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Binion’s and 4Queens are owned by the same company, TLC Casino Enterprises.  Binion’s was acquired in 2008.  The two casinos are within walking distance on Fremont Street.  The hotel at Binion’s closed in 2010.  Players at that casino are referred to 4Queens for a room.  Comp hotel rooms offered to Binion’s players are actually from 4Queens.

The Binion’s players club is referred to as Club Binion’s.  The 4Queens program is the Royal Players Club.

While the two casinos are owned by the same company, the players cards do not overlap.  The only part of the program that is the same between the two is the free hotel rooms and offers.

How to Receive a Players Card

Binion’s players must go to the rewards center at that casino.  That is located behind the poker room on the northwest side of the casino.  4Queens players should go to the rewards center on that property.  It is located behind the main bar on the east side of the casino.

How to Use Club Binion’s and Royal Players Club Cards

Players at Binion’s and 4Queens should insert the card into the slot at the top of a slot or video poker machine.  Table game players should hand the card to the dealer.  Binion’s poker players in cash games receive $2 an hour when clocking in with the room manager.

Rewards Earned by Game

Club Binion’s players earn 0.31% in cash back when playing slots and video poker.  These players also earn 0.62% in comps that may be used for food or hotel.  Table games return comps based on the amount wagered, house edge of the game and time at the table.  Table games do not return any cash to players.  Comps earned at Binion’s must be spent there at the steakhouse, café or deli or at the 4Queens hotel.

Royal Players Club members have the same return as Binion’s players.  The difference is that those comps must all be spent on the property at 4Queens.  The exception to the return rate is the 10/7/5 Double Bonus Poker machines at 4Queens.  Those games return half the normal rate to players in cash back and comps.

Poker players earn $2 an hour when clocked in to cash games at Binion’s.  There is no poker room at 4Queens.

Status Credits Earned by Game

There are no status tiers at Binion’s or 4Queens.

Other Club Binion’s and Royal Players Club Perks

Active players receive mailers that include free slot play.  Gamblers that stick to high-return video poker games will not receive mailers.

How to Redeem Comps

Players at Binion’s and 4Queens must go to the players club to redeem points.  The player will receive a voucher for the points that is then taken to the cashier cage to be cashed.  Comps are redeemed by giving the card to the front desk clerk or employee at a restaurant.  A photo ID is required for all transactions.

Club Binion’s and Royal Rewards Card Return Rate

Slot and video poker players receive 0.31% in cash back and twice that amount in comps.  Players receive both.  There is no reason to choose between them.  Poker players at Binion’s receive $2 an hour in comps.  No cash back is offered.  Poker players do not receive this rate when playing tournaments.

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