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You’ve had a remarkable streak of cards or hit a nice jackpot at the slot. You have enough money in your online casino account to take some out. But it’s not as simple as collecting your chips and going to the window. This is the internet world, and things work a little differently.

When it is time to withdraw your money from an online casino, you may encounter a problem, even when you think you have done everything right. 

So, what’s the holdup, and how can you get to your funds? We’re here to help you understand online casino withdrawal problems and what to do to avoid a frustrating payout process.

How Do Online Casino Withdrawals Work?

The first thing you need to know is that online casinos have strict procedures for withdrawals. These rules are for the protection of players as well as the casino. 

Here’s what goes on when you go to take out money:


You Request a Withdrawal

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You go to the Cashier or Banking section, click on Withdraw, select a payment method, and enter an amount. The request is on its way. Now, be prepared to clear other hurdles and wait.

Depending on the casino and the amount you request, you may get your money within an hour if you use cryptocurrency.

Credit cards may require several hours with credit cards, and third-party payment systems take up to 24 hours. The casino should let you know in advance.


The Online Casino Validates Your Request

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When the casino gets your withdrawal request, they may mark it “pending” which means the process has not begun. It may take a couple of days before Accounting gets hold of it and starts the procedure.

Then the security department receives your request and verifies your identity and the other information you provided. They also make sure you have adhered to all the rules stipulated in the casino’s terms and conditions.

They may contact you and ask you for further proof that you are who you say you are. The casino must do this to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorism laws. 


The Payment is Processed

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Next, the casino transfers the request to the financial institution you selected, and these institutions apply their own procedures.

Depending on the payment method you picked, this may take several days. If the casino has to cut you a check and put it in the mail, you are looking at weeks.

Users of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency usually don’t have to worry about long waits because cryptos don’t rely on a banking authority. So if speed is essential to you, consider using cryptos to withdraw.

Top 5 Most Common Withdrawal Problems At Online Casinos

Online casinos make it tough to take out your money because too many bad actors are willing to take advantage of casinos and players. Here are the main reasons you may encounter a problem when trying to cash out your winnings: 

You Haven’t Provided Verification Documents

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If it is your first withdrawal at a casino, they will ask you to provide verification. These might include:

An ID: pictures of your passport, driver’s license, and/or credit card
Proof of Address: a photo of a utility bill with your name and address

In the licensing jurisdictions of some online casinos, players have to provide ID verification even before they are allowed to play. 

You Provided False Information

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If an online casino’s security thinks you have lied to them, they will investigate further. This is primarily because of underage posers.

Online casinos are required by law to prohibit players under 18 or 21 in some jurisdictions. Violators don’t get their money.

You Have Duplicate Accounts

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If you have more than one account with the same online casino, you can count on your withdrawal being delayed.

They don’t want people abusing their welcome bonuses. If they find out you have another account, they will make you shut one down.

Check Wagering Requirements and T&Cs

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About 85% of online casino withdrawal problems come from not knowing the rules, mainly about bonus terms.

So, it is good to read both the bonus terms and the casino Terms & Conditions. You will learn dozens of reasons the casino can keep your winnings.

Bonuses have all sorts of restrictions. The playthrough or rollover requirements are the big ones. They require you to gamble a certain amount of money before you can cash out.

You Are Using a VPN

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If you’re thinking of gambling online using a VPN, be aware that Casinos have regulations about where players can gamble from, and VPNs mask a player’s location which goes against those regulations.

So, if you use a VPN and give the casino a false address, they’ll pick it up through verification, and it’s game over.

Most online casinos ban VPN use altogether, and if they think you are using one, they’ll investigate.  

Our Recommended Casinos

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Selecting a trusted casino can be a time-consuming task. We’ve done the work for you and have listed some of our trusted instant withdrawal casinos. Aside from being safe, and reliable, these are casinos that have proven to provide quick payouts.

Tips To Avoid Withdrawal Issues

Many online casino withdrawal problems can be avoided by just following rules. Here are three things that will make life easier at cash-out time:

Play at Legit Online Casinos Only

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Picking a reputable, licensed casino is the first and most essential factor in ensuring your money is safe and accessible.

Check Terms & Conditions, security measures, and support services. It is also good to read reviews and forums.

There are too many fly-by-night operations in cyberspace, so you want to be sure you choose a legit online casino.

Provide All Requested Documents

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Be up-front with the casino. If they ask you for documentation, provide it, keeping in mind that they have good reasons. You might avoid cash-out hassles by volunteering any info they might need when you first sign up.

Go to the online casino’s support and ask them what they will need when you want to withdraw. Provide the info and make notes on what you did, so you will have documentation when the time comes.

Make Sure You Comply With Wagering Requirements

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Always read the bonus terms. That way, if you want to take advantage of a bonus, you will know what you have to wager to get your winnings out.

This will make the whole process much easier, and you’ll avoid that big surprise when you go to withdraw.

What To Do If The Online Casino Refuses To Pay Out

So, you’ve done everything correctly, and the casino is still not paying you. It may be a communication issue or some other snafu that the casino can quickly resolve. But here are other things you can do:

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Contact Customer Support

The first thing you should do is make the casino aware of your problem. Make notes on what you have gone through, and have everything in order beforehand.

You can go to their support chat because those are usually recorded. If you want to talk to someone, casino phone support also keeps a record of conversations, but you should keep notes just in case.

Best to Reach Out by Email

Because most online casino withdrawal problems are extensive, it is usually best to reach the casino by email. It also adds to the documentation you may need along the way.

Either way, don’t be rude, offensive, or demanding. Just let them know what you are going through and ask for their help. You will either be sent up the ladder to a boss, receive an apology and a promise to expedite the process or get a reason for the delay.

Dispute Terms Icon

Dispute the Terms

Some organizations specialize in resolving online gambling issues like yours. Your casino may list a third-party fixer, or you can find an independent dispute resolution service on the web.

The testing agency eCOGRA offers one of the best resolution services.

Contact Regulators Icon

Contact Regulators

The best online casinos are licensed in jurisdictions that can help you with cash-out issues. Go to the jurisdiction’s regulatory agency and ask them to investigate.

Your casino may better respond to your problem under pressure from the jurisdiction

Posting Complaint Icon

Post a Complaint

There are plenty of sites that review and rate online casinos. There are also forums where players offer opinions and criticisms.

Go to one of those sites and tell your story. Casinos sometimes monitor these forums and respond quickly. At least you will have warned other players of potential problems.

The Best Way To Avoid Payout Issues Is To Play At Legit Sites

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There is no better way to avoid the issue of having an online casino not paying out than to be at the right casino in the first place. The top-rated online casinos know their business and how to serve their players best.

Their Terms & Conditions make things clear, and if you have questions, their support staffs have the answers. You will also find FAQs with sections on payouts at the best internet casinos.

So, find a reliable casino site and play without worrying about hitting a snag when you go to cash out.

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