Let It Ride Online

Let It Ride logoLet It Ride online is a popular casino game that uses similar gameplay from poker. The player receives three cards and must make a hand that is better than a pair of 10’s in order to beat the house. It is a simple game, where you have two betting rounds that you can use to increase your profits when you have a good starting hand. It goes by other names, with “Let Em Ride” being the most renowned.

Intended as an introduction to Let It Ride online for new players, the following walkthrough will begin by covering basic rules and gameplay mechanics, along with the terminology and wager options players can expect to encounter. After that, you’ll find a list of online casinos and software providers that offer their own version of online Let It Ride. Finally, a breakdown of Let It Ride poker strategy has been included to help players learn the truth behind the game. If you have any questions about the game after reading, you can always check out the Let It Ride FAQ section to get a better grasp on certain concepts.

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Let It Ride Online Rules

let-it-rideBefore you begin a session of online Let It Ride, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the table layout first. Every online casino provides a slightly different layout of course, but for the most part, all Let It Ride online tables will include the same basic structure.

You’ll see a selection of chips with which to wager, usually beginning with $1 chips and running through $5, $25 and so on. After selecting your chip of choice, it will automatically be placed on one of the three betting circles located in the center of the table. From left to right, these betting circles will be labeled Ante, Raise, and Raise.

Let It Ride Online Payouts

Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Four of a kind 50:1
Full House 11:1
Flush 8:1
Straight 5:1
Three of a kind 3:1
Two pair 2:1
Tens or better 1:1

Memorizing this pay table is an essential step for serious Let It Ride online players because knowing the potential return on any drawing hand will dictate your decision making.

Steps to Play Let It Ride Online


Initial Bet (Ante)

Your initial bet constitutes the ante, or the mandatory wager needed to play the game. For the sake of this discussion, a betting increment of $5 will be used. Once you’ve placed a $5 chip in the ante circle, the dealer will distribute three cards face up directly in front of you, along with two cards face down near the dealer box.


Two Betting Rounds

Once you’ve examined your first three cards, the game’s crucial decisions are then presented: do you raise, and place an additional wager equal to your ante, or simply let it ride and continue without raising? You’ll be faced with this decision twice during every hand of Let It Ride, first after examining the three exposed cards, and once more after the dealer exposes the first down card.

Whether or not you should raise or let it ride depends on the relative strength of the three cards you’ve been dealt.


Create the Best Five Card Hand

The objective of Let It Ride is simply to create the best possible five card poker hand, based on the standard hierarchy of hand rankings from one pair through a Royal Flush. The lowest qualifying hand in Let It Ride typically begins with a pair of 10s, but some online casinos have altered this threshold slightly, so be sure to check the rules section of your favorite online casino to be sure about the hand strength you’ll need to win.


Do You Have Pairs or Higher?

When your five card hand makes a pair of 10s or higher the payout stands at 1 to 1, while two pair pays out at 2 to 1, and so on. The complete pay table for standard games of online Let It Ride can be seen above in the rules section.

Example Hands

Let’s compare two hands to see what decision would be best for each situation. For a better explanation on optimal decisions check out our strategy section below.


When you see the 6-7-8 of clubs as your first three cards, you know a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush is now a possibility.

Raising here wouldn’t hurt at all, because even if you only hit a straight, the payout of 5 to 1 on all three $5 wagers (ante + raise + raise) would reach $75.

On the other hand, when the dealer pitches you a 2-7-9 combination of unsuited cards, you’ll know that the odds of making any type of qualifying hand are quite low. So, choosing not to raise at all represents the correct play in this situation.

Best Places to Play Let It Ride Online

The list below highlights several reputable online casinos that cater to US players, as well as players worldwide that offer Let It Ride online games.

US Online Let It Ride Casinos

International Casinos

Bodog logo sm

Bodog Casino

There are other reputable online casinos that may offer Let It Ride online or similar games. Make sure to read the casino reviews and see that they are the right site for you.

Online Let It Ride Strategy

Let it Ride online strategyJust like in blackjack, the multitude of scenarios players are presented within online Let It Ride can be broken down into a set of formulas dictating the optimal play. In other words, no matter what your first three cards are, or the fourth card exposed happens to be, there will always be a mathematically correct choice between raising or letting it ride.
By adhering to the proper online Let It Ride strategy at all times, players can reduce the house edge in this game to 3.51 percent. While not as low as the sub 1 percent house edge enjoyed by basic strategy blackjack players, this number puts Let It Ride online squarely among the most favorable games in any online casino’s menu.

First Bet (With Three Cards)

  • When the standard paytable described above is being used, you should only place the optional raise when holding any of these three-card hands.
  • Any paying hand consisting of a pair of 10s or better, or three of a kind.
  • Any three to a Royal Flush.
  • Three suited cards in a row except 2 3 4 or A 2 3.
  • Three to a straight flush with at least one high card of 10 or greater.
  • Three to a straight flush with at least two high cards.

Second Bet (With Four Cards)

  • Once the first card is exposed to create your four-card hand, you should only place the optional raise when holding any of these four-card hands.
  • Any paying hand consisting of tens or better, two pairs, or three of a kind.
  • Any four-flush, or four cards of the same suit.
  • Any four to an outside straight 7 8 9 10 or 10 J Q K with at least one high card.
  • Any four to an outside straight with no high cards: 3-4-5-6 or 6-7-8-9.
  • Any four to an inside straight with 4 high cards: 10-J-K-A.

Playing the base game offered by Let It Ride online perfectly, by following the guidelines above, can offer players a friendly house edge, but that all goes out the window should you place any of the bonus bets in play.

Even the most generous of bonus bet pay tables found for online Let It Ride increase the house edge against you to more than 13 percent. Simply put, this number represents an unsustainable drain on your bankroll, so of all the strategies you can employ while trying to become a winning Let It Ride online player, avoiding bonus bets at all costs should be your first priority.

Let It Ride Tips for Playing

One thing to keep in mind regarding Let It Ride online is that the sequence of bets can be reversed, depending on the venue in which your game is found. In other words, some versions of the game will begin with you placing all three bets of the ante, raise, and raise before seeing the first three cards. Once the cards are dealt out, you’ll either pull back one of your chips or let it ride, which is where the name of the game is derived.
For the most part, the three chips first version of Let It Ride is found in land based casinos, while online casinos spread the version in which you begin with a single bet and progress through a series of two raises. In any event, though, the result remains the same by the conclusion of every hand, as you’ll have either one, two, or three wagers placed before seeing the last card and completing your five card hand.
Finally, for the majority of popular online casinos, every hand of Let It Ride online also includes an optional bonus bet (usually $1) which entitles players to various bonus payouts depending certain outcomes. Some online casinos run a progressive jackpot, paying out 100 percent of that sum to players who make a true Royal Flush after placing the bonus bet, and 10 percent for a straight flush.

Bonus Payouts are Sucker Bets

Other venues include bonus payouts for so-called three card and five card bonuses. In this case, the optional $1 wager entitles players to an additional payout when the make flushes or higher.

Mathematical breakdowns of these bonus bets, such as the comprehensive analysis conducted by Wizard of Odds here, demonstrate that all bonus bets in Let It Ride constitute sucker bets which should always be avoided. Depending on the bonus bet in question, the house edge ranges from 13.77 percent to a whopping 36.52 percent, so savvy players are well served by simply pretending these optional wagers don’t even exist.

Let It Ride History

During the heyday of hybrid table games which occurred in the 1990s, land-based casinos raced to create the most entertaining blends of blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

In 1993, a company called Shuffle Master Inc. developed a hybrid of stud poker and blackjack known as Let It Ride. Over more than two decades since then, the game has spread throughout land based casinos, but recently Let It Ride online has experienced a renaissance among online casino players.

Combining elements of five-card stud poker and blackjack, Let It Ride online provides players with two crucial decisions during every hand, lending the game a sense of strategy that other table games lack. When variable payouts and bonuses are added into the mix, Let It Ride online becomes a fan favorite for players looking to parlay a few bucks into a big score.

Creation and Early Variations

The game coined by Shuffle Master Inc. in 1993 has inspired several imitations, but aside from slight changes to the name of online Let It Ride, these variations offer an identical gameplay experience. Shuffle Master is now owned by Bally.

The version of the game offered by popular online casino Bodog, for example, is titled Let ‘Em Ride while the U.K. based online casino platform William Hill runs a game known as Keep ‘Em Going. You may also see games titled Let Them Ride or Free Ride, but all of these alternative names describe the same game.