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MLife is the players club associated with most MGM Resorts properties.  The notable exceptions to the MGM casinos that use MLife are Circus Circus and neighboring Slots A Fun.  These two properties have their own players club that is not connected to MLife and the other Las Vegas MGM casinos.

How to Receive the MLife Card

Each MGM Resorts casino that uses MLife has a players center where new customers may receive a card.  Slot attendants can also issue cards for players.  The Mlife website offers a way for new players to create an account.

Casinos Using MLife

  • Aria
  • Beau Rivage (Biloxi)
  • Bellagio
  • Excalibur
  • Gold Strike (Tunica)
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Detroit
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • Monte Carlo
  • New York-New York

How to Use MLife Card

Slot and video poker players must slide the MLife card into the slot on their favorite machine.  The machine will show the player’s name when it is accepted.  Table game and poker players should give the MLife card to the dealer.  Purchases made at the hotel and at shops within MGM properties receive MLife points.  Present the card to the cashier or hotel employee handling the transaction.

Awards Earned by Game

Slot players earn 0.2% in free play and comps when playing at MLife properties.  Video poker players earn 0.1% in free play and comps.  Table game players are rated based on the average bet, time at the table and house edge of the game.  Poker players receive $1-$2 per hour in cash game action, depending on the property.  Aria raises this to $3 per hour between 5am and 10am daily.

Money spent at MGM properties receives tier credit at a rate of 25 points for every dollar spent.  These customers receive 1% return on points that may be used as comps.

Other MLife Perks

Active players will receive mailers.  These include free slot play or hotel rooms.  Players that give a high level of action qualify for a host.

How to Redeem MLife Points and Comps

Players may redeem free play on any slot or video poker machine.  The player should hit the enter or OK button and enter their PIN.  The next step is to redeem points from the menu.  The machine will then ask the amount the player wishes to convert into cash.  The minimum amount of points that may be converted is $10.

Express Comps are redeemed at retailers within MGM properties.  This includes restaurants, stores and hotels.  Express Comps may only be used at businesses owned by MGM.  Outside vendors do not accept the points.

MLife Benefits by Tier

  • Sapphire – Players start at the Sapphire level. It does not provide any perks beyond mailers and a login to the Mlife website.
  • Pearl – Points and Express Comps are earned 10% faster than Sapphire. Pearl players receive a buffet line pass. Pearl players and those with higher tiers do not have to pay for parking in Las Vegas.
  • Gold – Points and Express Comps are earned 20% faster than Sapphire. Gold players enjoy a special check in line at hotels.  These players also receive buffet and nightclub line passes.
  • Platinum – Points and Express Points are earned 30% faster than Sapphire. Platinum players enjoy all of the line passes that Gold players receive but also have priority taxi and valet service. These hotel guests receive a welcome package from a host when checking in at the front desk.
  • Noir – Noir players earn points and Express Comps 40% faster than Sapphire. These players receive limo service to and from the airport.  Reservations to shows, nightclubs and restaurants are guaranteed.  Noir players also receive the same benefits as the Platinum tier.

Boarding Pass Status Credits Required for Tiers

All MLife players start out at the Sapphire tier.  Players move up in ranks starting at 25,000 points.  Players earn one tier point for every $1 wagered at slots and video poker.  Table games are rated based on level of play, time at the game and theoretical house edge.

  • Pearl: 25,000 tier points
  • Gold: 75,000 tier points
  • Platinum: 200,000 tier points
  • Noir: Invite-only

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