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Dice games have always been a classic in the casino gambling scene. You can find several game options in casinos—most notably craps. Many players love having their fates hinge on the luck of the roll.

If you’re a fan of rolling the dice, keep reading the following guide. This page covers casino dice history, popular dice games, and the best casino sites to play them.

Casino Dice Game Guide

Everything You Need to Know

Popular Casino Dice Games

Various casino games have come and gone over the years. Some of these faded in popularity and disappeared entirely. Others, however, are still going strong and entertaining millions of gamblers today. You’ll see both ends of the spectrum through the following casino games played with dice.

Small Icon Craps


Craps is the most popular casino dice game today. It gives players the option to roll the dice and, thus, offers a unique physical element. Craps features various bets, such as pass line, don’t pass line, come, and don’t come. It also has a low house edge, with the don’t pass line and don’t come both carrying a 1.36% house advantage.

Small Icon Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Popular in Asian casinos, Sic Bo uses three dice and a small cage. The dealer shakes the dice and rolls them out of the cage to determine the results. Every roll results in a win or loss regardless of the bet. Sic Bo offers many wagers, with the most favorable being big, small, odd, and even. All of these bets have a 2.78% house edge.

Small Icon Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice

This casino game is also popular in Asia. Roll the Dice (a.k.a. Hoo Hey) uses three dice with seven characters. You need your chosen character to come up to land a successful bet. Roll the Dice also includes a lucrative wager that wins with a three-of-a-kind.

Small Icon Chuck A Luck

Chuck a Luck

Chuck a Luck shares distinct similarities with Sic Bo. This game also uses a cage and three dice to determine results. The main difference is that Chuck a Luck is usually a carnival and charity game rather than a casino game.

Small Icon Hazard


Hazard spawned during the first Crusades as gambling entertainment for soldiers. It grew in popularity over the coming centuries, hitting a peak in the 17th and 18th centuries. Hazard is essentially a more complicated version of craps and later replaced it in casinos thanks to simplified rules.

Small Icon Klondike


Klondike is a board game specializing in gold prospecting in the Yukon Territory. It involves rolling dice to land on spaces that deliver gold. Klondike has a Monopoly-like element, whereby you can buy properties in the local town. Most people play Klondike for fun, but they can place wagers on the outcome.

A Closer Look at the History of Dice

Archaeologists have discovered dice dating back to 5000 BC. Sumerians used shaved sheep knucklebones to play games of chance. Ancient Egyptians, meanwhile, used modernized six-sided ones by 3000 BC.

Dice have been an essential element in the history of gambling. Experts are unclear about when the first casino games with dice were invented. However, we know that ancient Romans began gambling with dice around 600 BC. Casino games played with dice have since become more refined. Land-based and online casinos now offer sophisticated games with intricate rules and setups.

Timeline of History of Dice

Dice have approximately 7,000 years of history and plenty of milestone events. You can see the most significant developments in the timeline below.

History of Dice Games Infographic
History of Dice Games Timeline Infographic Responsive

Why Should You Play Casino Dice Games?

The gaming world features a few notable casino games played with dice. However, you may wonder why you should choose them over slot machines, table games, and other casino offerings. You’ll see three big reasons why dice gambling is worthwhile below.

Bet Variety

Sic Bo and Craps have many different types of bets. These wagers differ based on their payouts, odds of winning, and house edges. Pass line (craps) pays 1:1 and features a 1.41% house edge. The Craps 2 bet, meanwhile, pays 30:1 and carries a 13.89% house advantage.

Roll the Dice

Craps allows you to roll the dice when it’s your turn. You can either accept or decline the invitation. However, you’ll find that rolling the dice and determining everybody’s wagers is genuinely exciting. You could even go on a hot streak and make everybody lots of money. Become an expert, and learn how to roll dice like a pro.

Dynamic Gameplay

Most casino games revolve around slot machines or cards. Dice introduce a unique gameplay element that doesn’t involve spinning reels or playing cards. Sic Bo, for example, has the dealer roll three dice out of a cage to determine bets.   

Best Online Casinos to Play Dice Games

Plenty of real money casino sites offer online craps and sic bo. You likely want the best of the best, though, when playing these games. The following three online casinos are at the industry’s top regarding bonuses, game variety, fair play, and more.

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Roll Into Real Money With Online Dice Games

Casino dice games provide a break from the standard drill of cards and slot machines. In the case of craps, you even get to roll and decide your fate. Considering the popularity of craps, roll the dice, and sic bo, dice-based games will be hot for years to come. You can start playing these games at any of our recommended casino sites today.

FAQ – Casino Dice Game

The following are some of the most common questions we receive about casino games played with dice.

Who invented dice?

The Sumerians invented dice. Archaeologists have uncovered four-sided dice dating back as far as 5000 BC.

How much do casino dice weigh?

A single casino die typically weighs 0.02 pounds or 9.1 grams.

What casino games use dice?

Several casino games use dice like craps, roll the dice, and sic bo. Hazard and chuck-a-luck are older gambling games that use cubes.

Do casinos cheat at dice?

No, legit and trusted casinos do not cheat at dice games. Official third-party regulators frequently audit reputable casino sites to ensure fair gaming for players.

How do you play double dice at the casino?

Double Dice refers to an online slot with a dice element. Cubes roll across the screen and award prizes whenever three dice symbols land on the reels. You play Double Dice just like any other online slot.

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