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The D players clubGolden Gate and The D are located in downtown Las Vegas.  Both are owned by Derek and Greg Stevens.  While the two casinos are under the same ownership, they use separate players clubs.  The concept of each is similar.  The comps earned may be used at either property.  The cash back earn rate is higher at Golden Gate.  This is due to the lower quality video poker at Golden Gate when compared to The D.

The players club at The D is called Club D.  Golden Gate calls their loyalty program Club 1906.

How to Receive a Players Card

The rewards center at The D is located near the front desk towards the rear of the casino.  The Golden Gate rewards center is by the front desk near the valet entrance.  Players will need a valid photo ID and be at least 21 years of age to receive either card.

How to Use a Players Card at The D and Golden Gate

Every slot and video poker machine has a crevice above the monitor.  This is where the players card goes.  The machine will welcome the player to the machine by name when it is accepted.  Table game players should hand the card to the dealer or pit boss. The Sigma Derby machine at The D does not offer points.

Awards Earned by Game

The D: Slot players receive 0.2% in comps and free play.  Video poker players receive 0.1% in comps and free play.  Table game comps are awarded based on the average bet, time at the table and house edge of the game.  Table game players do not receive free play.

Golden Gate: Slot players receive 0.5% in free play and slots.  Video poker players receive 0.25% in comps and free play.  The comps at table games are dependent on the average bet, time at the table and house edge of the game.  Free play is not awarded at table games.

Other Perks Offered by Players Clubs at Golden Gate and The D

Players card members at Golden Gate and The D receive mailers based on the level of play.  This includes free play, free hotel rooms and food comps.  Table game players will receive mailers that may be used for either free play at the tables or slots.  Players club members can cash checks at either casino, receive free valet parking and invitations to slot tournaments.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

Players that have at least 100 points may redeem them at any slot or video poker machine.  The same goes for players that receive a mailer with $10 in free slot play.  Insert the card into the machine.  Press enter and then the PIN associated with the account.  The game will ask how much you would like to transfer to the machine.  It must be wagered one time to withdraw.

Players with a mailer of $25 or more must go to the rewards center.  The player has two options.  One is to have the free play transferred to slots or video poker.  The other is to receive promo chips for table games.  These must also be wagered one time before cashing out.

Club D and Club 1906 Return Rate

  • Club D slot players earn 0.2% in both free play and comps.  Club D video poker players earn 0.1% in both free play and comps.
  • Club 1906 players earn 0.5% in both slots and food comps on slots.  Video poker players receive 0.25% in food comps and free play.

Table game players earn food and hotel comps based on the average wager, time at the table, speed of game, and house edge of the game. The Sigma Derby machine on the second floor of The D is also exempt from the rewards program.

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