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Written by: Sadonna Price, OUSC Expert in Online Casinos and Poker
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When it comes to the internet, it is crucial to find your niche. That’s the category that you enjoy and one that will keep you working excited to write for a while. If you love online casinos, you could build a stable freelance writing career in the gambling niche for years to come.

Online betting is one of the sectors hungry for flexible talent. With over 15 years in the gambling business, experienced writers find new and exciting article opportunities yearly.

This page gives you insight into the career path. We hope the info helps grow from an amateur freelancer to an experienced content marketing writer with excellent SEO skills. 

Becoming a Freelance Writer for Casinos and Betting

So, you’re interested in being your own boss and working online. How do you get started freelance writing for the gambling niche? It’s not difficult, and it can actually be quite fun exploring the world of casino sites.

Do You Need Gambling Experience?

It certainly helps to know the field in which you plan to write. However, like most subject matters, you can improve your knowledge along the way. For instance, you may be familiar with games like poker or slots but know nothing about a particular state’s online casino legal details or the different site game variants.

Online Gambling OUSC

OUSC has a ton of resources. If you study casino reviews and real money games, you can write better quality gambling content for your clients. 

Learning As You Go is Fun in This Niche

Craps Casinos Payout Methods

Consider slots, video poker, and table games research. Create accounts at online casinos and play the game demos for free. Heck, you could even take advantage of a no-deposit bonus. Alternately, Youtube has tons of videos and entire channels dedicated to gambling if you prefer to learn visually. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelance Work

What drives people to become freelance writers? Is it as easy as picking a topic and writing? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the field.

Thumbs Up

Pros of
Freelance Writing

  • Work From Home: This is a big bonus as you can create work on your schedule.
  • Interesting Line of Work: The gambling industry is exciting and always changing.
  • Meeting People from Around the World: Remote writing connects you to people.
Thumbs Down
Cons of
Being a Writer
  • Lack of Stability: Finding a stable writing position can be tough, especially in the beginning.
  • Monotonous or Tedious: Writing about one thing over can get redundant.

Do You Have the Skills to Be a Freelance Writer?

As with any career path, there are ways to learn more and upgrade your skills. When it comes to freelance writing, you can choose to take online courses, watch free videos on YouTube, or read ebooks to help you advance your career

Skills that Pay the Bills

Focus your energy on the following skills, and you’ll be a gambling freelance writer in no time!

Keyword Research

Writers are not SEOs, but this is a skill that grows on you over time. Clients usually let you know for which keywords they want the article to rank. The main keyword should be in the main title and spread out a couple of times (with variations) in the content.

Proper Optimization

Keyword stuffing and keyword density are two concepts you want to identify and avoid. Use synonyms instead or keyword variants to avoid sounding redundant.

Content Marketing SEO

Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. Business.com lists the five best free content marketing courses you can take. Clients will be impressed and request more of your work if the content ranks high on Google and delivers conversions.

Advanced Grammar and Spelling

Tools like Grammarly Premium are a great starting point to improve your grammar. Join a recommended grammar course to expand your knowledge and keep increasing your vocabulary of terms.

Know Content Marketing Funnels

Not the writer’s job specifically, but your work is involved in this process. The book Content Inc. How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses is a great starting point. The Content Marketing Institute explains the basics you need to know from the book. 

Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

Around 2018,  50% of web browsers were on phones instead of desktop computers. Google has announced mobile-first indexing to be a priority, meaning you should write articles for mobile screen readers. So, this means shorter texts and paragraphs for an easy read.

Common Content in the Gambling Niche

Gambling websites need content in all shapes and sizes. Below are a few of the most frequent types of articles clients will ask you to provide.

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Game Reviews

The most common topics are online slot reviews or other casino game-related articles. These pieces include a general description of the game, special features, and winning payouts.

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Static Pages

Static content is usually long and breaks a broad topic into small ones. These pieces require knowledge of a subject. Here is where you might need to go deeper into researching a topic.

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Blog and News

These pieces are short and to the point. Blogs are comfortable to digest for the reader. Include top 5 lists and fun, themed topics. News posts consist of fact-based, informative content.

Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs 

There are plenty of tools you can access, which will help you become successful at freelance writing. 

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Freelance Writing Tool Logo

This grammar checker has become a staple for all writers. It lets you instantly correct spelling and common mistakes right in your web browser.

It highlights passive vs. active voice, words that repeat, and makes advanced sentence structure recommendations. 


Copyscape Freelance Writing Tool Logo

The content you produce needs to be unique. Copyscape is an industry-standard plagiarism checker that ensures your piece is not using phrases from other published content.

Their premium service is worth the money. It gives you quick and simple plagiarism audits and lets you check for duplicate content.

Keyword Tools

The use of keyword services helps you meet your client’s SEO requirements. Examples of such tools include UbersuggestMoz, and Answer the Public. Identifying and placing the correct keywords is essential to secure a high Google ranking.  

Ubersuggest Freelance Writing Tool Logo
MOZ Freelance Writing Tool Logo
Answer the Public Freelance Writing Tool Logo

There are many free keyword platforms and paid products alike. You can also use Google search for tips on which keywords to research. Look for suggested searches, “searches related to,” and “people also ask” questions after searching for a topic.

Content Marketing Institute University

Content Marketing Institute Logo

They have all the resources you need to learn through online classes, webinars, articles, and training. Their curriculum is sure to set you off on the right foot. Sign up today for an all-inclusive course with their thought leaders.

Community Support From Other Freelance Writers 

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There are communities of freelance writers worldwide, groups of people who are always looking for colleagues to add to their contacts list. Find people to vent about your work with and others to help you find writing jobs when your work slows down.

Building a list of people you work well with is essential to succeed as a freelance writer. Join some of these groups, and you’ll find yourself in good hands.

  • Elance: Here, you can set up a profile and find freelance work, applying for projects directly from the site. This option offers free membership as well as upgrades to access more features.
  • oDesk: Within this community, companies hire directly from the database. You’ll find jobs in many categories and even create a profile that lists your past work history and skills.
  • Sologig: This option is more like a job board. Register for free and then sign up to receive an email newsletter, with jobs sent directly to you. Job opportunities are also searchable within the site.
  • Hour.ly: This platform matches your freelancer profile to relevant open positions. It is a great way to connect to potential freelance writing opportunities.
  • Freelance Switch: This community grants you access to freelance job listings and information on who to work with within the industry. You’ll learn more about setting your prices, finding referrals, and dealing with employers.

Tips for Awesome Research

As a writer, you’re going to research a variety of topics. If you are new to the process, then Google is always your friend. You can use Google in advanced mode and call upon search operators to refine your search. 

Long Tail Keywords

These are multi-word phrases that include keywords. People usually search by typing a complete term or question, not just a word. Following previous tips, find long-phrase keywords that match the main topic of the text. 

Google News

Use this resource to search for legal updates or trending news in the gambling world. Keeping the content you’re writing up to date with current events will ensure better results. Use this technique for press releases. 

It is a great tool for fads and hot topics. Trends are key for seasonal content. When tasked with specific casino game content, review it on Google Trends and use any words or info that spike around publication time.

What Gambling Website Clients Expect

Every employer is different, so the assignments you take will have varying requirements. While one client might be more open to you winging it and personalizing your writing, another might want you to be more factual and data-driven. 

In almost all cases, a content manager will require the following things:

  1. Valuable Content

    Clients want unique articles that deliver value to the reader. The text must fulfill the goal of the title from start to finish. Read through your work out loud to see if you have any mistakes. You will be surprised at what you might have missed.
  2. Review the Publishing Website

    You might get hired to write for websites with different specialties, including news, blogs, or academic sites. Always review the page’s writing style to know which tone to use.
  3. Quality Research

    Content editors expect writers to research several sources and include facts, quotes, and data in a post. It helps the article rank for specific queries and attracts more backlinks.
  4. External Links

    These are crucial for SEO purposes and article quality. Include links to the resource pages you use when mentioning specific facts or data in the content.
  5. On-time Content

    One of the highest expectations you need to meet is delivering timely content. Don’t start a project at the last minute. Always plan out your schedule so you can turn work in on time.

Bonus Tips for Success 

Always Review Client Reputation – There are many legit jobs, but there are also scammers out there who try to get writing work for free. Look for references or details about this person or company. LinkedIn, Upwork, Freelancer, and Glassdoor are great platforms that review reputation. 

Don’t Get Lazy With Content – Be sure your writing is original. Stay away from content-spinner tools. While you may look at other similarly-themed blog posts for help, make the content your own. If you stick too closely to your reference material, then you could face potential plagiarism issues.

Become a Freelance Writer for the iGaming Industry

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer in the gambling niche, give it a shot! You never know what type of job you may come across, and it could be life-changing. Believe in yourself, and take the leap!  

If you’re an experienced writer with more than five years in this niche, shoot us an email.

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