Blackjack Odds & Payouts

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You may have heard that Blackjack’s odds and payouts make for one of the casino’s lowest house edge table games. Do you know all of the factors that can affect the outcome one way or the other?

This guide to Blackjack odds covers the basics of probability, the house edge, side bets, and the payouts for all the wagers. We’ll even explain a few tips you can use to increase your chances of winning.

Blackjack Odds & Payouts

Improve Your Chances to Win

What is the House Edge in Blackjack?

In all casino games, the “house” has an advantage. It is how gambling companies make money. The house edge is how they express this advantage.

The house edge in Blackjack has a wide range depending on the rules of the table and the player’s skills. It can be as high as 8% when you sit at a table without a plan, but as low as 0.2 – 0.6% if you play your cards right and use basic strategy.

The reverse of that is usually expressed in return to player (RTP) percentage. So if a game has a house edge of 2%, the RTP would be 98%. Both the house edge and RTP use thousands of hands to calculate everything accurately.

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Decks in The Shoe Affect the House Edge Slightly

The more decks in Blackjack, the higher the house edge. If you can find a single-deck game, the house edge is just 0.16% if the player strictly follows the recommended strategy. That figure goes up to 0.66% with an eight-deck shoe.

You can use our Las Vegas Blackjack survey to find single deck tables in Sin City. You can also find them at top rated online casinos.

Odds of Winning Blackjack

You should understand the odds of Blackjack before you sit down to play. Knowing the probability of busting for any hand will help you win more often.

A probability is the percentage of times an event will occur throughout a trial. Odds are the probability that the event will occur divided by the probability it will not happen.

For instance, the probability that you will bust on an extra card if you have a 16 is 62%. With the same 16 in Blackjack, the odds are roughly 5-to-3 that you will bust. Meaning for every 8 cards you draw, 5 of them will put you over 21.

Odds of The Player Busting

You should know the following probabilities of busting when you hit with any Blackjack hand. They are not the same as the odds of winning, but simply whether or not you will go over 21.

Hand ValueProbability The Player Busts
11 or Lower0%

 Probability of The Dealer Busting

You should also know the odds of the Blackjack dealer busting at based on their upturned card. They are slightly different depending on whether the dealer has to hit or stand on soft 17.

Dealer’s CardStand On Soft 17Hit on Soft 17

Blackjack Payouts

There are only a few different payouts in real money Blackjack. You get 3:2 for a blackjack, 1:1 for standard wins, and a tie or “push” returns your bet most of the time. The tables below also show you the typical paytable for the main game and popular side bets.

Blackjack Pay Table

These are the standard payouts for the primary game.

Blackjack3 to 2
Best Hand1 to 1
Insurance2 to 1

Pair Plus Payouts

This bet only looks at the first two cards you get.

Pair5 to 1
Suited12 to 1
Suited Pair25 to 1

21 + 3 Payouts

This bet uses your first two cards plus the dealer’s up-card.

Flush5 to 1
Straight10 to 1
3 of a Kind30 to 1
Straight Flush40 to 1
3 of a Kind Suited100 to 1
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Payout Rules Significantly Affect the House Edge

The payout for getting a blackjack (Ace-10) on the first two cards also affects the house edge. Some casinos only pay out 6:5 instead of 3:2, which raises the house edge by almost 1.5%, even with the ideal strategy. This number is usually printed on the table felt. Check out our guide on Blackjack terms if some of these words are confusing.

Tips to Get Better Odds and Lower the House Edge

Here are some tips to help you cut into the Blackjack house edge. Follow these guidelines, and you start with a better chance to win.

  1. Always Play with a Hit/Stand Strategy Chart

    Find a good Blackjack Strategy Chart, memorize it, and stick to it. It is your best weapon against the house. 
  2. Only Play Games That Pay 3:2 on Blackjack

    Some tables may offer 6:5, but don’t play them. If you run into 2:1, consider yourself lucky.
  3. Only Play Games Where the Dealer Hits on Soft 17

    They have a house edge of 0.21%. If the dealer can stand on soft 17, the house edge becomes 0.4%.
  4. You Don’t Always Need to Improve Your Hand

    You can win with a 12 or 13 if the dealer has a lousy up-card and ends up busting. Make the house play those odds.
  5. Avoid Side Bets

    They often suck you in with high payouts, but they are a long shot to hit for a win.

Apply the Tips and See Your Payouts

Las Atlantis Casino offers great blackjack options. Try the above tips and see if you can increase your odds.

Are Blackjack’s Side Bets Worth It?

Side bets in Blackjack are oh so tempting and do enhance the fun of a hand. Take a closer look at your chances, though, and you will find that side bets drastically increase the house edge. Here are the most common side bets offered.

Insurance Blackjack with Umbrella Side Bet Icon


Insurance is the most common side bet. You’re basically protecting against a dealer Blackjack. However, that happens less than one-third of the time, so the house edge is pretty high at 7.5%.

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Perfect Pairs

You get this option online quite a bit. Don’t let those attractive payouts lure you into making a bad decision. The house edge is from 3 – 11% for this bet, depending on the rules and number of decks.

21 + 3 9s and J Blackjack Side Bet Icon


The huge payouts sound sweet, but it’s a risky option when you consider a house edge of 6% to 8% on the bet. This wager is a long shot. You’re better off sticking to playing the standard game.

Know the Odds in Blackjack and Trim the House Edge

When you are aware of the probability of various Blackjack situations, you can play a better game. That means a more profitable outcome. So, have fun, but pay attention to odds and follow good practices. Your bankroll will be better off.

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Blackjack Odds & Payouts FAQ

Below are some common questions we get about the odds and payouts at the Blackjack table.

What are the odds of winning Blackjack?

Blackjack has some of the best odds of any casino game. When you play with basic strategy, the house only has an edge of around 1%.

Which blackjack game has the best odds?

Single deck blackjack has the best odds for the player. The house edge can fall to well under 0.5% with proper gameplay.

How is a Blackjack payout calculated?

To calculate Blackjack payouts, you just need to do some simple math. Say you bet $10 and get a standard win. At 1:1, you get your original $10, plus the house gives you an additional $10. If you get a blackjack at 3:2, you multiply your $10 bet by 1.5. So you keep your original wager and get an extra $15 from the house.

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