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Westgate operates on the former site of the Las Vegas Hilton.  Westgate acquired the property in 2014 when it was called LVH after a bankruptcy involving its parent property.  There was little in the way of change on the casino floor after the transition.  Customers already enrolled in the players club remained after the acquisition.  The returns and tiers were not altered.  The property received other upgrades to modernize it.

Westgate is different from other Las Vegas casino operators.  The hotel is a hybrid between timeshares and a traditional hotel.  Westgate is a timeshare company as its primary business.  Acquiring the Las Vegas Hilton was its first venture into a major gaming property.

How to Receive a Westgate Players Card

There are two ways to receive a Westgate players card.  The rewards center is located near the front desk just off the casino floor.  The website has a form that players may use to create a players card account on the internet.  Cardholders must be at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID.

How to Use the Westgate Players Card

Slot and video poker machines have a slot to insert the players card.  It will change screens to a player menu when it has been accepted.  Table game players should give the Westgate players card to the dealers.

Awards Earned by Game

Slot and video poker players earn one point for every $10 wagered.  Players exchange 100 points for $1 in free play.  In addition to free play, comps are earned at video poker and slots as a percentage of the theoretical house edge.  Table game players earn comps the same way.  Race bettors earn $1 in comps for every $100 wagered.

How to Earn Status Credits

Status credits are earned at the same rate as bonus points:

  • Slots and video poker: One point for every $10 wagered
  • Racing: One point for every $100 wagered
  • Table games: Depends on average bet, game and time played

Other Westgate Players Club Perks

Slot and video poker players receive mailers that include free slot play, hotel rooms and food comps.  Table game players receive the same mailers minus the free slot play.  All card members receive a 10% discount at retail stores located throughout the property.

How to Redeem Free Slot Play and Comps

Free slot play is redeemed directly on slot and video poker machines.  This is done by inserting the card and the player PIN.  The next move is to enter the amount to transfer to the machine.

Comps are spent directly from the Westgate players card.  This is done by presenting the card and ID to the employee.  It is swiped at the establishment.  No paper comp is needed.

Westgate Players Club Return Rate

Slot and video poker players receive 0.1% back in free play.  Table game, slot and video poker players receive comps in the area of 10% of the theoretical house edge on the game.  Racing players receive a 1% comps rate.

Westgate Players Club Benefits by Tier

There is little difference between the players club tiers at Westgate.  The bottom two tiers – Classic and Ultra – are identical.  The only real perk is a 10% discount at retail stores on the property. Elite players receive line passes at the buffet and café.

Premium players start to receive some real benefits.  This includes VIP check-in, line passes and a VIP lounge.  Premium players receive a free cabana at the pool two times per year.

Westgate Players Club Credits Required by Tier

All players start at the Classic level of the Westgate players club.  At 15,000 tier credits, a player moves up to Ultra.  It takes 40,000 tier credits to move up to Elite.  Premium players must earn at least 70,000 tier credits.

All tiers are based on an annual point accumulation.  Players earn one tier credit for every $10 wagered on video poker and slots and $100 at racing. Table game player tier credits vary depending on the average wager, time at the table and house edge of the game.

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