European Roulette

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European roulette is typically the most sought-after version of the game. Due to its single green 0 pocket, it has better odds and a lower house edge than many of the other variants out there.

On this page, I’ll explain the ins and outs of online European roulette. Beyond learning about the table and betting options, you’ll discover where you can play and what makes this specific variant a great choice.

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Everything You Need to Play European Roulette Online

European Roulette Basics

At its core, European roulette is all about where a little ball lands on a spinning wheel. The wheel has numbers 1-36, alternating between red and black, plus a single green zero pocket.

Each round involves players putting chips on the table to wager on spaces. The goal is that you wager on an area that corresponds to where the ball eventually lands.

Once the bets are in, either the software or the dealer will spin the wheel and toss the ball. All online European roulette tables will then automatically determine winners and payouts.

Are you new to the game of roulette and want to learn the basics?
You can learn more about the types of bets and how to play in our How To Play Roulette Guide.

European Roulette Wheel & Table Layout

The European Roulette wheel has a sequence of numbers from 0 to 36, which aren’t sequenced numerically.

By understanding the layout, you can make informed betting decisions by strategizing your gameplay. You can elevate your game even further by understanding how roulette’s odds and payouts work!

American Roulette Wheel and Table Layout Inforgraphic

Ways to Play European Roulette Online

You have two options to play European Roulette: the electrifying atmosphere of live dealer games or the swift, uninterrupted gameplay of the digital variation.

Single-player online roulette is an entertaining simulated game that uses a random number generator for results. Live streaming options use an actual wheel and ball to provide more authentic gameplay.

Both versions of European Roulette have their distinct advantages. Below, we explore what makes them unique to help you decide which experience aligns with your gaming preferences.

Live Dealer Games

Live roulette provides an authentic casino atmosphere where you play with other people, and a human dealer runs the show.

  • Realistic casino experience straight from your laptop or mobile.
  • Winnings depend on a real wheel and ball that is moving in real time somewhere in the world.
  • Live Casino games streamed in real-time with HD definition.
  • Availability to chat with a real croupier and sometimes other players.
  • A strong internet connection is required due to streaming.

Software-Based RNG Games

This is basic online roulette software without a human dealer. Most software providers have some version you can try.

  • High-quality graphics and enjoyable gaming interface.
  • Winnings depend on the result of a random number generator.
  • Available 24/7 and can be played even with moderate internet.
  • No human interaction, just gameplay with the software.
  • Digital experience without a real croupier.

Best European Roulette Casinos Online

One of the most popular table games around, European roulette is available in both formats at pretty much every online casino. The table below are the best sites based on our team’s experience.

1 DuckyLuck Casino Logo DuckyLuck Casino MIN BET $0.50 MAX BET $12,500 Play Now
2 Bovada Casino Logo Bovada Casino MIN BET $1 MAX BET $3,000 Play Now
3 SlotsandCasino Logo SlotsandCasino MIN BET $0.50 MAX BET $12,500 Play Now
4 BetUS Logo BetUS MIN BET $1 MAX BET $1,000 Play Now
5 Cafe Casino Logo Cafe Casino MIN BET $1 MAX BET $3,000 Play Now

Difference Between European Roulette and American Roulette

European Roulette Icon

Both European and American roulette are popular variations of a timeless casino game. The main difference is that European Roulette includes a single green zero and has only 37 pockets.

In contrast, the American version features an additional 00 segment, which brings its pocket total to 38. This seemingly minor difference can notably impact win rates over time.

For this reason, we recommend newbies stick to the European version. Below is a simplified comparison to better understand the differences between each variation.

Wheel Layout

  • European: Features 37 pockets. Numbers 1-36 and one green zero (0).
  • American: Features 38 pockets. Numbers 1-36, a green zero (0), and a green double zero (00).

House Edge

  • European: Approx. 2.70%, due to having fewer pockets than American roulette.
  • American: Approx. 5.26%, which is nearly double that of European roulette due to the additional double zero.

Special Rules

  • European: Offers the ‘En Prison‘ or ‘La Partage‘ rule in some casinos.
  • American: Typically doesn’t offer any additional rules outside of normal gameplay.

Try Online European Roulette for Free

The beauty of playing online is that many sites offer a demo of the game. This allows you to familiarize yourself with everything in a zero-pressure environment and test different strategies and betting methods. Try this free version now, with no strings attached.

Why is European Roulette My Favorite?

Live dealer roulette Icon

You might wonder why European roulette remains my favorite, as well as for other players. The answer is simple: the game offers a low house edge (2.70%), and there is no need to learn advanced strategies.

Many European casinos offer special house rules that halve the house edge to 1.35%. The combination of good odds and big potential payouts is hard to resist.

Ready to Challenge the European Roulette Wheel?

Experience the thrill of one of the most classic casino games without ever leaving your home. Single-player games let you experiment at a quick pace while live European roulette brings together the best of both worlds.

So, don’t wait. Grab your digital chips, pick your numbers, and let the ball decide your fate. Spin the wheel and remember, fortune favors the bold!

European Roulette FAQ

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of the most common questions about European roulette.

Why is European roulette better than American roulette?

Since the house edge is lower, players have a better chance of winning at European roulette than at an American roulette table.

What does 0 pay in European roulette?

Like other single numbers, the zero space pays 35:1 at most tables.

Do I need a camera to play live dealer games?

No, you do not need a webcam to play live dealer casino games. You can see the action in the casinos, but the croupier only sees your screen name.

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