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Real Money Live Lottery Game

In this article, we will discuss why Live Dealer Lottery is better than the regular game found at online casinos. Providing information on how to sign up for a game, along with details on how to play a single lottery drawing.

We also discuss the sites that might offer live dealer lotto drawings. Once completed, you should have all the information you need to play.

Top Online Lottery Live Dealer Casinos

If you are looking where you can play live dealer lottery, our team of reviewers have a list of verified online casinos that offer these games. You can find versions like Lucky 7, Lucky 6 and more. Let the real dealer take you through the game, you never know, you might hit the jackpot!

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Live Lotto Drawings Online

It is rare to see a live dealer lotto drawing, but Ezugi Games introduced gamblers to the concept in 2015, and it’s become a standard part of their live casino package. With the copycat nature of game design, top operators like Evolution Gaming and Global Gaming Labs are likely to follow Ezugi’s lead in the future.

Live dealer lottery games work best alongside a table game or mini-game. Every 4 to 6 minutes, a live lottery drawing happens. The player can tune in to watch the event happen in real time. Or they can fill out a real money lotto ticket and check back periodically to see what they’ve won.

How a Live Dealer Lottery Drawing Works

Anyone who has filled out a brick-and-mortar lottery ticket knows how live lottery gaming works. In fact, it’s easier in the live casino version. The computer interface means you can make all the decisions you need with a mousepad or touchscreen with ease and accuracy.

To make sure you’ve got this down, I’ll give a quick tutorial. The Pick 6 lottery game is at top choice of the moment, so I’ll use it as an example.

  1. Pick Your Lucky Numbers

    Choose 6 numbers out of the 49 on the virtual ticket that is on the screen.

  2. Place Your Bet

    Select your preferred bet size. Each online casino has configurable bet limits, so players can pick how much they want to wager.

  3. Customize Your Jackpot

    Pick the jackpot size. Each casino operator has configurable jackpot sizes.

  4. Complete and Wait for the Draw

    Click to finalize your bet sizes and numbers, then wait for the next drawing. These take between 4 and 6 minutes.

  5. The Drawing

    Click between Classic or Full-screen mode when it’s time for the drawing. Wait for the balls to start rolling out and see if your lucky numbers were drawn.

That’s all you have to do. Really, you should be able to set everything with a few clicks. Playing the lottery is even easier online than it would be otherwise, though the quick pick option isn’t much of an option.

How to Start a Live Lottery Game

Go to the top live dealer lottery casinos and follow the instructions and betting limits of each site.

Choose an Online Casino & Sign Up

Look at the list of online casinos that offer live dealer lottery. Choose one of these which offers live casino gaming. Provide your name, address, and email address. Signing up incurs no obligations. The most you’ll receive, are email promotions.

Make a Deposit

To play for real money, you’ll need to make a deposit. Use Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin to make a deposit. Web wallets, e-vouchers, debit cards, wire transfers, and bank transfers are legitimate payment methods.

Play Live Lottery & Enjoy Your Winnings

From the homepage of the online casino, find the link to the live casino. Once you click on the live casino, you’ll find the lobby. A link to Live Lottery should be available here. Click the link and start playing. When you complete the wagering requirements on any bonus offers you accepted, make a withdrawal and enjoy!

Tips Before You Play Live Lottery

  • Learn the Interface

    Take a couple of minutes to learn the interface. Study the betting mechanisms, which might be tricky. Learn to use the Chat Function to visit with the dealer or ask her questions. The Chat Box also allows you to talk with the other players.

  • Play Several Lotteries

    Play the lottery games for an entire session. Remember there are no strategies and just enjoy the game.

Games You Can Play Similar to Live Lottery

The chances of finding an online casino for US players that offers Live Dealer Lottery are slim to none. That doesn’t mean you can’t go online and enjoy the luck of the draw. We suggest trying any of the games listed below, they offer you big payouts; but remember, its all luck!

  • Real Money Specialty Games: Try lottery-type games like Bingo, Keno, or Scratchcards.
  • Live Dealer Wheel Games: A good choice would be Live Dealer Dream Catcher

Real Money Specialty Games

Online casinos usually offer real money specialty games aside from their usual table games, slots, and live games. These “specialty” games include lottery-type options such as the ones we list below.

Real Money Keno

Real Money Keno

Keno, the popular Chinese 80-ball lottery game, can be played for real money at online casinos available to US players. There are a few varieties, so try a few real money keno games and see which one you prefer.

Real Money Scratchcards

Real Money Scratch Cards

Online “Scratchies”, as real money scratch cards are commonly known, are a great option for lottery bettors. No need to leave the house to get your lotto fix as many top online casinos provide these games. Also a plus? Online scratchcards can be played for real money on desktop or mobile.

Real Money Bingo

Real Money Bingo

Nothing beats a classic like Bingo. You can play online bingo for real money at a variety of US casinos. Choose your numbers wisely. You could win payouts as high as $1 million. How? Head on over to SlotsandCasino to find out more.

Live Dealer Dream Catcher / Wheel of Fortune

Live Dream Catcher

If you definitely want to experience the real casino experience while playing a game of luck, then Live Dream Catcher might be the game for you.

Dream Catcher is a live dealer money wheel game by Evolution Gaming. Players can simply pick a number and bet on it. If the selected number is hit at the end of the wheel’s spin, then you earn a big win.

You can find similar games like live Wheel of Fortune at any of the casinos we have listed above.

Live Lottery vs. Online Lotto Games

People are probably aware that state, territorial, and national lotteries offer online ticket sales. What many might not know is that Internet casinos also offer real money lotto gaming. Online casinos offer several different forms of lottery games. These include online scratch cards and Keno drawings. Playing in a live casino is much better than these limited forms of lotto gambling, though.

Live Dealer Lottery

  • Live Dealer Lottery drawings on Ezugi are real lottery drawings.
  • Live lotto players have better chances of winning than the online keno players do.
  • Video of the drawings is streamed live to gamblers.
  • Watching real live staff draw numbers is much more entertaining.
  • The videos contain (usually female) attractive dealers with charm and good humor.
  • Live lottery drawings beat online scratch cards because they are once again a full lottery.
  • Live streaming lottery drawings take place at a more leisurely pace, allowing gamblers to savor the moment.

Online Lottery

  • It is merely a simulated version of a lotto drawing.
  • It’s a video simulation of a virtual tumbler.
  • Scratch card gaming plays too fast in an online or mobile casino.
  • It takes no time to scratch-off the numbers, to see the results.

Those are just a few of the reasons players are likely to prefer live dealer lottery games. Whatever reasons you might have, few players are likely to argue that an online video simulation is better than live drawings.

Strategies to Use When Playing

Players should be under no illusions that strategies exist to help them beat the lottery. The lottery is a game of pure chance, and you have to be very lucky to win a drawing with a big jackpot. As I’ve said for many years, any expert you read who claims they can predict the lottery would not be giving away their secrets if they could. It would be akin to an alchemist giving away their secrets because it would be a virtual license to print money.

Despite that fact, so-called experts have written books, articles, and blog posts claiming to have a system to beat the lottery. Forums exist where gamblers discuss the various strategies they use. I want to discuss one or two of these theories in the hopes I can debunk them.

Wheel Betting

Wheel betting is a popular form of lottery betting strategy. People who discuss this form of tactic tend to have a mathematical bent, so their arguments tend to be impressive at first glance. They sprinkle their theories with impressionistic, misleading statements like,

I’ve been betting this wheel for six months and I’ve won steadily.”

Anyone with any experience in the lottery should understand that you are not going to be winning the lottery at a steady rate. The suggestion isn’t that these players are winning the big jackpots, but they are winning the smaller jackpot amounts frequently enough that it pays them to play. That defies logic, and it flies in the face of the house edge.

How Wheel Betting Works

The basic idea of the wheel is you pick a selection of numbers you like. Then you pick variations of bets that include those same numbers and buy multiple tickets to cover those numbers. Many different wheels exist. The people who tout wheel betting have their own terminology. These people might win more small prizes than someone buying one ticket, but it’s only through volume betting. They also spend more money on their tickets – a lot more money.

The fact is, you can’t cover every bet in a lottery. You can’t get close. Wheel betting relies on the illusion that you somehow are being systematic and covering all your bases, but you aren’t. You’re just spending a lot more money than you otherwise would. If you buy 20 tickets using the wheel system, you would do just as well buying 20 tickets on random number combinations.

Looking for the Best Wheel of Fortune Games?

wheel of fortune slots intro image

Make sure to visit our full guides about the best Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines and the most popular Money Wheel Casino Games.

Find out how to play, the betting limits, and where to find real money casinos that offer these titles.

Number Tracking

Live Dealer Lottery numbered balls

Another popular bet strategy when playing the lottery is to track numbers. The idea here is you tabulate how many wins each number has had throughout the course of that particular lottery or in recent times during that lottery. The idea is some numbers are “hot,” and some are “cold”. Number tracking thus allows players to be on “hot” numbers.

Alternately, number-tracking allows players to bet on numbers that are “due”. If a number hasn’t been picked recently, the law of averages states that the number is due to hit sometime in the near future.

The Law of Averages in Number Tracking

The problem with this thinking is the law of averages is a myth. Yes, if you bet on the lottery a billion times, then the number of times a number was picked would look similar to the average chance of a number hitting. That has no bearing on the short-term averages. When I say “short term”, I mean thousands, if not tens of thousands of lottery bets.

No one has the money to wager a billion times on the lottery. If you did, you wouldn’t need to play the lottery. The fact is, the lottery has a house edge – a really high house edge – and no change in your betting patterns is going to beat the house edge. People who sell these theories are selling happy dreams.

Expanding Throughout the World

Playing a live lottery game is like watching the state and national lottery drawings (draws) in your home country. The pleasant-looking presenters bring out the tumbler and draw a name or number. The winner or winners are given prizes, and it’s on to the next drawing. Because these happen once every 5 minutes or so, it can be an all-day game, with roughly 20 drawings an hour.

Those who’ve ever played Keno via the state lotteries in Australia should be able to imagine how live lotto drawings work. The game is simple, and no strategies apply. While that might not appeal to every punter, many find it refreshing and rewarding to play a game that has no strategy component. Especially if paired with a second game in a second browser window, Live Dealer Lottery gaming is likely to grow in popularity.

Why Play the Lottery

Given my theories on strategy, you might wonder why someone should play the lottery. Most people buy lottery tickets because they offer a chance at a life-altering jackpot prize. The payouts are huge in major lotteries, so it’s worth the lower house edge. As a general rule, the more a game pays out for a jackpot win, the higher its house edge is.

Ultimately, the answer to the question of why people play the lottery is this: because the gambler enjoys it. Play for entertainment. Play for the sake of enjoyment. Play for the thrills. Do not play believing you are going to win. Don’t assume it’s going to be your day job, because that’s a gambler’s fallacy. As they say, the only way to assure you’ll win at gambling is to own the casino.

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