Alex Baliukonis Reveals BGaming’s Casino Game Design Magic

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Interview With BGmaing's lead Designer Alex Baliukonis

Ever wondered who’s behind the visuals and features of your favorite slot games? It’s the game designers, the masterminds who mix art and innovation to create those thrilling experiences. But what exactly goes into making a new slot game?

To get the inside scoop, we chatted with Alex Baliukonis, the Lead Game Designer at BGaming.

In this article, Alex walks us through his creative journey, revealing how a game goes from just an idea to a fully-realized, engaging experience.

Interview with Alex Baliukonis

Join us for an exclusive peek behind the curtain of game design in the online casino world.

What is your creative process when designing a new game?

My creative process varies depending on where I am when inspiration strikes. If I get an idea while at work, I put on some music and start writing and sketching out all the elements as they come to me.

It’s like capturing the flow of thoughts in real time. But I record voice memos if the idea hits me when I’m not at my desk. Once I’m home, I turn those notes into a visual concept.

This creative process of creating games for BGaming is quite special and intimate.

Do you draw inspiration from anything?

Of course! I believe a game designer is only as good as their breadth of horizon.

For example, I’ve been running D&D campaigns as the Dungeon Master for several years, and after watching the anime series The Legend of Vox Machina, I came up with the concept for an online slot, Adventures.

Another example is from God of War, which inspired the volatility-switching idea in Diamond of Jungles. In the initial concept, low volatility corresponded to an icy environment, while high volatility was linked to blades of chaos.

The slot was supposed to freeze or ignite accordingly.

Books also inspire me a lot. “Red Carpet” by Erich Schwartzel gave me insights into Asian themes in media, and “They Shouldn’t Have Killed His Dog” helped me better understand emotional design through the lens of the storyline in action movies.

What decision process goes into the concept of a new game?

The decision process for a new game concept depends on the task. If there’s a specific goal for a particular market, I base the idea on data from that market.

It helps me choose the proper mechanics and narrative elements.

However, some projects come to life despite trends and data. For example, the slot game, Merge Up, didn’t start with data collection.

Instead, it was about bringing hyper-casual game mechanics and principles into gambling.

So, sometimes, it’s about going with the flow of creativity and trying something new, even if it goes against the usual trends.

From the social gaming aspect, what makes an online slot fun to play?

Online slots are still in the early stages of incorporating social mechanics. Right now, there’s hardly any social gambling on the market. You mostly see these elements in game add-ons, like lobbies in crash games or progressive jackpots.

However, the industry is starting to explore meta-gaming concepts. It would be more accurate to answer this question in another year or two.

Personally, I believe this trend will be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because we’ll soon be able to use metrics like retention, CPU, and LTV to study the market and form hypotheses.

But it’s also a curse because adding these mechanics clashes with the principles of humane game design.

Do you add anything personal to any of your projects?

Every project I work on is unique to me. Like a good magician, I don’t reveal all my secrets. But I can tell you to try poking Thor’s face in the game Gemhalla. You might find a little surprise there!

Like a good magician, I don’t reveal all my secrets.

Note: This interview was originally published on Linkedin.

About BGaming

BGaming officially launched in 2018 as a fresh rebrand of SoftSwiss, which started in 2008.

Based in Malta, with offices in Georgia and Poland, they create games for players worldwide.

They’re licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring their games are safe and fair with their special Provably Fair technology. Their games are known for their reliable software, smooth animations, and compatibility with both mobile devices and computers.

With over 150 games already released, BGaming has quickly become known for their creativity and quality, earning nominations for various industry awards.

Dive Deeper Into BGaming’s Magic

Alex Baliukonis’ creative process is a fascinating blend of inspiration, innovation, and personal touch.

From drawing ideas from D&D campaigns and popular media to adding unique elements like volatility-switching and hyper-casual mechanics, his approach ensures BGaming’s games stand out.

See the results by yourself. Explore BGaming’s games, play for free, and get the full experience.