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North Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Survey

North Vegas Blackjack CasinosSome of the best blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip may be found on its northern end. That is because Treasure Island is in this section and that is our top choice for low limit blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. There are also some terrible blackjack games that should be avoided.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale spreads three types of blackjack. The best is Blackjack Switch. There is also a single deck blackjack table and three 6-5 Free Bet Blackjack tables. All tables hit soft 17. The minimum is $5 for all games.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus has 2 sigle deck tables. It has a minimum bet of $10 and $15. It pays 3-2 on a blackjack. This is the best blackjack game at Circus Circus. The only other live blackjack game at Circus Circus uses eight decks and pays 6-5 on a natural. It has a $5 minimum bet.


Encore is Wynn’s sister property. Encore offers lower limit games that are available at Wynn.
The best blackjack game at Encore is a six-deck shoe that has a $100 minimum bet. It permits double down before and after splitting, as well as surrender and re-split aces. Blackjack pays 3-2. This is the only game at Encore that stands on all 17s.

There is a double deck game in the baccarat pit that pays 3-2 and has a minimum bet of $50, depending on the time of day. Double down before and after splitting are available.

The only other 3-2 blackjack game at Encore is a six-deck $25 one. It has the same rules as the high limit shoe, except that the dealer hits soft 17.


Palazzo is the sister property to Venetian. Players will need to meet the $100 minimum bet to get into a 3-2 game. The options are a double deck that permits double down before and after splitting, and a six-deck game that adds surrender and re-split aces. Like most real money blackjack online, these games hit soft 17. There is a $100 six-deck game in the high limit salon that stands on all 17s. Palazzo also has $25 Spanish 21.

Sahara Las Vegas

There are two 3-2 blackjack games at Sahara Las Vegas. One is a six-deck shoe with a $100 minimum. It has double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. This game stands on 17. For $100, players will find a game with these rules in high limit that stands on all 17s. There is also a $10 Blackjack Switch table.

On August 2019 the hotel and casino officially announced their name change from SLS Las Vegas to Sahara Las Vegas.


Stratosphere now only offers 3-2 blackjack game spreads. The six-deck games start at just $5, the cheapest of anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip. There is also a $25 double-deck game. Both allow double down before and after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17.

Treasure Island

Most Treasure Island Casino blackjack tables spread 3-2. You will be able to find six-deck games that start at just $15. They also offer a single deck table, but it’s not a table we recommend. There are three great double deck tables with a minimum $25 double deck. They allow double down before and after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17.


Like Palazzo, players must sit at a $50 table to get a 3-2 game. The options include a double deck with double down before and after splitting and a six-deck shoe that adds surrender and re-split aces. Both games hit soft 17. For $100, players will get a six-deck game that stands on all 17s.


Wynn offers three different 3-2 blackjack games. Players will find a $25 six-deck game that allows double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. The dealer hits soft 17. During the slowest of periods, it may be just $15, though that has become increasingly unlikely. There is also a $100 double-deck game that hits soft 17 with double down before and after splitting. The stand on all 17 shoe games require a $200 minimum and are only found in the high limit salon.

North Las Vegas Blackjack Survey Log

Year to year, Las Vegas Casino Venues update and refresh their game floor. Some of these changes involve the blackjack tables. Whether they remove a game, add one or change the rules, these are all things that affect the house edge. That is why every year we update our survey. Below you will find the PDF for the previous years so you can compare the changes over time.

Complete North Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Survey 2019

Casino# of DecksMin BetMax BetH/S 17DADASRSASurrender# of Tables6/5 BJVideoExoticHouse Hold %
Casino Royale1101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.55422%
Casino Royale651000HYesYesNoNo3YesNoBJ Switch1.99842%
Casino Royale6101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoFree Bet1.99842%
Circus Circus110500HNoNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.30346%
Circus Circus1151000HNoNoNoNo1NoNoNo0.30346%
Circus Circus415500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.9715%
Circus Circus4251000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNo1.9715%
Circus Circus610500HYesYesNoNo7YesNoNo1.99842%
Circus Circus621100HYesYesNoYes4YesYesNo1.91020%
Circus Circus85500HYesYesNoNo10YesYesNo1.91020%
Circus Circus85500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoBuster Blackjack1.91020%
Circus Circus85500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoPair Square1.91020%
Circus Circus85500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoBet the Set 211.91020%
Circus Circus85500HYesYesNoNo1YesNoBJ Spin1.91020%
Encore6255000HYesYesNoYes1YesYesBJ Switch0.58000%
Encore6155000HYesYesNoYes1YesNoBlazing 7’s Blackjack1.91020%
Encore6155000HYesYesNoYes1YesNoFree Bet1.91020%
Palazzo6157000HYesYesYesYes1YesNoBJ Switch1.84232%
Palazzo65010000HYesYesYesYes4YesNoBJ Switch1.84232%
Palazzo62510000HYesYesYesYes17YesNoFree Bet1.84232%
Palazzo8252500HYesYesYesYes1YesNoSpanish 210.76000%
Sahara Las Vegas6101000HYesYesYesNo14YesNoBJ Switch1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas6101000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoBlazing 7’s Blackjack1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas6151000HYesYesYesNo3YesNoNo1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas6202000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoNo1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas6251000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoNo1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas6252000HYesYesYesNo1YesNoNo1.93054%
Sahara Las Vegas61005000SYesYesYesYes1NoYesNo0.28507%
Sahara Las Vegas62002000SYesYesYesYes2NoYesNo0.28507%
Treasure Island1151000HYesNoNoNo2YesNoNo1.69824%
Treasure Island2151000HYesYesNoNo11NoNoNo0.45688%
Treasure Island2255000SYesYesNoNo3NoNoNo0.25532%
Treasure Island6151000HYesYesNoNo1NoYesNo0.63873%
Treasure Island6152000HYesYesYesYes7NoNoNo0.48263%
Treasure Island6152000HYesYesYesYes7NoNoNo0.48263%
Treasure Island6255000SYesYesYesYes3NoNoNo0.28507%
Venetian6157500HYesYesYesYes4NoNoBJ Switch0.48263%
Venetian8251000HYesYesYesYes1YesNoFree Bet2.42000%
Venetian82575000HYesYesYesYes3YesNoSpanish 210.76000%
Wynn6152500HYesYesNoYes1NoNoBJ Switch0.55051%
Wynn6155000HYesYesNoYes1YesNoBlazing 7’s Blackjack1.91020%
Wynn6155000HYesYesNoYes1YesNoFree Bet1.91020%
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