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Mississippi Stud Poker is a great option for players looking for an interesting poker variation.

The game is exciting because it allows you to play against the paytable rather than the dealer or other players.

In this guide, we will explain how to play Mississippi Stud Poker, including a step-by-step process, comprehensive strategy, and information on the available bet types.

Read on to discover more about this unique variant and find your new favorite poker game!

How to Play Mississippi Stud

Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud may seem like a complicated Texas Holdem Poker variant, but it’s actually relatively easy to play. Basically, what makes it different is that it has the following:

  • A unique betting format with 3rd, 4th, and 5th Street.
  • Three community cards instead of the standard five.
  • Bonus wagers you can place that add more win potential.

Below, we will dig into the Mississippi Stud rules, mechanics, layout, and strategy to help you better understand the game. You will be ready to try it in no time!

Mississippi Stud Rules

Mississippi Stud is a poker game you can play individually or with other players. The ultimate goal is to create the best five-card poker hand. As mentioned, it’s similar to its parent game but differs in some terms and mechanics.

Here are the most important terms to show you how the game works.

  • Ante Wager

    Once the game is loaded, you will place a bet called the ante and receive two cards, known as hole cards.
  • 3rd Street Bet

    Then, the dealer will place three face-down community cards you will use with your hole cards to make a hand. If you don’t like your hand, you can fold it. You must continue with the 3rd Street bet if you want to play. You will then decide whether to wager one, two, or three times the ante.
  • 4th Street Bet

    After this wager, one community card is flipped over. You can then choose to fold or complete the 4th Street Bet. This wager is one to three times the ante. Another community card is then flipped over once the bets are finished.
  • 5th Street Bet

    The last bet is 5th Street. You can place this bet if you are still in the hand and the third community card is revealed. This is also one to three times the ante. Your hand is then revealed once the round ends, and you are paid based on a paytable.

ProTip: If you are new to poker in general, we suggest you read our Poker Guide for more information of the terms and rules about the game.

Mississippi Stud Game Layout 

To play Mississippi Stud Poker, you need to understand the game layout. Check out the image below and see how the board will look as you play this online poker game.

Mississippi Stud Poker Table Layout

Step-by-Step Guide To Play Mississippi Stud Poker

Even if you are new to Mississippi Stud Poker, you can easily follow these directions to play. 

  1. Place Your Bet

    Start by placing your ante wager. Ensure it meets or exceeds the table’s minimum bet. We recommend you start low, as the wagering in Mississippi Stud can quickly escalate to much larger levels as the game progresses.
  2. Understand Your Hand

    The dealer hands you two private cards (hole cards) and sets three community cards face down. Familiarize yourself with the strength of your hand.
  3. Decide: Fold or Bet (3rd Street)

    Based on your hand’s potential, decide to fold or bet on the 3rd Street. If you believe in your cards, place a bet. If not, it’s best to fold. You can also follow our Mississippi Stud Strategy Chart to make a more accurate decision. At this stage, you should focus on the two-card column.

    Your bet can be 1x, 2x, or 3x your ante. For instance, with a $5 ante, a 3x bet adds $15, totaling $20 for this round.
  4. First Community Card Reveal

    The dealer uncovers the first community card. Now you will have 3 cards to play with. The strength of your hand in relation to this card will dictate your next move.
  5. Play the 4th and 5th Street Bets

    At this stage, the game will follow a similar pattern. You will decide whether to bet or fold depending on the strength of your hand. Then, another card will be revealed until you reach the 5th Street bet.

    Once all players have put up their 5th Street bet or folded out, the dealer will turn over the third and final community card to complete your five-card poker hand.
  6. Enjoy Your Winnings or Start Again!

    In the end, the dealer will compare your hand to the paytable and award you with the appropriate payout depending on the last amount of your wager. You can review how much money you can win depending on your wager by reviewing our Mississippi Stud payout table.

When to Play and When to Fold?

Las Vegas 3 Card Poker icon

Deciding on when to play or fold is a personal preference. Some players may follow a Mississippi Stud strategy and fold with specific hole cards, while others may go for it with a less-than-stellar hand because they feel lucky.

You should learn the basic poker hands and implement a strategy to make a smart decision when playing or folding.

Once you see your hole cards and they give you the option for a better hand with the community cards, you can bet or fold accordingly.

Mississippi Stud Payouts

The table below shows the payout you will get for each hand. The better your hand, the better the win.

Royal Flush500 to 1
Straight Flush100 to 1
Four of a Kind40 to 1
Full House10 to 1
Flush6 to 1
Straight4 to 1
Three of a Kind3 to 1
Two Pair2 to 1
One Pair (Jacks or Better)1 to 1
One Pair (6 – 10)Push
All otherLoss
Mississippi Stud Payout Table

How Much Money Can You Win Playing Mississippi Stud?

The amount of the win is based on several factors. You must consider your bet and the hand you win with. Each hand provides varying payouts, so the amount you win will fluctuate based on your bet and the winning hand. Here is an example:

Suppose you begin with a $5 ante bet. During the game, you decide to wager 3x this amount in each of the three betting rounds. This means you place an additional bet of $15 three times, totaling $45. So, by the end of the game, your total wager stands at $50.

Now, let’s say you end up with a Royal Flush, which offers a payout of 500 to 1 for a $50 bet. In this scenario, you’d win a whopping $25,000!

Essentially, you can win any amount of money playing Mississippi Stud online. Remember, there is no sure way to win, so every hand is a gamble. You should bet responsibly and always set a budget before you begin a gaming session.

Mississippi Stud Strategy

Use a Strategy Chart Icon

Once you understand the rules of Mississippi Stud Poker, you can apply strategy to increase your chances of earning a win.

Our strategy guide, detailed below, offers advice on playing your cards based on their strength and your current game stage.

Mississippi Stud Poker Strategy Chart

This strategy is broken down based on how many cards you currently hold and the relative strength of your current hand.

To use this chart during gameplay, identify the number of cards you hold, match your scenario with our guide, and then follow the suggested play. Our bet suggestions are based on how likely you are to win depending on the cards you hold.

By sticking closely to these strategic guidelines – which will become much easier after you play a few hands for yourself – the house edge in Mississippi Stud stands at 4.91%.

Card Value Key

Use the following key concepts to better understand the strategy chart below.

  • High cards: Jacks to Aces, valued at 2 points.
  • Middle cards: 6s to 10s, valued at 1 point.
  • Low cards: 2s to 5s, valued at 0 points.

Strategy for Two Cards

With two cards, adhere to the following:

  • 3rd Street bet of 3x when holding any pair.
  • 3rd Street bet of 1x when holding any cards worth at least two points (any high card or two middle cards).
  • 3rd Street bet of 1x when holding exactly 5 or 6 of the same suit.
  • You should fold all other hands.

Strategy for Three Cards

Upon the revealing of a third card, follow this guidance:

  • 4th Street bet of 3x when holding any made hand (one pair of 6s or better).
  • 4th Street bet of 3x when holding any royal flush draw.
  • 4th Street bet of 3x when holding any straight flush draw that contains no gaps and is ranked 5, 6, 7, or higher.
  • 4th Street bet of 3x when holding any straight flush draw that contains one gap and at least one high card.
  • 4th Street bet of 3x when holding any straight flush draw that contains two gaps and at least two high cards.
  • 4th Street bet of 1x when holding any other three suited cards.
  • 4th Street bet of 1x when holding any low pair.
  • 4th Street bet of 1x when holding any cards worth at least three points.
  • 4th Street bet of 1x when holding any straight draw that contains no gaps and is ranked 4, 5, 6, or higher.
  • 4th Street bet of 1x when holding any straight draw that contains one gap and two middle cards.
  • You should fold all other hands.

Strategy for Four Cards

With four cards in play, observe the following:

  • 5th Street bet of 3x when holding any made hand (one pair of 6s or better).
  • 5th Street bet of 3x when holding any four-card flush.
  • 5th Street bet of 3x when holding any four cards to an outside straight that is ranked 8 high or better.
  • 5th Street bet of 1x when holding any other straight draw.
  • 5th Street bet of 1x when holding any low pair.
  • 5th Street bet of 1x when holding any cards worth at least four points.
  • 5th Street bet of 1x when holding three middle cards, and you’ve already put up at least one previous bet of 3x.
  • You should fold all other hands.

3-Card Bonus

Mississippi Stud Poker also includes a unique side bet, the 3 Card Bonus. This wager is based on community cards. You can place this bet and have an extra way to earn prize money.

It’s an added option to help you access additional prize potential with each hand you play. The hand rankings for this bet are listed below.

Poker HandPayout
Mini Royal100 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
Three-of-a-kind25 to 1
Straight5 to 1
Flush3 to 1
Pair1 to 1

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The Final Verdict: Is Mississippi Stud Worth It?

thumbs up purple

Of course. Mississippi Stud is a great poker variation for players exploring more gaming options besides Texas Holdem or Omaha. I enjoy Mississippi Stud due to its many bet variations on 3rd, 4th, and 5th Street.

You can change up your wagering patterns anytime, and it pays off. Mississippi Stud can easily become a go-to option for online poker gaming players.

Mississippi Stud Online FAQ

Below are the most common frequently asked questions about Mississippi Stud Poker. 

Does Mississippi Stud have good odds?

The odds are relatively good at 4.91%, with an element of risk at 1.37%.

How many cards do you get in Mississippi Stud?

You receive two cards and must create the best five-card poker hand with the help of the three community cards.

What’s the best way to play Mississippi Stud?

I prefer online because you can play in demo mode for practice and real money mode.

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