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Ellis Island is a casino located one block off the Las Vegas Strip.  It is on Koval Lane between Flamingo Road and Harmon Avenue.  It shares the property with a Super 8 hotel.

Ellis Island uses the Passport Club players card.  It is the only casino that uses it.

How to Receive a Passport Player Card

The Passport rewards center is located near the back south door by the parking deck.  The Passport card is available to anyone at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID.  The player will create a PIN during the account creation process.  Those that arrive without a Passport card but already have an account must go to the players center for a reprint.

How to Use the Passport Card

Ellis Island Casino rewardsThere is a slot on all video poker and slot machines where the Passport card should be inserted.  The digital display will confirm to the player that the card is accepted.  Table game players should give the Passport card to the dealer or pit boss when buying into the action.

Players may want to check their offers before getting into action.  There are kiosks throughout the casino where players may see what is available.  This includes free play and food vouchers.  Points earned at slots and video poker are also converted on this device.

Awards Earned by Game

Slot and video poker players receive 0.1% in both free play and food comps.  Table games return food comps that vary depending on the size of the bet, house edge of the game and length of play.  Free play awards are redeemed in $10 increments.  Food comps may be claimed in any amount $10 or higher.

Ellis Island offers point multipliers on a regular basis for video poker and slot machines.  The video poker machines with favorable pay tables do not qualify for this perk.  The device will be clearly marked if the game does not award point multipliers.

Passport Players Club Tiers

The Passport Players Club does not have tiers.  Rewards are based solely on the amount of action given by a player.

Other Passport Club Perks

Passport Players Club members receive dining deals.  The BBQ restaurant gives $2 off per item when a players card is presented.  There are menu items available that include a discount in the café for Passport Players Club members.  This includes the secret $7.99 steak deal.  This requires $1 in slot or video poker action, otherwise it is $8.99.  The Passport kiosk will print the voucher required for this deal.

Ellis Island players that use the Passport Players Club will receive regular mailers.  These include free play, food comps and hotel vouchers for the Super 8 hotel on the property.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

Players must go to the kiosk or rewards center to claim free play.  This is true for both mailers and points accrued.  The player will need the PIN number associated with the account.  Once free play is transferred to the card, it may be redeemed at the machine.  This is done by inserting the card into the Passport Players Club slot.  The next step is to click the points button on the screen.  The machine will then ask for the amount that the player wishes to transfer to the game.

Passport Players Club Return Rate

Passport Players Club pays 0.1% in free play and food comps when playing slots and video poker.  There are point multiplier days available on all slot machines and some video poker ones.  Table game players receive a small amount of food comps based on the amount of action and the game.

Ellis Island sends mailers to players.  This includes free slot play, food comps and hotel rooms.

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