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Las Vegas Games Survey - Deuces Wild Poker
The D on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas is the only casino in town that spreads Deuces Wild Hold’em. The bet limits are $5 to $50. The game is not really like Hold’em at all. The dealer does not receive a hand. The player wins or loses based solely on the hand’s strength. Deuces are wild in this game. There are no jokers.

Steps to Playing DJ Wild Poker

Players receive three cards after making an Ante wager. The player must raise the amount of the Ante bet or fold. A card is placed up in the center.

  • If the player did not fold on the first bet, there is an option to fold or bet double the Ante here.
  • If the player called both raises, the hand is then graded based on its strength.

It is paid based on the following pay table:

Natural Royal Flush1000-1
Four Deuces200-1
Wild Royal Flush30-1
Five of a Kind20-1
Straight Flush10-1
Four of a Kind, Full House, and Flush4-1
Pair of Aces, Two Pair or Three of a Kind1-1

Play Deuces Wild / Hold’em in Las Vegas

2019 Updates (Change Log):

  • Sam’s Town now has one Deuces Wild table.
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