Western Union Casinos

Western Union casinos allow players to fund their online casino account with one of the most trusted ways to send and receive funds. This article gives tips for making a Western Union deposit on a gaming site. It also lists the best Western Union casinos in the United States and the international gaming market. We list factors players should consider when choosing a casino. We also introduce readers to the idea of Western Union mobile banking. Western Union mobile apps making smartphone deposits easy and fast.

Western Union has been around for over 165 years, in an effort to help with the delivery of telegrams. They have adapted to the changing times, and now offer different money transfer services. These include person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. This allows players to make Western Union casino deposits. The company has grown to enormous proportions, and have become one of the most reliable electronic money transfer companies in the world. This has given them the ability to help players deposit and withdraw money from casinos, in a timely manner, among other benefits.

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Advantages of Western Union Deposits

There are many benefits to playing at Western Union casinos. plenty of reasons to use Western Union when you deposit money into your casino account, as it ranges from the company’s reputation to their great services.

Company Reputation

It has had nearly 165 years of experience, with many of those being in the business of money transfers. It has had an impeccable record, not only in safety but also in customer satisfaction. It transfers billions of dollars each year, serving millions of customers all over the world. It has grown large enough to know that a good reputation will get them more customers. This has also made them a great alternative for casinos to use. Players can make Western union deposits right into their accounts at some of the best online casinos.

Location, Location, Location

They have over 500,000 agent locations in 200 countries, with 70,000 locations solely in North America. You will be able to easily find an agent near you that can make Western Union casino deposits simpler.

Low Cost

They keep the fees or costs of transferring funds low in comparison to other third-party services. They can charge anywhere from 1% up to 4%, depending on where you are sending the money, and whether a currency exchange in required. You can always check using the Western Union price estimator.

Reliable Deposits

Using the Western Union online or mobile services, players can make reliable deposits. These can usually take an hour up to a few days. Much slower than using a credit card, but is just as effective. This allows players to actually transfer cash when a bank account or credit card is not available.

No Credit Card? No problem!

Players that don’t have a credit card or even a bank account can still make Western Union casino deposits to their account. Simply using cash and WU transfer services will do the rest. For those with a bank account, but not a credit card, can use the online services for a quicker deposit. This also works for withdrawals.

Downsides of Using Western Union

Even though the advantages outweigh the downsides, there are still a few that players should be aware of beforehand. Every method of depositing money will have a few drawbacks, so there is no need for concern. All Western Union requests are that no one uses their services to launder money or fund terrorism, as they monitor those types of transfers closely.

Slightly Longer Deposit Time

Seeing as how you are using a third-party money transfer to make a deposit, it will take longer than if you were using a credit card. The difference is minimal, however, as a credit card can take up to 10 minutes to process while Western Union could take up to an hour to post to your account. Simply plan ahead, and there will be no problem.

Some Fees

Even though Western Union has very low fees, they still exist. If you plan on making multiple deposits it may start adding up. The fee amount depends entirely on the size of the deposit or withdraw. The fees are low enough that making regular deposits each month won’t hurt your profits.

More Restrictions

Western Union has imposed stricter restrictions when transferring money to online casinos. Make sure that the online casino openly accepts Western Union casino deposits. Casinos now prefer Money Gram, as restrictions are not as strict when making deposits and withdrawals.

Western Union Casinos

The best Western Union casinos offer at least one big bonus. A good online casino needs many popular games, so players can enjoy real money gambling on slot machine, table games, and video poker. Finally, an elite Western Union casino needs to have fast withdrawals, when it comes time to cash out your winnings. The sites we recommend below fit all three criteria.

Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA CasinoLas Vegas USA accepts players from the United States. It has a $10,000 deposit bonus with a 400% match rate. The casino has over 150 casino games and accepts money orders using Western Union.

Select the money order or person-to-person option when making a payment. Withdrawals take up to 2 weeks, but cashouts are reliable.

5Dimes Casino

5Dimes Casino5Dimes Casino accepts international players from around the world, except for France. It has a huge array of games from RTG, Betsoft, Global Gaming Labs, Vivo Gaming, and others. Five Dimes offers a variety of deposit bonus, cashback, and rebate offers.

They accept Western Union casino deposits and withdrawals. When it comes time to withdraw funds, their cashier pays out in a reliable 5 days or less.

How to Make a WU Casino Deposit

For players who don’t know how to make a Western Union deposit, the following guide provides the information you need to make a deposit. A Western Union casino deposit is a good alternative for players who don’t have a credit card. It’s also a good payment method for gamblers who prefer to use a middle man instead of a credit card or bank account. Follow the steps below and you’ll soon be playing for real money.


Sign Up and Log In

Make sure that you have an account at the casino you want to make the deposit to. If you are not a member, sign up; it will take a few minutes. Read our guide on choosing the right Western Union casino to help pick the best site.


Contact Customer Support for Details

You will need to contact the Customer Support or go to the Live Chat. The casino will send you instructions, along with the appropriate information that you need. Most of the instructions will guide you through the appropriate steps. Players can choose between a Money Order or Person to Person deposit.


Money Order Deposits

For players that want to make a transfer with Cash or a Money Order, go to a Western Union office. Money orders are a popular transfer service that many online casinos accept. Players making transfers online, using a credit card or bank account, can do so through the Western Union website or mobile app. These will have fees you need to pay. Most online casinos will cover the fee when depositing more than $100.

Players sending a Money Order will need to fill in the correct information. Simple steps provided by WU will help you accomplish this. Make sure that all of the information is correct before proceeding with the transfer.

Money orders can take longer than online transfers. You will need to wait until the casino has successfully received the money order and posted the amount to your account.


P2P Cash Transfer

Person to person transfers are done in cash, but bank and credit card transfers are also common methods. Players making Western Union cash deposits will need to go to the nearest office. Give the cash to the agent and specify the casino information when making the transfer. You may have to fund your Western Union account, and then make the P2P transfer online.

Once you have made the transfer, you will receive a 10-digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). Keep this number as it is used to track your transfer. Online casinos may request this number to be ready to receive the funds. This process could take 20-40 minutes up to 4-6 hours.

Picking the Best Western Union Casino

Western Union offers convenience when their credit card or bank payments are not feasible. Keep in mind the following factors when selecting which online casino to use.

Player Convenience

Before deciding to use Western Union, players need to make sure they live near a Western Union office. For players that do have a credit card or bank account, they can still use Western Union to make casino deposits. Make sure the casinos accept Person to Person transfers and Money Orders.

Cash Transfer Limits

Online casinos have different limits when receiving a cash transfer from Western Union. Check out the deposit limits to see if they are within the player’s budget. Make certain the withdrawal limits are acceptable. Most transfers come with fees, make sure the casino offers to pay those fees if you deposit a certain amount each time.

Withdrawal Times

Note the withdrawal times on a casinos banking page. Make certain the casino has reliable times. Some casinos offer cashouts within 48 hours, while others have a 5-day limit. Anything beyond that is problematic. Research player forums to learn about slow-paying casinos. Remember that reliability is as important as speed.

Western Union Riskier to Use

Players that decide to use Western Union casino deposits, be sure to contact customer support first. Make sure that the openly accept Western Union. Most online casinos have started using Money Gram over WU. The main reason is that more restrictions have made it riskier for players to use Western Union.

Western Union Mobile

Western Union app

Western Union mobile banking is a great way to make casino deposits. The Western Union app can be downloaded to Android smartphones or iPhones, so players can make transfers on the go. Western Union mobile is a good alternative for players who use credit, debit, or bank deposits, but aren’t sure whether those payment methods will decline. If you think your charge card or bank wire transfers might decline, then WU’s mobile payment method fills the role of the middle man.

Players can send money fast with the Western Union app. Not only that, but the application sends a notification to your email address. Players can track transfers to stay informed about your money transfer. Save contact info for quick repeat sending. The Western Union deposit app is available for iOS and Android.

Western Union Services

Western Union prides itself on being one of the top money transfer companies in the world, and they do so by offering a wide variety of services that players can choose from when making a deposit.

Cash Transfer

This is the original method that has been used the most by players. You simply go to an agent location, fill in your basic information, along with the recipient’s information, which is the casino in this case. Hand over the cash, pay the small fee, and it will be done by the agent that day. This method is best for those that don’t want to use their bank account or do not have a credit card.

Online Services

There are many different ways you can send money through their website whether it is using a bank account or credit card. Each option comes with different perks, so pick the best one for you. In most of the options, you will be given a tracking number (MTCN) so that you can share that with your casino in order to track and process the payment.

Online transfer

Money in Minutes

By using this option, you can avoid any delays when depositing money. You will have to use a credit or debit card that has been issued by a bank in the United States. Simply enter the casinos information, pay using your card, and it should get there within minutes.

Bank Account

This option is straightforward, as you will be using your US bank account to make the deposit through Western Union. You will need to link your bank account to your WU profile, verify the account, and complete the transfer. This is a great way to go around any banking policies that they may have with gambling as it was not deposited directly from your account.

WU® Pay

This option will also use your bank account, but will actually use their own online service to make the payment or deposit. This method doesn’t require you to have a US bank account.

Send Money to a Bank Account

Rather than sending money to a specific person, you can make a deposit directly into a bank account. You will need to have the casinos bank information in order to do this, including account number and routing number. If it is an international bank, you may need additional information that the casino can provide for you. You can use a credit or debit card, or your bank account to make the transaction.

Online FX Service

This service allows players to send larger amounts of money overseas and keeping the currency rate locked. You will need the casinos information, as well as make sure to pick what currency you wish to make the deposit in. You can make this payment using any of the above options.

Transfer to Mobile Phone

You can now send money from one mobile phone to another. You will need to make sure that the casino uses an approved mobile provider and are located in an available destination country. It is necessary to enter the recipient’s name and mobile number. The only method to make this transfer is by using your debit or credit card.

Western Union History

Ezra CornellWestern Union was founded in 1851 by Ezra Cornell and started out as a telegram exchange company, where they would deliver telegrams from city to city in the United States during the 19th century. It quickly caught up with the times, as the telegraph become the primary means of quick communication. It became the first communications empire and its business strategy gave way to how modern companies operate.

Getting Started

During their monopoly of the 19th century, they managed to grow into a large corporation, merging with their only competitor, the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company, as well as buying out other smaller companies. This is how he maintained his company at the forefront of the telegraph industry. However, once the telephone replaced the telegraph, money transfer would become their main business.

Becoming a Large Company

By 1943, it had swallowed up another 500 smaller companies and cemented its monopoly when it bought its main competitor, Postal Telegraph, Inc. During the years they had continued to add services to their portfolio, including:

  • First charge card (1914)
  • Teletypewriters (1923)
  • Singing telegrams (1933)
  • Commercial Intercity Communications (1943)
  • Telex Service (1958)
  • Candygrams (1960)

Later on, Western Union was bought out several times by investors and other businessmen, including Bennett S. LeBow in 1987. It became a privately held company until 2006, where it once again became publicly traded. Once Western Union got their status back, they ceased all telegram services, and simply continued with their main business, money transfers and money orders.

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