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Written by: Ashley Grasse , Specialist in Casino, Games, and Trends
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Many of us have fond (or frustrating) memories of playing Minesweeper on a computer as a kid. The hidden bombs have enraptured and frustrated generations, so it’s no surprise that multiple versions of the game have been created over the years. 

As if it wasn’t already suspenseful enough, now you can navigate the minefield for real money with Minesweeper.

I will dive into everything there is to know about this gambling game, including safe online casinos where you can play.

Get ready to up the ante with this riveting twist on a beloved classic.

Where to Play Minesweeper for Real Money

I explored the internet for the best and most trustworthy online real money casinos that offer Minesweeper.

In my research, I created accounts, made deposits, played the game, and chatted with customer support to bring you the safest gambling sites below.

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Minesweeper XY: The Best Minesweeper Casino Game

Minesweeper XY Logo

My favorite Minesweeper version to play for real money is Minesweeper XY by BGaming. It’s a modern take on the old game with impressive graphics and a fresh concept.

The basis is pretty similar, so it’s still incredibly easy to play. Choose a square and hope it doesn’t contain a mine! But instead of the boring, gray, 2D grid, this game features a realistic grass minefield, exciting sounds, and vibrant colors.

Play Minesweeper XY for Free!

Do you want to try Minesweeper XY first before playing for real money? No problem. Play for free below!

Minesweeper XY Gameplay

The gameplay aspect of Minesweeper XY is similar to the traditional version. The main difference is the format, which lets you choose your own adventure by picking a 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, or 6×15 field.

Another difference is that you move through the game row by row. Each row contains a multiplier that increases as you progress, and with every correct guess, you move on to the next, hoping to make it to the end of the field without hitting a mine.

My favorite part is that if you’re feeling apprehensive about your next move, you can always cash out after a winning guess by clicking the collect button.

Minesweeper Layout

Let’s get into the layout of the game. Instead of the square a lot of us are used to, the grid in Minesweeper XY is rectangle-shaped, and the number of spaces will depend on the format you choose.

To the right of the grid is the start button. Once the game begins, it turns into a collect button, allowing you to cash out.

At the bottom left of the screen is your current balance, the bottom right displays your wager amount, and at the top right, you can find the menu to customize your game (choose your preferred grid and bet amount).

Minesweeper XY Gameplay Layout

Classic Minesweeper vs. Minesweeper XY

While Minesweeper XY retains the essence of the classic Minesweeper game, its gambling adaptation introduces new elements. They are similar in their core: both games involve navigating through a grid to avoid mines.

However, they differ in some aspects.

FeatureClassic MinesweeperMinesweeper Gambling Game
GoalThe game ends when all non-mine squares are revealed, or when you click on a mine.The game ends when you reach the end of the grid (or the max multiplier bet), or when you click on a mine.
GameplayMostly skill-based, but there’s also a luck component. Numbers indicate the count of mines in adjacent squares.Combination of luck and strategic cash-outs. There are no clues or numbers on any squares.
Round MechanicsAll squares are available to be clicked. You can determine the location of most bombs based on logic, but you’ll need to guess on some occasions, especially at the beginning and end of the game.There’s a limited amount of squares you can click on – you move through the game row by row. The multiplier increases with each row. You can’t deduce the location of the mines.
VisualsBasic 2D grid and simple graphics.Realistic graphics and vibrant colors.
GridFixed square grid sizes (e.g., 9×9, 16×16).Multiple rectangle grid formats (e.g., 2×3, 3×6, up to 6×15).
AvailabilityWidely accessible as a free computer game.Accessible on online casinos with real money gambling.

Minesweeper RTP

Generally speaking, the most advantageous casino games have a return to player percentage above 95%, and the RTP of Minesweeper XY ranges between 97.88 and 98.40%!

What does that mean for the player, exactly? Well, the RTP is the percentage of your wagers you can expect to get back over an extended period.

Since the RTP of Minesweeper XY is 98%, that means for every $100 gambled, you can expect at least $98 in return.

What Are Your Odds of Winning?

Calculating the odds of winning in Minesweeper gets a little tricky. In short, while larger grids offer better initial odds of success, smaller grids have higher risk but potentially greater rewards.

As you progress through the game, the risk and potential rewards increase.

So, for example, quitting early on a larger grid may result in lower winnings compared to doing the same on a smaller grid.

To make things easier, here are the odds for the most common board size vs. the largest one.

Minesweeper Grids Odds
minesweeper grid mobile version

How Did I Calculate the Odds of Minesweeper?

Since each row has a single bomb, you have a 1 in X chance of losing the first row, where X is the width of the row. So if you have four spaces to choose from, like in the 4×9 grid, your chances are 1 in 4 or 25% to hit a bomb and 3 in 4 or 75% to win.

The odds of winning multiple rows back-to-back equal the odds of each row multiplied together. In the same example above, your odds of winning each row are 3 in 4.

So, to calculate the odds of winning two rows, you multiply ¾ x ¾ to get 9 in 16 or 56.3%.

How to Play Minesweeper for Real Money

One of the reasons Minesweeper has been such a popular game for so long is its simplicity. This version is no different. Just follow the steps below to start playing.

  1. Select Your Favorite Casino

    Visit an online casino that offers Minesweeper or Minesweeper XY by BGaming, like the ones I recommend on this page.
  2. Find the Game

    This title will likely be in the real money specialty games category, so check there first.
  3. Select Your Wager and Format

    Decide how much you’d like to wager per guess and the grid size you want to play on.
  4. Start Playing

    Start and choose your first square. See how far you can get before hitting a mine.
  5. Cash Your Winnings!

    Take your chances or cash out your winnings while you’re ahead. It’s up to you, just gamble responsibly!

How Do You Win Minesweeper Without Guessing?

While the original Minesweeper did involve skill, this version is purely luck-based. The uncertainty and suspense are what makes it so fun, but just because it’s a guessing game doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tactics you can employ. 

Strategy to Win Minesweeper Gambling Game

Since the results of each guess are random, there isn’t anything you can do to influence the outcome. However, the tips below might help to give you a bit of an advantage.

Largest Grid Format Minesweeper XY Icon

Choose the Largest Grid Format

The largest grid format gives you a better chance of not picking a bomb since there are more spaces to choose from.

Then, when you feel confident, you can switch to smaller grids for bigger rewards.

Cash Out Early Icon

Cash Out Early When Convenient

Exercise that collect button! Cashing out early while you’re ahead can let you build small wins.

It’s best to play it safe at the beginning!

Bulb with Chips Responsible Gambling Icon

Gamble Mindfully and Responsibly

Don’t get caught in the gambler’s fallacy. Past results do not predict future bomb positions.

Each round is entirely random. So please be mindful of your budget and quit when necessary.

Other Casual Games You Might Enjoy

If you enjoy Minesweeper, there are plenty of other games that will be right up your alley. Some of the games you may be familiar with like online bingo or scratch card games, but be sure to explore these games.

I had a blast playing Minesweeper for real money. The graphics are appealing, the sound effects add to the suspense, and for a simple game, it made my heart race. I enjoyed how easy it was to play, and I think it’s perfect for blowing off some steam without using too much brain power.

Even though it’s luck-based, the collect button allows you to have some control and quit while you’re ahead. So should you try it? I can confidently say yes!

Minesweeper Pros and Cons

  • The graphics are incredible.
  • You can choose your grid size.
  • The RTP is sky-high.
  • Multipliers climb high as you progress for big payout potential.
  • There is no strategy for winning.
  • It can get repetitive.
  • The lowest bet minimum is $1.

Boom the Mines! It’s Time to Play Minesweeper For Real Money

As much as we love the old classics, sometimes it’s good to try something new.

Minesweeper XY captures the essence of the original and brings it into today. Multipliers add to the excitement, and the option to select your grid size and cash out on command gives you a little customizability.

It’s a potent combination of choosing your own adventure and the luck of the draw. Are you ready to plot a course and potentially win real money?

Be sure to watch your step. Sign up at one of our recommended online casinos and play Minesweeper XY today!

Minesweeper FAQ

Review some of the most asked questions about Minesweeper for gambling.

Is Minesweeper always solvable?

Minesweeper XY is not solvable like a puzzle since it’s all about chance. There’s no logic involved, as you don’t get any numeric clues. As for the classic Minesweeper game, it can’t be solved solely through logic since you’ll always need to take a guess at least once – when you open the first square.

Is Minesweeper a game of luck?

Yes, Minesweeper XY is a game of luck; the outcomes are entirely random. On the other hand, classic Minesweeper is a game of both luck and skill. Success depends on the player’s ability to deduce mine locations based on numerical clues, but you’ll also need to take a guess eventually.

When did Minesweeper come out?

The classic version of Minesweeper was first released in 1990 as part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The gambling version is more recent: BGaming released Minesweeper XY on April 2nd, 2016.

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