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Written by: John Mehaffey, Las Vegas Casinos, Games, and Travel Expert
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Cosmopolitan is located on the center of the Las Vegas Strip.  The resort uses the Identity players card.  It is the only casino that offers Identity for its rewards program.

Cosmopolitan was the first players club to integrate purchases made outside the casino floor in its rewards formula.  Some other Las Vegas casinos quickly followed.

How to Receive the Cosmopolitan Identity Card

There are four ways to get a Cosmopolitan Identity card.  Players may go to the Identity rewards center at Cosmopolitan.  Video poker and slot players can ask an attendant for a card.  Table game players may get one printed by the pit boss.  The website has a form where players may create an account.  All Identity members must be at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID.

How to Use the Cosmopolitan Identity Card

Cosmopolitan Identity RewardsIdentity members that spend money on services like hotel, dining, shopping and services at Cosmopolitan should hand the cashier their card with every purchase.  Five Identity Points are earned for every $1 spent.

Slot and video poker players should slide the Identity card into their favorite machine.  There is a slot for this above the main screen.  Players will know that the card has been accepted when it welcomes them to the machine by name.

Hotel, restaurant, spa and store customers should give the Identity card to the cashier to swipe.  Table game players should give the card to the dealer or pit boss.

Awards Earned by Game

Slot players receive one Identity Point for every $2.50 wagered.  Sterling and Gold players earn double slot points.  Platinum players receive triple slot points.  Video poker players receive one Identity Point for every $6 wagered.  Point multipliers are not awarded on video poker.

Players may convert 100 Identity Points into $1 in free play or resort credit.  This makes the slot return 0.4% for slots for Silver players, 0.8% for Sterling and Gold and 1.2% for Platinum.  Video poker players receive 0.17%.

Table game players do not receive Identity Points.  Comps are still offered.  This depends on the bet size, the game’s house edge and the length of action at the tables.

Other Identity Card Perks

Players that create an Identity account and give action will receive offers.  These include free slot play, resort credits and hotel rooms.  Sterling and Gold players receive double slot points.  Platinum players receive triple points.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

Every slot and video poker machine has a screen that activates when a player inserts the Identity card.  There is an option to redeem points.  A player must enter the PIN associated with the Identity card to get to this screen.  The player can then determine the number of points that he would like to transfer to the machines.  Players may convert 600 Identity Points into $1.

Identity Card Return Rate

Silver Slot players receive 0.4% in free play or comps.  Sterling and Gold players receive 0.8%.  Platinum players receive 1.2%.  All video poker players earn at a rate of 0.17%.  Table game players do not earn Identity Points.  Comps are earned based on the level of betting, game played, speed of action and length of time at the table.

Identity Benefits by Tier

Silver players do not receive benefits beyond the standard earn rate and ability to receive mailers.  The perks start at the Sterling level.  Sterling and higher players receive free self-parking.  Gold and higher receive free valet parking.

Sterling Identity Benefits:

  • 2x slot points daily
  • One free hotel room per year
  • One buy one get one free buffet per month
  • VIP hotel reservations

Gold Identity Benefits:

  • 2x slot points daily
  • Two free hotel rooms per year
  • Two companion room nights per year
  • Resort fees waived
  • Buy one get one free buffets every day
  • Buy one get one free concert tickets
  • VIP reservation services
  • Early check-in
  • Late checkout

Platinum Identity Benefits

  • 3x slot points daily
  • At least two free room nights per year
  • At least two companion rooms per year
  • Resort fees waived
  • Priority seating at restaurants
  • Buy one get one free buffet every day
  • Buy one get one free concert tickets
  • VIP reservation line
  • Early check-in and late checkout
  • VIP transportation
  • Priority valet and taxi service
  • Turndown service
  • Annual $250 resort credit

Identity Credits Required by Tier

The Identity players club at Cosmopolitan calculates points on an annual basis.  The list below shows the number of points required in a calendar year to obtain or maintain a tier.

  • Sterling: 4,000 Identity Points
  • Gold: 20,000 Identity Points
  • Platinum: 50,000 Identity Points

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