How to Roll Dice at Casinos

Written by: Jeremy Olson, OUSC Online Casino and Games Expert
How to Roll Dice

Craps is a unique casino game that lets you physically determine the results. When acting as the “shooter,” you roll the dice to decide the fate of everybody’s wagers. Most casino games don’t let you touch anything other than your chips.

Of course, you can’t walk up to the craps table, grab the dice, and immediately throw them. You must instead follow the rules for rolling dice. The following guide covers how to throw dice, dos, and don’ts, and why rolling the bones is exciting. It also discusses a couple of games beyond craps that feature dice.

How to Roll Dice | Step-by-Step Guide

You might feel intimidated your first time when throwing dice in a casino. Luckily, though, you can quickly learn the basics of shooting dice. The following steps discuss how to use dice properly when playing craps at casinos.

  1. Buy Into The Game

    As with any casino game, you must trade cash for chips to become an eligible player. You should lay your money down on the felt—not hand it to the dealer. You also want to wait for the table to display an “Off” button (versus “On”) before buying in.
  2. Accept the Shooter Position

    Each player gets an opportunity to act as the shooter. The dice move one gambler to the left after a round. You can either accept or decline the shooter position when the dice reach you.
  3. Place Your Bet

    You have to make either a pass line or don’t pass line bet as the shooter. Most players place a pass line wager because it revolves around them winning the roll and continuing to shoot. 
  4. Perform the Come-Out Roll

    The first roll of a new round is the “come out.” With a pass-line bet, you’ll win automatically on the come-out when throwing a 7 or 11. You lose with a 2, 3, or 12, while any other number establishes a “point.”
  5. Perform Point Rolls

    If you roll a point number, you’ll have to keep going until deciding the bet. You need to hit the point before a seven to win on the pass line. You’ll lose if you get a seven first.
  6. Continue Rolling

    As per pass line rules, you keep acting as the shooter until losing. You could potentially go on a hot streak, continue winning, and roll many times. 

Rules for Rolling Dice – Dos and Don’ts

Simply knowing how to shoot dice properly is only part of the battle. You also want to know the dos and don’ts regarding basic rules and superstitions. The following advice will help you fit in at the craps table and have more fun.


  • Buy in correctly – Wait for the puck to display “Off” and put your money on the table.
  • Learn craps superstitions – Craps players are superstitious, meaning you should learn their customs before playing.
  • Attempt to hit the backstop – Casinos expect you to make a reasonable attempt at hitting the spikey backstop when rolling. You don’t have to hit it perfectly every time, but you should at least try.
  • Tip the dealer – Dealers rely on tips for part of their salaries. A $5 tip every hour is the standard for craps.
  • Focus on quality bets – Craps features multiple wagers with low house edges, with pass line (1.41% house advantage) being among the best.


  • Give money to the dealer when buying in – The croupier can’t take cash and can only pick it up off the table. 
  • Saying “seven” – The worst craps superstition you can violate is saying seven. Many players feel that they’ll lose when somebody utters seven.
  • Throw dice off the table – You get another shot if you toss one or both dice off the table. Regardless, other players see this folly as bad luck.
  • Mess with the dice – Casinos are suspicious if you switch hands with the dice or take them off the table.
  • Get caught up in controlled shooting – Some players believe they know how to roll high numbers consistently through controlled shooting. It is a fake advantage-play technique.

Practice Shooting Dice With These Games

We’ve highlighted craps many times while discussing how to roll dice. As you’ll see below, there are other popular casino dice games you can play online today.

Small Icon Craps


Craps is the most popular casino dice game because it lets you roll the bones. You can shoot the dice as long as you keep winning. You can choose from dozens of bets when playing this game.

Small Icon Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Sic Bo features a cup and three dice. You don’t need to know how to roll the dice because the dealer performs this feat. The Big and Small bets have a reasonable 2.78% house edge.

Small Icon Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice

This Asian-inspired game has three dice with seven characters each. You bet on your chosen character coming up on at least one die. Roll the Dice is perfect if you’re seeking a simple game. 

Play Dice Games at Top Online Casinos

The casino is the only place where you can gamble and roll the dice. If you can live without physically throwing the cubes, you’ll find online casinos highly convenient. The following best online casinos let you play dice-based games through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Roll and Win Real Money Online!

You don’t have to be a professional gambler to learn how to roll dice. However, you’ll feel more confident at the tables by understanding the rules of shooting dice. The tips presented here will help you get off to a hot start in craps, Sic Bo, or Roll the Dice. You might also consider practicing at a legit online casino to learn rules before hitting a land-based casino.

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