hand, allowing players to deposit and withdraw without the hazard of conventional banking methods.

In this article, we will explain how to use MatchPay to fund your Bovada account and how to use it to withdraw your winnings. Keep reading to find all the details.

Using MatchPay on Bovada

Learn All About How MatchPay Works at Bovada Casino

What is MatchPay?

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MatchPay is a payment method that works as a peer-to-peer (P2P) service. The process allows individuals to send money to each other using PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Chime, and CashApp.

The service operates through a mobile app. Users can send and receive payments without needing cash or checks.

How to Use Matchpay on Bovada

Using MatchPay might be tricky initially, but once you get how it works, it becomes like any other payment method. Below I will explain how to deposit at Bovada in simple steps.

How to Deposit

The entire idea of MatchPay is to match you with other users. That’s why it’s a peer-to-peer service.

MatchPay Account Icon

1. Create a MatchPay Account

If you don’t have a MatchPay account, you must create one.

Then, type your MatchPay ID at Bovada to link your accounts.

Order at MatchPay Icon

2. Create an Order at MatchPay

Select how much money you want to trade, including the method to trade the credits.

Hit “Continue” as MatchPay will pair you with users funding your account with either PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp.

Wait for Your Money Icon

3. Wait for Your Money to Arrive

Once you have a match, the app will retain your money until the seller funds are in your MatchPay account.

You can send those credits to your Bovada account when the money hits your MatchPay account in a few seconds. Then, you will be ready to enjoy hours of gambling entertainment.

*Disclaimer: There is a chance Bovada won’t make MatchPay available for your account. We have noticed that not all users are eligible to use MatchPay.

However, you can always deposit using other methods like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, VISA, Mastercard, and many more casino banking options.

How to Withdraw

The withdrawal process is as simple as the deposit once you know how it works. Just follow these simple steps to withdraw your winnings.


Create a MatchPay Account

MatchPay Account Icon

If you don’t have a MatchPay account, you need to create one and link your MatchPay ID with your Bovada account.

If you already have one, you can skip this step.


Ask for a Withdrawal Using MatchPay

Ask For a Withdrawal Icon

Go to the banking section at Bovada and select MatchPay as your withdrawal method.

Then send your money to the MatchPay app. It takes just a few seconds.


Create a Trade Offer at MatchPay

Trade Offer Icon

Log in to your MatchPay account, type the number of credits you want to sell, and select one of the payment methods to get the money to the buyer.

When a buyer matches your offer, you will send the credits. MatchPay will hold them until you have your money in your Paypal, CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Chime wallet.
The trade is complete once you and the buyer confirm you’ve received the funds.

Tips When Using MatchPay at Bovada

Because MatchPay is a trading app, there are some best practices to implement when using it as a payment method at Bovada.

  • Enlist as many payment methods (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay, Chime, and PayPal) as possible for a better matching rate.
  • MatchPay is a peer-to-peer service. Avoid trades where there is a third party involved.
  • Always ensure the trade method details get shared in the trade chat window before sending credits to a user. This will help to ensure a smooth and safe transaction process.
  • It is important to wait until the credits are fully available before confirming the completion of the transaction.
  • Before initiating a trade, ensure you have already set up an account with your preferred trade method. It will help streamline the transaction process and avoid delays or inconveniences.

Pros & Cons of MatchPay at Bovada

Like any other banking method, using MatchPay at Bovada has pros and cons. Let’s review some of them.


  • The app has versatility with the many payment methods available.
  • Direct contact with seller or buyer.
  • No need for banks to get involved in the transaction.
  • No fees are attached.


  • The process may be challenging or overwhelming for new users who have yet to become familiar with the platform.
  • The transactions may take longer than expected as another peer is involved.

MatchPay Alternatives At Bovada

Of course, Bovada casino offers other payment methods other than MatchPay. Players can use many different options to deposit and withdraw.

Below you will find the most popular banking methods at Bovada.


Bitcoin Icon

Bitcoin is the fastest banking method available and our preferred casino deposit option. The deposits are both quick and secure and come without fees.

Bovada also offers exciting rewards for using Bitcoin as a banking alternative. It provides an incentive to use this payment method.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Casino Icon

Credit Cards are another excellent banking method to fund your account at Bovada. They are widely accepted across most online platforms and are convenient and accessible payment methods.

Bovada allows deposits via VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

Other Crypto

Other Cryptocurrencies Icon

While Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, there are other alternatives with great value.

Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are some of the most used crypto coins besides Bitcoin at Bovada.

Use MatchPay at Bovada Casino and Start Playing Today!

MatchPay is a fast and easy way to make deposits and withdrawals on Bovada. By using this alternative payment method, you can exchange funds with other users, eliminating the need for traditional banking options.

The process may seem daunting at first, but following the steps in this guide can make it a simple and straightforward process.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a peer-to-peer payment system while also taking advantage of the site’s wide range of casino games and sports betting options.

Using MatchPay on Bovada FAQ

Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about using MatchPay at Bovada:

How to transfer money from MatchPay to Bovada?

You must create a MatchPay account, link it to your Bovada account and trade the credits from one account to another.

How to set up MatchPay on Bovada?

Create a MatchPay account using your real name and information and link it with your Bovada account to transfer the funds.

How does MatchPay work on Bovada?

You must link your MatchPay and Bovada accounts. Then trade your credits matching with another peer at MatchPay.

Is MatchPay safe and legit?

Yes, MatchPay is a secure peer-to-peer trading app with legit credentials. However, we have seen occasional complaints about their lack of customer support. Remember, you can always use other payment methods available at Bovada.

Can I transfer money from MatchPay to my bank account?

No, transferring your MatchPay credit balance directly to your personal bank account is not possible. You can use other payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Zelle, CashApp, and Chime Wallet to do so.

Are there other online casinos using MatchPay?

Yes, we have encountered many other casinos that use MatchPay as an alternative banking method. Some examples are and Ignition Casino.

I can’t see MatchPay in my Bovada account; what should I do?

If you can’t see MatchPay on your Bovada account, you need to talk to a Bovada representative. Not all Bovada accounts are eligible for using MatchPay.

How long does MatchPay take to transfer the money to my Bovada account?

In our experience, it usually takes minutes, but you must have the credits ready before sending them to Bovada.

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