When is The Best Time to Go to a Casino?

Written by: Webster Lupton , Casino, Gambling, and Sports Journalist
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When’s the best time to hit the casino? How about … now. That’s right, anytime is good if you like playing casino games. Your odds are the same, and casinos rotate staff enough for everyone to be fresh anytime.

But that’s not how we roll, is it? Unless you live around the corner or play your favorite games online, you must be more thoughtful about your casino time. Plus, there are several considerations, like who you are with, why you are there, and the games you like. Let us give you some tips to help you better schedule your casino time.

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No Magic Time to Go to a Casino to Win More

The house edge is the same no matter when you take a seat. Some believe you can win more on Fridays after six, on weekends, or on Mondays. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

Slot machine random number generators, blackjack deals, and roulette spins produce the same returns at 2 p.m. on Wednesday as they do at 2 a.m. on Saturday.

The Best Time to Go to The Casino During the Week

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While returns are the same on any day, the atmosphere differs from one day to the next. On weekdays, a casino is relatively calm. You can easily find a table and concentrate on your game. You might even run into a special promotion and more friendly floor staff.

On weekends, things are hopping. More folks are in town, playing, and drinking. It’s party time, but there are more distractions and fewer seats at prime tables.


  • You can find a seat at the best table
  • You can focus on your game
  • Hotel deals and casino promotions
  • Not much social interaction
  • Can’t be as competitive


  • Livelier atmosphere
  • Good for bringing and making friends
  • Full blackjack tables help card counting
  • More distraction
  • Harder to find a good seat

The Best Time of Day to Go to The Casino

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The time of day also means a lot when scheduling your casino visit. Mornings are good for picking your spot at a table, and the casino staff is fresher and more helpful. But there are morning hours in which some table games are not open yet. We’ve found 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. is ideal.

Things pick up in the evenings after 5. People start hitting the tables, knocking back a couple of drinks, and having contagious fun. Blackjack players have good card-counting tables, and poker players are likelier to find easy pickings in the wee hours. But it’s harder to concentrate.

It Might Depend on The Games You Play

Your favorite game may also affect your choice of casino time. Depending on what you like to play, you may want to plan accordingly:


A big crowd at night or on weekends may mean you won’t find a seat at your favorite games or the proper bet limits. But progressive jackpots build quickly in the evenings. Morning through to early evening is a good time to get in at your desired machine.


You want to find a table, but you also want other players to join you, especially if you are counting cards. On weekdays, you can get to the table before 5 p.m. On weekends, however, you’ll have to shoot for earlier in the afternoon.


Your bet limit may determine when you want to mosey up to the poker table. Social and casual players usually want to get in on the action during the day. The evening hours bring in sloppy players after they’ve had a couple of drinks, but with that comes more high rollers.

Other Table Games

There’s nothing more fun than a buzzing craps table at night, but not all tables have that much space. It may be hard to squeeze in and place a bet on a roulette table during busy times. Play after the sun goes down for some added energy or in the early afternoon on weekends for a guaranteed spot.

The Best Time to Play at Online Casinos

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Anytime is great for playing real money games online because you can focus on your game in privacy. If you prefer the atmosphere of the casino floor, live dealer games are designed for just that. 

Online Casinos are open 24 hours and are with you at home or wherever you have a good mobile connection. Most internet casinos have daily, weekly, or seasonal bonuses and other promotions that you can time your gameplay around.

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Have Good Times at Good Times

When you play at a casino is mostly a personal preference. If you like crowds, you can shoot for busy weekend nights. Or maybe you prefer the calm atmosphere you’ll find during the week.

You can get as much out of a casino as possible with any other form of entertainment, but there is more to consider than timing. You should stay sober, play with a budget, and know the age restrictions where you gamble. Plus, it’s always a good idea to find tables with low house edges and favorable rules or slot machines with high RTP. Put it all together, and then you will have a great time … when the time is right.

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