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The Boarding Pass is the players club related to Station Casinos.  The company mainly operates in the Las Vegas locals market.  Station Casinos also manages some tribal gaming operations in California and hopes to expand into northern Nevada in the late 2010’s.

How to Receive Boarding Pass Card

Players that would like to join the Boarding Pass should find the rewards center in a Stations Casino.  These are often located near the cashier cage or casino amenities in a standalone booth.  During slow periods, slot attendants can create Boarding Pass cards for players.  A player that arrived without a Boarding Pass card but already has an account may get a slot attendant to reprint a new one.

Casinos Using Boarding Pass

  • Red Rock Resort
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Fiesta Henderson
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Texas Station
  • Santa Fe Station

  • Palace Station
  • Sunset Station
  • Boulder Station
  • Wild Wild West
  • All Wildfire taverns

How to Use a Boarding Pass

There are several ways that the Station Casinos Boarding Pass may be used to earn points and comps.  Slot and video poker players should insert the card into the machine.  Make sure that the screen displays your name and not a message to reinsert the Boarding Pass card.  The card slot will turn green when it is accepted properly in many Station Casinos.

Table game and poker players should give the card to the dealer.  Real money keno and bingo players should give the card to the ticket writer when buying into the games.

Awards Earned by Game

Each game has its own formula for accruing points. Below is a list of the rewards.  The amount is generally tied to the house edge involved with the wager.  The higher the house advantage, the more points awarded.  Status Credits are used to determine the player’s tier in the Boarding Pass system.  Points are redeemable for cash, free play and comps.

Status Credits by Game

  • Video Poker and bingo: 1 credit for $1 wagered
  • Slots and video keno: 3 credits for $1 wagered
  • Horse racing: 10 credits for $1 wagered
  • Live keno: 15 credits for $1 wagered
  • Live poker: 100 credits for every hour played in cash games
  • Table games: Based on wager amount, length of play and house edge

Points Earned by Game

  • Slots/video poker/video keno: One point for $1 wagered
  • Horse racing: 20 points for $1 wagered
  • Bingo: Five points for $1 wagered
  • Live keno: 15 points for $1 wagered
  • Poker: 1,000 points for every one hour of cash game play
  • Table games: No points earned, comps issued by pit boss

Other Boarding Pass Perks

Players that join the Station Casinos’ Boarding Pass program will receive more perks than the points awarded.  Players in the Platinum, President and Chairman tiers always receive three times points at slots, video poker and video keno.  Other tiers must swipe their card at the kiosk to receive this perk.

Players that give regular action will receive a mailer.  This often includes free play, point multiplier days, free or discounted meals and free or discounted hotel rooms.

There are regular promotions offered to Boarding Pass players.  Make sure to visit the kiosks located throughout the casinos to see what the current giveaways are.  Prizes include free play, Boarding Pass points, cash and new cars.

Players that give substantial action will receive a host.  The host can give discretionary comps based off of the amount wagered and time in the casino.  This is often given in the form of free hotel rooms and meals.  Pit bosses often have some discretion in awarding comps.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play

All Station Casinos machines have the ability to redeem free slot play.  Press either the enter or OK key on the machine where the Boarding Pass card slot is.  If the free play is from a mailer, choose that option.  If it is from accumulating points, choose that one.  The next step is to enter the amount you wish to convert.  Redemptions must be in increments of $5.

Boarding Pass Return Rate

Players that qualify for the three times points receive 0.3% cash back, free play or comps. Poker players receive $1 an hour.  The 100% payback video poker games award points at a rate of 0.075%.

Boarding Pass Benefits by Tier

All players receive three times points daily.  Preferred and Gold players must swipe at the Boarding Pass kiosk to receive these comps.  Higher tiered players do not have to do that.  It is automatically activated.  All Boarding Pass members receive a cash discount at the buffet.

  • Gold rewards: Gold players receive a 15% discount at the gift shop and may redeem points for cash back.
  • Platinum rewards: In addition to the Gold benefits, Platinum players receive 25% off at the buffet when redeeming points for up to two diners. The gift shop discount is 20%.
  • President rewards: In addition to the Gold and Platinum benefits, President players receive 50% off the buffet for up to four guests, a 25% discount at the gift shop, private gated parking, priority seating in restaurants and a VIP line at the hotel front desk and cashier.
  • Chairman rewards: In addition to the above benefits, Chairman players receive next in line at the valet, VIP bowling lanes, VIP movie theater seats and limousine access.

Boarding Pass Status Credits Required for Tiers

All Station Casinos Boarding Pass players start at the Preferred level.  Statuses reset in July and January.  The tiers are based on the action from the first or second half of the year, whichever is most recent.

  • Gold: 1,000 Status Points
  • Platinum: 40,000 Status Points
  • President: 100,000 Status Points
  • Chairman: 300,000 Status Points

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