Best Live Baccarat Casinos for US Players

Written by: Sadonna Price , Expert in Online Casinos and Poker

Live dealer baccarat casinos bring the thrills and human interaction of the casino floor to your fingertips!

Their low buy-ins allow you to stay on any budget, plus they maintain the high betting limits that give the land-based casino counterpart its high roller fame.

The vast list of online casino options can be daunting if you’re a beginner. I’ve played live baccarat at every gambling site you can imagine and, through trial and error, found operators offering a seamless experience regardless of your skill level.

By reading this guide, you’ll learn where to play safely, how to enjoy the game and gain top insights for the best online experience.

Play Baccarat With Live Dealers Anywhere

Complete guide with legit sites and pro tips

Best Online Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

While there are many choices for live baccarat online, a few casinos stand out above the rest.

I like these sites because they deliver at creating an above-average gaming experience from deposit to withdrawal, especially in live casino baccarat, where human interaction with professionally trained dealers enhances the experience.

Each has its charm and strengths, but they share thoughtful site navigation and design, good player reviews, and a comprehensive live casino offering for all budgets.

I will list them below so you can easily see why I prefer these sites over other operators.

DuckyLuck Casino

DuckyLuck Casino Logo Featured Image

DuckyLuck is one of my favorite sites for live gaming.

Fresh Deck Studios provides the content with a seamless platform that separates baccarat from other games for easy access.

Click on the Baccarat tab to select games with buy-ins ranging from $1-$200 and $10-$1,500

The games load quickly here, and dealers are always friendly.

I can play live dealer on my mobile or desktop, making it easy to transition on the go or at home. 

Red Dog Casino

reddog image logo

Red Dog offers one of the larger collections of live baccarat games.

Eight titles from Visionary iGaming are available, and bets range from $1 to $10,000.

This site makes it easy for low-to-high rollers to enjoy live dealer gaming. 

I like how RedDog has the games set up for quick access.

Each title also includes the bet limits, so you can easily see how much you can play from a low to high range. 

Wild Casino

wild casino image logo

One of the more visually pleasing sites for baccarat is Wild Casino.

The brand works with Fresh Deck Studios to feature nine live baccarat games.

There are several dealers to choose from and betting limits go from $1-$10,000.

I appreciate the quick load times and friendly dealers here who make it easy to play, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player.  

Other Legit Online Casinos Worth Considering

The following sites also have quality baccarat options for US-based players, and our table lists the number of games, bet ranges, and software providers you can find at these sites.

Super Slots and SlotsandCasino are sisters to Wild Casino and DuckyLuck, which guarantees the same gaming standard while doubling the amount of promotions you can leverage.

Bovada is a veteran site with 20+ years of providing a reliable online sportsbook and casino operation backed by a solid reputation.

Top CASInOs #Of Live Baccarat Games Software Providers Bet Ranges
Super Slots Logo
Super Slots
#Of Live Baccarat Games 9Software Providers Visionary iGaming, Fresh Deck StudiosBet Ranges $1-$1,500
Bovada Casino Color Logo Med
Bovada Casino
#Of Live Baccarat Games 2Software Providers Visionary iGamingBet Ranges $5-$2,500
SlotsandCasino bonus codes
#Of Live Baccarat Games 1Software Providers Fresh Deck StudiosBet Ranges $1-$1,500

How We Pick The Best Live Baccarat Casinos

When searching for a gambling site to play live dealer baccarat, I look for online establishments with fair odds, a proven track record of keeping promises, and a commitment to personal information safety.

Internet forums and third-party review sites are a good starting point, although you need to pay attention to the 5-star and 1-star reviews, as these can often be biased.

The following criteria will help you understand how I made the casino recommendations above.

Low House Edge

I always check the house edge and RTP of titles to ensure I can access the best odds for gaming.

I want to see a generous and diverse selection of high payouts, so I know I have a fair shot of winning and enough games to stay entertained. 

Casino Online Reputation

I look at a casino’s online reputation and player reviews to see what others think of a brand.

Over time, this has helped me avoid major pitfalls and spot some hidden gems.

Payout Speed and Limits

How quickly does an online casino pay? Are there limits and fees on how much you can cash out?

I look at payout speed and limits to ensure you will receive prizes promptly.

Live Dealer Provider

Which software company provides live dealer games? Do they have a good reputation? Are the games using a random number generator and tested for fairness? 

These are all questions a try to answer by looking at the software providers at a site.

Site Safety and Security

I always read the fine print to learn about an online casino’s safety and security measures.

I want to see details on data encryption, player verification, and other security measures that ensure a brand protects every member.

Self-Exclusion and Gambling Help

Players need to have help with self-exclusion needs or gambling problem assistance.

Seeing these indicates that a site takes player protection seriously and is a legitimate business.

Benefits of Playing Live Baccarat

Live dealer is one of the more popular formats. It offers quick access to a realistic casino experience and flexible betting ranges.

Casino sites include standard and niche game variants, ensuring you can explore plenty of baccarat versions.

A few benefits players can take advantage of include: 

  • Convenience

    Live baccarat is super convenient as it can be accessed via mobile while on the go or desktop or laptop gaming. Play games anytime, from anywhere. 
  • Human Dealer Interaction

    The games are operated by a real person so that you can enjoy human interaction from home. Speak to the dealer while you play for a more interactive experience. 
  • Transparency/Security

    Games at reputable online casino sites are secure and provide a premium experience with random number generators for game outcomes. 
  • Choice of Games/Dealers

    Online casino sites with multiple games allow you to select the dealer and betting limit, providing more options than a standard land-based casino. 

Available Live Dealer Baccarat Games Explained

The sites I recommend offer traditional live baccarat gaming. You won’t find many unique variations, but you can easily learn how it works and play in a live format.

Below, we will look at the games offered via these sites and other variants that might be added in the future. 

Traditional Baccarat

With the traditional format, you play against the dealer. You will receive two cards, and the dealer will also receive them.

The goal is to have the closest hand to nine. Place the Player wager, the Banker bet, or the Tie. The Player bet wins if you win the hand.

The Banker bet wins if the banker gets closest to nine. A Tie bet will naturally pay if the hand ends in a tie. 

Live Super 6

Live 6 is a variant of traditional baccarat that adds the Super 6 side bet, predicting the Banker will win with exactly 6 points, offering a payout typically at 12:1.

It often has a lower or no commission on Banker bets, making it attractive to players seeking excitement and potential rewards, though the Super 6 bet has a higher house edge.

Bet On Baccarat 

Some of our suggested sites also include a game titled Bet on Baccarat.

This game plays the same as traditional, with the same Player, Tie, and Banker wager.

The title may vary, and the table may look different, but the gameplay is the same.

Super 6 vs. Baccarat

Super 6, sometimes called Punto Banco or Punto 2000, and traditional live baccarat have the same basic rules and gameplay.

The main difference is that Super 6 offers a different betting and payout structure.

The comparison below shows how this variant differs from its parent game.

Super 6 / Punto 2000

  • No commission on winning banker bets.
  • Pays 0.5:1 on a winning banker hand with a six.
  • Features super 6 and dragon bonus side bets.
  • Niche game that’s usually only available at live-dealer casinos.


  • Charges 5% commission on winning banker wagers.
  • Always pays 1:1 on a winning banker hand.
  • Features a wider variety of side bets.
  • A mainstream game that’s available in many land-based, online, and live casinos.

How to Play Live Baccarat Online

Getting started playing live games online is simple. Follow my process below as I guide you through creating an online casino account and playing this fun card game. 

  1. Create an Online Casino Account

    Select any of my recommendations. We provide links to the signup section to help you quickly create an account. You must complete a registration form with personal information, including your name, address, and telephone number.

    Once you verify your account, you are logged in and ready to deposit. 
  2. Consider Bonus Deals

    As you create your account, consider any bonus deals a site may offer. Most of our recommended casinos include a bonus match deal on your first deposit.

    While this offers are enticing, they won’t work on live games. If you claim a welcome bonus, I suggest you use the funds to play slots and clear the deal quickly. Then, use any wins you earn to play live baccarat for free
  3. Depositing Funds

    After creating an account and logging in, visit the cashier and select the deposit section. Pick a banking method and the amount you wish to add to your account.

    If you are claiming a bonus, you will need to enter the deal code at this time. Follow the directions provided by the site to complete the deposit and start playing with real money.

    Most banking methods are instant, so the funds are added straight away. 
  4. Locating Live Dealer Baccarat

    Once you have cash in your account for gaming, it’s time to find the live dealer tables. Look for a live dealer or live casino section.

    From there, you can locate baccarat games. You can also use a search box when available to find games. 
  5. Select a Game

    Find a live game that appeals to you. Review the buy-in levels and dealer when making your selection.

    Click the game, and the live-streaming footage should appear on your device.

    The footage shows the game in action, gives you betting controls, and may include a chat where you can interact with the dealer and other players
  6. Have Fun!

    Now that the game is loaded and you are ready to play, enjoy the experience! Place your bet and have fun exploring live gaming.

    Once you want to play a new title, close the streaming footage and select another game. 

Baccarat Rules Summary

Baccarat is a quick and easy game requiring no skill. The only decision you make is to place your wagers at the start of the hand. A typical round plays out as follows.

Live Dealer Baccarat Human Hand with Cards

Place Bets Before Cards Are Dealt

Wagers are open at the start of the round. Place your chips on the hand or side bet you think will win. Betting closes for the hand after a short time. 

Two Hands of Cards Icon

Two Hands Get Dealt

The dealer will deal two hands of cards: one for the banker and one for the player. Then, according to the table rules, each hand hits with a rank of 5 or less.

Cards and Coins Icon

Winning Hands

The winning hand is the closest to 9. After adding the cards together, the first digit gets dropped.
For example, a nine and seven equals 16, the one is dropped, and the value in-game is a six.

How to Improve Your Live Baccarat Odds

You can implement strategy when playing to improve your odds of winning. Of course, winning isn’t guaranteed since the game has a random outcome with every hand.

However, you can utilize specific strategies or tips to help boost your gameplay odds. Let’s look at a few tips below that you can use to enhance your experience. 

  • Don’t Bet the Tie

    Even though the tie bet has a high payout if you win, it’s hard to beat the 14.44% house edge in standard baccarat games.

    It’s unlikely you’ll hit the win and lose more than you bargained for if you continually place a tie wager.
  • Bet the Banker Wager

    Placing the Banker bet gives you 1.06% odds of winning.

    The Player bet has 1.24% odds, which is still good but slightly higher than the banker.
    You have a better shot at winning with the Banker bet.
  • Set a Budget

    When playing online baccarat, set a budget.

    Only deposit what you can afford to lose to avoid major losses and overspending. 
  • Consider Strategy

    Many pros rely on strategies such as the Martingale system or Labouchere in land-based play.

    You can try these baccarat strategies with live dealer play to see if one works well for you to earn more wins.

Pro Tips For a Better Live Gaming Experience

From my experience, there are a few pro tips that every player must follow to ensure that gaming sessions run smoothly and you enjoy an enhanced experience.

Check out my top tips below for quality gameplay. 

  • Check Your Internet Speed: A high-speed internet connection helps you avoid lag times and ensures streaming footage of the live dealer games is clear. 
  • Ensure You Meet Minimum Device Requirements: Take note of an online casino’s minimum device requirements for mobile or desktop gaming. You will need a certain type of mobile device or computer to operate the games based on the provider. 
  • Set your betting limits per session: You can create a budget and use the online casino site’s tools to spend a certain amount per session. Players can also stick with lower limits when learning to play new baccarat variants. 
  • Play at Sites With Good Security Protocols: Always join online casino sites with enhanced security protocols. This can include player verification, log-in security, and data protection. Check our casino reviews to see which sites offer the best personal information protection. 

Land-Based vs. Online vs. Live Baccarat

Regarding baccarat gaming, you can access live options, online gaming, and land-based titles.

It’s important for you to know the key differences between each option, plus their advantages and disadvantages.

Below, you can review your options and determine which game will work best for you. 

Live Baccarat

  • Enjoy playing alongside other players online and interacting with the dealer
  • Explore an immersive experience as you wager in real time. 
  • Some casinos only offer a select number of live baccarat games. 
  • Buy-ins may be higher than expected for certain variants. 

Online Baccarat

  • Play a variety of baccarat games with low to high buy-ins. 
  • Traditional online games can be limited to one or two titles per casino. 
  • Depending on the game’s age, graphics and gameplay may be low-quality

Land-Based Baccarat

  • Experience live baccarat with other players for more exciting sessions. 
  • Explore unique variants exclusive to casinos.
  • Travel is required to visit a land-based casino. 
  • Due to travel times, it may cost more to visit a casino if you must stay overnight. 

My Favorite Way to Play Baccarat Online Is…

I prefer live dealer baccarat as it offers a fun, immersive experience with real-time gaming action.

When new variants are available in the standard table game section, I want to start playing them in demo mode before moving on to real-money play with live dealer games.

It allows me to understand the rules and play without cost before investing funds in live gaming. 

Live dealer also helped me learn how to play baccarat, so I am confident playing the game in a live setting when visiting a casino.

It’s a great starting point for beginners to explore the game and feel comfortable before playing with others at a land-based venue. 

Are There Any Live Baccarat Mobile Apps?

mobile live baccarat

Although there are social casino apps for almost every casino game, live dealer games remain exclusive to the real-money casino realm

Live studios with human dealers are more expensive to run than video casino games, and sites need real money bets to pay the associated fees.

The latter also explains why there are no “free play” or demo options for live blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. 

Since the main app stores don’t allow real money gambling, you can play these games from your mobile device through your mobile browser. 

The sites I recommend on this page are optimized for mobile play, so you’ll enjoy the same premium experience regardless of where you’re playing.

Play Live Baccarat Online From Anywhere

You can start playing baccarat with a live dealer now that you know how and where to play safely,

Play live to experience the game as you would at a land-based casino, which will help you feel more comfortable playing this unique card game. 

Remember to use the pro tips and strategies I shared to improve your odds and hopefully see a return on your investment.

Keep your betting limits low first to get to know the game and stay on track with your budget!

Other Live Casino Games Available

There are other live dealer casino game options if you need a break from baccarat. Explore the options below and the casinos where you can play each safely. 

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