The Best 11 Gambling Movies You Need to Watch Today

Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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The best gambling movies

It’s no surprise that Hollywood has a fascination with the world of gambling and casinos. There’s a wide variety of films from different genres, ranging from the outdated, dirty, smoke-filled backrooms at the bars up to today’s online casino lobbies.

Whether they take us behind the scenes of a casino or into a thrilling scheme of card counting, the best casino movies of all time have something in common: they make us relive the emotion and atmosphere that we experience while gambling.

Top 11 Gambling Movies Of All Time

The staff at OUSC put together a list of the best gambling movies to watch and help you keep your mind in the game.


The Color of Money (1986)

The Color of Money best gambling moviesOn a symbolic note, while there are actually no gambling games involved, The Color of Money displays the practice of betting on pool duels. The old expert from a former movie classic The Hustler, “Fast Eddy” and his apprentice Vincent embark to rip off people across the country using their hustling skills.

The movie illustrates the true value of a game – the skill, action, and thrill rather than the payout, which is what gambling and its inspirational powers are all about.


Owning Mahowny (2003)

owning mahoney best gambling moviesBased on a true story, Owning Mahowny is inspired by a gambler nonetheless – Dan Mahowny. His outward posture and mindset cause his friends, family, and girlfriend to hold him in high regards, whilst his hidden gambling addiction slowly paves the way to his demise.

The storyline serves to tell the story of one of the greatest bank frauds ever, only to emphasize the need for proper help against this condition.


The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

The cincinnati kid best gambling moviesThe Cincinnati Kid and the movie of the same name, follow the life’s story of a skilled poker game player back in the ‘30s, known as Eric Stoner. He aims to make a name for himself by challenging the greats from various regions of the South and encounters all kinds of personalities and destinies along the way.

While it may appear to take the focus off the gambling element, The Cincinnati Kid’s talent at poker games proves to the contrary.


Gilda (1946)

Gilda best gambling moviesThis over half a century old motion picture bears the name of the wife of the lead character, Ballin. Even though he’s a casino owner, the real explanation for this movie’s spot on our list is his co-star, appearing as Johnny Farrell.

Johnny is a blackjack cheater rather than a gambler, but he is certainly making an “all-in” bet with a move that tips the immense hate between him and Gilda into something just as potent.


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Love, stock and two smoking barrels movieEddy and his three friends – Bacon, Soap, and Tom promote the gambling theme through their idea to capitalize on Eddy’s card skills. The four of them get tricked into a crooked game of poker with a mutual buy-in that ultimately sees them all the more broke and indebted, leading them to grave trouble.

The odds that offers its player pool are practically rewarding in comparison to the ones that this quartet faces along their adventure.


Indecent Proposal (1993)

Indecent proposal best gambling moviesThis film deals with the essential elements of a healthy relationship as financial trouble cause them to hit the casino tables to play real money craps in order to make their dreams of a house and family come true.

The unexpected turn is in fact, the indecent proposal made by a millionaire that undermines their plan. With “the-end-justifies-the-means” viewpoint, the audience will see the characters gamble through a lot more than a couple of card hands.


Maverick (1994)

Maverick best gambling moviesFor movie enthusiasts particularly interested in the good old game of poker like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Maverick is the way to go. The typical character of an avid poker player tricking his way through life is depicted by Maverick, who wishes to go to high-stakes winner-takes-all poker table.

Some like it for the gambling, others for the ingenious ways of avoiding confrontation – either way, Maverick is a favorite among the movie heroes.


Rain Man (1988)

rain man best gambling moviesThe story of hustler Charlie Babbitt and his autistic brother, Raymond Babbitt has so many dimensions in its storyline. The movie provides the ultimate way to capitalize on one’s talent – Raymond’s condition is the right intellect for blackjack cheating systems leading to massive cash payouts.

Their hustle is noticed by casino security, as it would be detected at any online blackjack casino operator platform, but not before they make enough to save Charlie from all financial troubles.


Casino (1995)

Casino best gambling moviesIf you’re looking for a more universal gambling experience, there is no need to look further than Sam Rothstein, or Ace as his friends used to call him. This character is the stakes and gamble in Scorsese’s ’95 motion picture following Ace, a casino manager under the direction of the Mafia.


Casino Royale (2006)

casino royale best gambling moviesCasino Royale is one of the latest productions featuring the world-famous franchise of James Bond. The movie starts with the character earning his ‘double-0’ status,  and slowly builds up its tension until the final moments of the illegal high-stakes poker game at Le Casino Royale.

Players today can choose their live dealers from the casino selection at Bovada or, but hardly anyone gets to play their hand against Le Chiffre’s – a famous terrorist accountant.


21 (2008)

21 best gambling movieAs the life of an intelligent MIT student turns upside down, viewers have widely praised 21. The screenplay follows a group of students led by their professor into successfully tricking their way to blackjack fortune at Las Vegas casinos.

Despite the fact that the game allows for online table action at top casinos like BetOnline, this movie follows the players’ rise to wealth and spiraling downfall on the land-based casino floors.

What’s Your Favorite Gambling Movie?

Did any of your favorite gambling movies make the list? If not, take some time off and start watching these classic Hollywood gambling films. If you feel inspired enough, you can always bet on having a reliable casino site like Cafe Casino to start playing your favorite online games right from the comfort of your home!

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