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Jerrys Nugget MoreClubJerry’s Nugget is a locals casino in North Las Vegas.  It is just north of the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Main Street at the gateway to North Las Vegas.  It is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Las Vegas.

Jerry’s Nugget is best known for its great gambling and low limits.  The Jerry’s Nugget coffeehouse is a favorite among North Las Vegas residents, even those that do not gamble.  This diner offers weekend and graveyard specials that are among the best in the market.

How to Receive the Jerry’s Nugget MoreCard

There is no rewards center at Jerry’s Nugget.  Guests receive the MoreCard by going to the gift shop located near the south entrance of the property.  Slot attendants are not able to print or create MoreCards.  Pit bosses have this ability.  The website has a form players may use to create a MoreCard account online.

How to Use MoreCard

Slot and video poker players insert the card into the machine.  The machine will have a slot where the MoreCard is placed.  The machine will welcome you to the machine when it is accepted.  Table game, real money keno, and bingo players should give the card to the dealer or ticket writer.

Awards Earned by Game

Players may convert 600 points into $1 in cash back or free play.  Most games also generate comps that may be used for food, gift shop and bar purchases.  A player that reaches 600 points also has $1 in comps.

  • Slots: $1 coin-in = one point
  • Video poker: $2 coin-in = one point
  • Live keno: $1 wagered equals = one point
  • Bingo: $1 wagered = two points
  • Racing: $1 wagered = 25 points
  • Table games: Depends on average wager, time at table and house edge of game

MoreClub Status Levels

Jerry’s Nugget’s players club does not have tiers.  All players are the same level.

Other MoreClub Perks

MoreClub members receive point multipliers on Friday and Saturday.  Slot and video poker players receive mailers.  These include free slot play and food comps.  Table game players will receive mailers that include free bets, match plays and food comps.  Guests may use comps at

How to Redeem Free Play

Players that receive mailers with free slot play can head right to a machine to redeem it.  This includes ticket-in/ticket-out slots and video poker.  Free slot play initiated through mailers may not be redeemed on video table games or coin slots but points may be converted on these devices.

Hit the green button on the digital screen followed by the PIN.  The PIN is the player’s four-digit birth month and day.

Players with points to redeem may do so on the same machines using the same method.  Players may redeem as little as $1 in free slot play on a machine.  Players must have wagered $1 during the day to redeem free slot play.

Table game players will need to go to a kiosk to print up free tickets.  This includes match play and free bets.  These tickets are then used at the table in place of or in addition to a wager.

Comps may be taken to the restaurants or bar.  Weekly free food vouchers require a $1 wager during the day.  Comps earned through play have no daily requirement.

MoreCard Return Rate

Slot and bingo players earn 0.16% in comps and free play.  Video poker, video keno, and live keno receive 0.08% free play and comps.  Race bettors earn 4% comps but no free play.

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