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Teen Patti is a three-card, poker-style gambling game. There is a traditional multiplayer format where groups around the world bet on their “blind” or “seen” hands in an attempt to win the pot.

The online versions are more simple single-bet games with hand rankings similar to 3 Card Poker.

Our beginner’s guide to Teen Patti explains both renditions of the game from start to finish. We’ll teach you the rules, terminology, objective of the game, how to play, and the bets you can make throughout the round. And yes, we’ll even explain what it means to play “blind” versus playing “seen.”

What is Teen Patti?

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Teen Patti is a popular southern Asia betting game with roots in India but is also said to come in part from the English game, Three-Card Brag. The game’s name, “Teen Patti,” translates to “three cards.” It is also sometimes called Flush or Flash.

In the traditional multiplayer version, the dealer gives three cards to everyone, and rounds of betting continue until only two remain. The goal is to get the best three-card poker hand possible. Players bet only once (the ante) in the online casino game and get rewarded according to a paytable, their hands ranking, and the house rules.

Teen Patti Rules

This multiplayer poker game from India has players battling each other, some seeing their cards and others playing blind. Let’s look at the game’s base rules and what it takes to win.

The Objective of The Game

There are two ways to win a game of Teen Patti. The first way is by having the best hand when only two players remain un-folded, and the “show” happens. The second win condition is to be the final remaining player when everyone else has folded.

Playing Blind vs. Playing Seen

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Once you get your hand, you need to decide whether you’ll look at your cards and play “seen” or keep them face-down and play “blind.”

Blind players get smaller betting options and can choose to look at their hands at any time. Doing so makes them a “seen” player for the remainder of the round.

How to Play Teen Patti

To start the round and deal the cards, each player must put some money into the pot. The initial ante is called the “Boot” and is the agreed-upon minimum stake. After everyone has paid up, each player gets three cards dealt face down since players can choose to play with or without looking at them.

Betting Rules

Betting begins to the dealer’s left and continues clockwise for as many cycles as it takes to complete the round. Every player has two primary choices on their turn, to continue betting or “pack” (fold).

The amount you need to wager to remain in the round depends on the “current stake” and whether your hand is “blind” or “seen.”

  • Blind players must bet at least the current stake, equal to the ante or the previous player’s bet. They can also choose to raise the current stake to a max of 2x. The stake for the next player to “chaal” (call) after a blind hand becomes whatever the previous player wagers.
  • Seen players’ minimum wagers are double, so they need to put in at least 2x the current stake and can raise to a max of 4x. The stake for the next player to call after a seen hand becomes half the amount of the previous player’s wager.

The Compromise Rule

Suppose at any point all hands are playing seen. In that case, anyone can ask the previous player for a compromise or “side show” immediately after making their bet. This rule is an actual ask, as the player does not have to accept the proposal.

There are two outcomes:

  • The compromise is accepted, and both people compare their cards in private. Whoever has the lower hand must fold. In the case of a tie, the loser is the player that asked for the compromise.
  • The compromise gets refused, and gameplay carries on with the next player.

When Does Betting End?

Betting progresses from player to player throughout the round. As the game presses on, the stakes naturally get higher and higher, forcing people out of the match one by one.

The round rages on until one of two conditions happen:

  • If one player remains in the round that hasn’t folded, they win the pot regardless of their cards.
  • If two players remain in a round, one player must pay for a “show” to reveal the cards and determine the winning hand.

The “Show” Stage

A “show” is the round’s final stage between the remaining two un-folded players. Both players reveal their cards, and the highest hand wins the pot.

There is a cost to initiate a show, and a few specific rules apply.

  • Blind players must pay the current stake to initiate a show. They cannot look at their cards until their money is in the pot.
  • Seen players can only initiate a show from other seen players and must pay double the current stake.
  • Seen players cannot demand a show from a blind player. They must either continue betting as long as the blind player against them does or fold.

If the hands are equal in strength, the player that did not pay for the show is deemed the winner and takes the prize.

Teen Patti Hands Cheat Sheet

The hand strength in Teen Patti is similar to Three Card Poker, except for a “pure sequence” (straight flush) not beating three of a kind. The chart below shows you the order and strength of all hands.

Teen Patti Hand Rank Cheat Sheet

Teen Patti Terminology

Teen Patti has a history in India, so it should be no surprise that it has some unique words. Below are some Teen Patti terms you may hear when playing the game.

  • Chaal

    To call a bet
  • Pack

    Same as fold
  • Boot

    The bet to get into the game or the ante
  • Seen

    When you choose to see your cards after the deal
  • Blind

    When you choose to play without looking at your cards after the deal
  • Color

    Same as a flush
  • Sequence

    Same as a straight
  • Pure Sequence

    Same as a straight flush
  • Show

    When the two final players compare cards
  • Side Show

    A private show between any two seen players as part of a compromise

Online Teen Patti

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Online casino Teen Patti is different from the traditional multiplayer version game described above. They are quicker, single-player games with fewer decisions. Also, there are no blind hands. You decide what you want to wager on the hand, and the cards get revealed.

Hand Rankings Are Slightly Different Online

The online game you play against the house works more like three-card poker. The straight flush ranks highest, followed by three of a kind, straight, flush, pair, and high card.

Online Teen Patti Variations

There are two main versions of the game that you’ll see in online casinos. Take a look at the nuances of each one below.

Online Casino Teen Patti Rapid Logo

Teen Patti Rapid

This version plays like video poker without the draw phase. You get a payout when you hit a hand in the paytable.

You place your wager to receive three cards face-up. That hand determines your payout. Usually, you get a prize for a pair or better.

Standard Paytable

The table below shows you the typical payout amounts for the simple or rapid online casino Teen Patti game.

Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)50:1
Trio (Three of a Kind)30:1
Sequence (Straight)6:1
Color (Flush)5:1
Online Casino Teen Patti Pro Logo

Teen Patti Pro

This option is closer to baccarat, wagering on whether the player or dealer’s hand will be stronger or if they will tie (or split).

In this game, two three-card hands get dealt. Choosing the winning hand pays 1.9:1, but wagering on a tie and hitting it gets you 865:1.

Side Bet Paytable

Wagering on the exact outcome of either hand has massive payout potential. See the typical paytable below.

Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)440:1
Trio (Three of a Kind)405:1
Sequence (Straight)30:1
Color (Flush)18.5:1

The Best Teen Patti Casinos Online

Some of the best gambling sites offer Teen Patti. All the casinos in the table below have reliable banking practices and accept US players.

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How to Play Online Teen Patti for Real Money

Online Teen Patti games are easier to learn than the in-person multiplayer version. Follow the steps below to get in on the action and play for real money.

  1. Sign Up at an Online Casino & Deposit Your Money

    Sign up for an account at one of the online casinos in the table above and deposit some money using your preferred payment method. The whole process only takes a few minutes. 
  2. Find a Teen Patti Game

    You’ll usually find the Teen Patti games in one of two places. They are often under the casino’s “table games” or “table poker” tab. Some sites, like Wild Casino and Super Slots, have them in the Live Casino Red section of the site.
  3. Place Your Bets

    You start the game by choosing how much you want to wager. In the “pro” version of the game, you’ll also need to determine what you’re betting on, the Dealer, Player, Split, or side bets.
  4. Click “Deal”

    Click the “Deal” button for the software to pass out the cards. There are no blind hands, so everything will get dealt face-up.
  5. Winner Automatically Determined

    In the rapid version, you either have a pair or better and automatically win some money based on the paytable, or you lose. The pro version also automatically determines your prize, but the payouts will vary according to your bets.

Play Online Teen Patti for Free

Here is a free demo of Teen Patti Rapid that you can find at several online casinos. Try it out to get an idea of how the game, betting, and payouts work.

Now You’re Ready to Play Teen Patti!

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Teen Patti is a fun poker-style gambling game, whether played in person with a group or online in single-player mode. And now you know the rules, how to play, and what to expect at the table.

The classic version may take a few rounds to understand, but it offers the challenge of competition, skill, and strategy. The Teen Patti games online are much faster and easier to pick up. You play against the house, games are quick, and there are only a couple of decisions to make.

Don’t be curious any longer! Check out one of our recommended Teen Patti casinos and discover the fun and potential winnings.

Teen Patti FAQ

Here are answers to questions many online gaming enthusiasts ask about Teen Patti.

What is Teen Patti? 

Teen Patti is a three-card poker game you can play against other people or the house. The multiplayer game has several unique betting rules leading to a pot winner. In contrast, most online games offer a single bet before the deal and a payout according to paytable odds. 

How to win in Teen Patti? 

To win in Teen Patti depends on the version of the game. The multiplayer game requires much the same skill as other ring poker games. On the other hand, the online game is more conducive to betting strategies of other table games such as baccarat or three-card poker. 

How is online casino Teen Patti different from the traditional game? 

Online casino Teen Patti is different from the traditional game because you play against the house rather than other players. There is a pre-deal bet in the online game, while the customary game calls for the ante and rounds of betting between players.

What does Teen Patti mean?

Teen Patti means “three-card.” It is sometimes called Flush or Flash.

What is 3 Patti? 

3 Patti is another name for Teen Patti. You may find a version of Teen Patti that is called 3 Patti.

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