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Rampart is a casino-resort located in Summerlin.  That is on the far west side of the Las Vegas Valley at Summerlin Parkway and Rampart Blvd.  Rampart is an upscale, full service resort with a loyal locals following.  The resort includes an 18-hole golf course, as well as others in close proximity.

Rampart uses the Resort Rewards players card.  It is the only casino that uses it.

How to Receive Rampart Resort Rewards Card

Players may receive the Rampart Resort Rewards card by going to the rewards center on the casino floor.  It is located near the main entrance of the property.  Players must be at least 21 years old with a valid photo ID.

How to Use the Rampart Resort Rewards Card

Slot and video poker players must slide the Rampart Resort Rewards card into the slot at the top of the machine.  Players will know it is accepted when the screen changes into one that welcomes you to the machine and displays points.  Table game players should give the card to the dealer or pit boss.

Rewards Earned by Game

Players earn one point for every $1 wagered at slots.  Video poker players earn one point for every $2 in coin-in.  Players may convert 200 points into $1 in cash, free play or comps.  Slot players receive 0.5% returned through Rampart Resort Rewards.  Video poker players receive 0.25%.

Status points are earned the same way as comps.  Players receive one status point for every $1 wagered at slots and $2 at video poker.

Table games do not have a set point value return.  It depends on the game, average bet and length of play.  Pit bosses may also give discretionary comps.

Other Rampart Resort Rewards Perks

Players that give regular action at slots and video poker will receive mailers.  These include free slot play, hotel rooms and food.  Table game players will receive free bets, food and hotel room offers.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play and Comps

Free slot play may be redeemed right at the machine.  Press the enter button followed by the PIN.  The next option is to punch in the amount of points that you wish to convert into free play.  Players may convert points into cash.  That is done at the rewards center.  Comps may be used at restaurants by swiping the card and showing an ID.

Rampart Resort Rewards Return Rate

Slot players receive 0.5% in cash back, free play or comps.  Video poker players receive 0.25% that may also be converted into free play, cash or comps.

Rampart Resort Rewards Benefits by Tier

Players start out at the Resort Rewards level.  This gives a 10% discount at the golf course, hotel and Spiedini’s.

The next level is Summerlin.  These players receive a 25% discount at the hotel, in addition to the 10% at the golf course and Spiedini’s.  Summerlin players receive access to the Summerlin Room twice per month.  This is a VIP lounge.  These players receive line passes for restaurants.  The buffet, spa and café are 50% off when redeeming points.  Summerlin players receive one free hotel room per month.  Summerlin players may access the spa once per month and the pool twice.  This tier receives a free birthday meal at the Carmel Room, an exclusive steakhouse on the resort.

Summerlin Elite players receive all of the Summerlin benefits and several others.  They get 50% off hotel rooms when they are not comped.  Access to the Summerlin Room is available six times per month.  Point use at the buffet, café and spa is 75% off.  Summerlin Elite players receive three free rooms per month.  These players receive a free dinner at Ceres or Carmel Room monthly.  Suite upgrades are given in the hotel when available.  Limo use is also permitted.

Resort Rewards by Tier

Players start out at the Resort Rewards level.  At 80,000 points in the first or second half of the year, players move up to the Summerlin tier.  This requires $80,000 is slot or $160,000 in video poker handle during this period.  Summerlin Elite players need $400,000 in slot or $800,000 in video poker play to achieve the tier.

Players maintain the tier for the remainder of the six month period as well as the next one.  Players that do not maintain their tier get reset twice a year on January 1 and July 1.

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