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Written by: John Mehaffey, Las Vegas Casinos, Games, and Travel Expert
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Silverton is a locals casino on the south side of Las Vegas.  It is on Blue Diamond Rd and I-15.  The Silverton Rewards card is used by its players club.  It is the only casino that uses this program.

How to Receive Silverton Rewards Card

Players that would like to sign up for the Silverton Rewards program must go to the players club desk at Silverton.  Membership requires a photo ID.  All players must be at least 21 years of age.

How to Use the Silverton Rewards Card

Slot and video poker players should insert their Silverton Rewards card into the slot above the game display.  There is a small screen that will welcome the player once it is accepted.  Players can enter their PIN to convert free slot play or points.  Those that just want to play can insert cash and get into action.  The Silverton Rewards card will track the action and award points based on the play.

Table game players should give the card to the dealer or pit boss. It is operated by CG Technologies.

Awards Earned by Game

Slot players earn two points for every $1 wagered.  Video poker players are awarded one point for every $1 wagered.  Players can convert 1,000 points into $3 in free play or comps.  For slot players, that equals 0.6% return.  Video poker players receive 0.3%.

Table game players are rated based on the size of the bet, house edge of the game, time at the table and speed of play.  Points are not awarded.

Other Silverton Rewards Perks

Active players receive mailers.  These include free play and food credits.  Out of town guests also receive room offers.

Comps may be used at restaurants and shops.  Gift cards for the Bass Pro Shop on the property are also available.

New players receive an extra award when signing up for Silverton Rewards.  There is a bonus for the first say of action.  A free gift is awarded to new players.  This is a logo item.  Free play comes after earning a certain level of points.  Players keep the cash at every tier.  The prizes are cumulative.

  • 100 Points: Free buffet
  • 500 Points: $10 free play
  • 1,000 Points: $15 free play
  • 2,500 Points: $25 free play

  • 5,000 Points: $50 free play
  • 10,000 Points: $100 free play
  • 200,000 Points: Swim with a mermaid in the Silverton Aquarium

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

Players should insert the Silverton Rewards card to claim free play.  There is one screen to convert free slot play from mailers and another to turn points into action.  The player will need to enter the PIN to retrieve either.  Players must wager free slot play one time to withdraw it from the machine.

Silverton Rewards Return Rate

Slot players receive 0.6% free play or comps.  Video poker players earn 0.3%.  Table game players only earn comps.  It is formulated based on the average bet, house edge of the game, speed of play and the time at the table.

Silverton Rewards by Tier

Silver Silverton Rewards Perks

  • 10% off buffet when spending points
  • 10% off available rooms during offseason
  • 15% off concerts

Platinum Silverton Rewards Perks

  • 25% off buffet when spending points
  • Free hotel rooms
  • Two free concert tickets
  • Priority restaurant seating
  • VIP tournaments
  • VIP line for events
  • VIP host
  • Lake Mead yacht cruises

Gold Silverton Rewards Perks

  • 15% off buffet when spending points
  • 20% off rooms
  • Buy one get one free concert tickets

Diamond Silverton Rewards Perks

Diamond players receive all of the Platinum perks plus:

  • 50% off buffets when spending points
  • Four free concert tickets
  • Exclusive excursions

Silverton Rewards Points Required by Tier

  • Gold: 5,000 points
  • Platinum: 50,000 points
  • Diamond: 200,000 points

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  1. Nicholas Ferrando
    January 2, 2019 at 11:27 am

    How do I change my address

    1. Neil White
      January 30, 2019 at 12:11 pm

      Hello Nicholas!

      There are different methods of changing your address:

      1. You need to sign into the Members Area going to If you have not signed up to use their online service, I would suggest you do this first.

      In the members area you will be allowed to change or edit your address.

      2. You can contact their customer support team for personal assistance in this matter:
      Contact: 702-263-7777
      Email: [email protected]

      3. Go to the casino and talk to a customer representative. This could be a good option if you are close to the Silverton Casino.

      Hope you have a great time at the casino!