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ACH Casinos offer players an additional type of bank wire for deposits. Automatic Clearing House (ACH) can only be used in the United States, and payments usually take about one week to clear. Though not as popular as it once was, some players still use this trusted and secure payment method.

In this guide, we highlight the top online casinos that take ACH. You’ll notice how easy it is to use your bank routing and account numbers to deposit and withdraw money.

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All You Need to Gamble and Win with ACH Online

Top US Online Casinos That Accept ACH

Below you’ll find the best online casinos that take ACH deposits from US Players:

1 Super Slots Logo Super Slots MIN/MAX DEPOSIT Min: $100
Max: $1,000
Max: $100,000
Payout Speed 1-7 Days START Play Now
2 Wild Casino Logo Wild Casino MIN/MAX DEPOSIT Min: $100
Max: $1,000
Max: $100,000
Payout Speed 1-7 days START Play Now
3 High Roller Casino Logo High Roller Casino MIN/MAX DEPOSIT Min: $100
Max: $1,000
Max: $100,000
Payout Speed 1-7 Days START Play Now
4 BetOnline Casino Logo BetOnline Casino MIN/MAX DEPOSIT Min: $100
Max: $1,000
Max: $100,000
Payout Speed 1-7 days START Play Now
5 Logo MIN/MAX DEPOSIT Min: $100
Max: $1,000
Max: $100,000
Payout Speed 1-2 Days START Play Now

What is ACH at Online Casinos?

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ACH stands for ‘Automatic Clearing House,’ and is one of the banking methods available at some online casinos. It works similarly to physical eChecks, with the routing and account numbers provided online, but the payments are processed in batches, as opposed to individual transactions.

Unlike other bank transfer methods, such as PayPal, ACH can only transfer money within the United States and is, therefore, not an option for international online casino players.

How ACH Online Casino Transactions Work

The ACH casino banking method works by transferring money directly from your bank account to the gambling sites where you want to play games.

Everything happens automatically, with very few authorizations required along the way. As a result, most transactions clear within 7-10 business days, but delays due to processing regulations can occur.

Pros and Cons of Using ACH at an Online Casino

Line any other deposit method, ACH has its advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at each one of them in the lists below and decide whether this deposit method is right for you.

Advantages of ACH

  • One of the most convenient and secure methods for adding/withdrawing funds
  • It can be used by anyone with a valid US bank account or credit union
  • No third-party signup or additional verification needed

Disadvantages of ACH

  • Transactions are not instant and typically take 7-10 business days for deposits and up to a week or more for withdrawals
  • Risk of lengthy delays if the Department of Justice audits an establishments transaction log

To learn more about other great sites and banking options, visit our online casino reviews page to find the best US gambling sites.

Using ACH as a Payment Method at an Online Casino

Many gamblers prefer ACH casino deposits for their convenience and simplicity. If you are interested in learning about how to make a deposit or withdrawal using ACH, please follow our guide below or contact the live help section at the online casino of your choosing.

Making a Deposit Using ACH

  1. Sign Up at a Trusted Casino

    Select one of our recommended online casinos, and follow the quick and easy sign-up process.

  2. Go to the Cashier Section

    Head over to the cashier section, and choose ACH. You will usually find it below all the other banking methods.

  3. Fill Out the Blanks

    Fill out your banking info, make the check payable to the processor’s name, input the amount to deposit, and click continue.

  4. Proof of ID and Signing

    The casino will require a picture of your ID if you haven’t sent one already. The next step is to sign the check (keep in mind that the memo line needs to be blank)

  5. Start Playing for Real Money

    The casino will require a picture of your ID if you haven’t sent one already. The next step is to sign the check (keep in mind that the memo line needs to be blank)

Making a Payout Using ACHs

  1. Login to your Account

    Make sure you log into your casino account before proceeding to do the withdrawal.

  2. Head to the Cashier

    Once logged in, go to the cashier page by clicking on the deposit option. You will find this button on the top screen menu on most casinos.

  3. Click on the Payouts Tab

    Type the amount you wish to withdraw, making sure it’s the right amount you want, then select the eCheck option.

  4. Fill up your Banking Info

    Make sure it is a valid active account under your name. It also needs to be a US-based bank. The casino might also need to verify your account, in case you haven’t already uploaded a valid proof of ID. Be prepared to upload the ID accordingly.

  5. Enjoy your Earnings

    Click Submit and wait for your earnings to arrive. Payouts can take up to a week to arrive, but the process is usually faster than that.

Additional Banking Methods

Make sure to check other popular banking methods we have reviewed for you. All of them are safe and trusted by the OUSC team.

Online Casinos that Accept Checks


eChecks are an electronic version of paper checks. It is a secure and trusted deposit option from your bank account.

Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin


Quick transaction times, along with zero fees on deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin is a safe and fast crypto banking option.

Online Casinos that Accept Credit Card

Credit Cards

One of the most popular deposit options. Almost every casino will take them and would even allow withdrawals.

Cash App Featured Image blue background

Cash App

Easy and secure banking method using your mobile phone. E-wallets provide instant transactions in the palm of your hand.

Is ACH the Right Banking Method for You?

ACH casinos are an excellent solution for players who want a fast, secure, and reliable alternative to check payments.

Though this payment method has fallen out of favor over the last few decades due to the rise of faster bank transfer methods requiring much shorter processing times, ACH is still a casino banking method that is preferred by many.

Considering this, if you are concerned about security when making a casino deposit or a casino withdrawal, ACH is a great solution that will put your mind at ease.

ACH Online Casino Deposit FAQ

Below are some of the common questions we get regarding ACH casinos.

Do online casinos accept ACH payments?

Yes, some online casinos accept ACH payments. Visit any of the sites in the table above to start playing with as little as $100 today.

Is ACH the same as using a check?

While ACH and checks both use routing and account numbers, they get processed slightly differently. Checks and eChecks typically happen individually, where ACH payments get pushed as a batch in most cases.

What casinos have ACH payouts?

The online casinos listed on this page have ACH deposits and withdrawals. Simply select the bank wire transfer option and proceed with the steps as instructed.

How long does an ACH bank transfer take at a casino site?

Most ACH transfers take 7 to 10 business days to go through. During this time, the gambling site confirms everything with your bank and adds the money to your account.

Can I use my bank account for online gambling?

Yes, you can use your bank account to add and remove money from online casinos. Specific sites accept methods like ACH, bank wire, and even cashier’s checks that make transferring and tracking your payment a breeze.

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