Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra

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Max Quest – Wrath of Ra Highlights

  • Unique Format: Betsoft calls it “a role-playing, action adventure”.
  • Quests & Multiplayer: You will be given quests and can play with up to 5 other players.
  • Customize Your Avatar: You can choose how your player looks by customizing it on the home screen.
  • Max Quest Wrath of Ra
  • Max Quest Choose Your Avatar
  • Max Quest - Choose Room to Play
  • Max Quest Special Weapons Add-Ons
  • Max Quest Leaderboard
  • Max Quest God Event

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots Review

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra - Slot Details
Game NameMax Quest: Wrath Of Ra
Game Type3D Slots
Release DateNovember 2, 2018
Slot Reels5
Slot Lines3
Min Bet$0.02/bullet
Max Bet$1/bullet
Max Win5,000 Coins
Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is a unique online slot game created by Betsoft gaming that takes players on a journey to find lost treasures in Egypt. When you begin the game, you are greeted by Professor Finnley Orgarian, allowing you to choose to customize your quest or play as a random player. The professor invites you to begin your adventure as you seek the lost treasure within the tombs of Egypt.

Instead of spinning the reels, you will see enemy targets moving across the screen. Shoot at the targets and match symbols to win. This game is quite fun and considered a great alternative to traditional reel spinning.

Each enemy you encounter will have a seven-tiered prize. Every time you defeat one of the enemies, you will see your rating increase and you earn more benefits as you play.

Max Quest: A Unique Gaming Experience

Max Quest Multiplayer

Multiplayer Mode

Max Quest has a totally different concept than normal slot machine games. Here adventure, treasure, and weapons take you through different rooms as players complete quests. You can play by yourself or with five other players, and you can even customize your own game avatar. Just as exciting is keeping score in the leaderboards for great prizes.

A unique feature to this game is you can customize your avatar. Select the customize button from the home screen of the game to choose how your player will look before you get started.

Once you have your character, you are taken to a new screen where you select items before you play. This game is quite different from traditional video slots as you are not spinning the reels but are shooting enemy targets.

When you begin, you will need to select your bullet cost. This will be where you choose your coin denomination. You will then select your total buy-in by choosing the Bullet Buy-in option. select a room to start playing and you will be able to play alongside as many as six players. Each room is sorted based on the cost of the bullet needed. Once you complete the process, the game begins.

Official Trailer of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra


Max Quest Rules and How to Play

If you are looking for a new style of a slot game with a video game shooting style experience, then Max Quest: Wrath of Ra by Betsoft is definitely one to try. The online slot game is very unique and offers a nice break from the traditional reel-spinning found in most games. To make things easier, Betsoft provides players with on-screen help, as well as a printable PDF with the Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Rules.

Types of Weapons in the Game

  • Five weapon choices: Shotgun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Laser, and Plasma Rifle.
  • Each weapon will work on the targets, but of course, some weapons are more powerful than others.
  • During gameplay, enemies can drop special weapons that you can pick up.
  • These weapons will help you to defeat even more enemies during gameplay.

Loot chests can also be found in the game and will provide you with additional ammunition. There are three types of loot chests that can be found in the game, green jeweled chest, blue jeweled, and red jeweled. Each chest offers a varying amount of ammo based on the weapon type.

Beware of Enemies

There are many enemies you will face as you play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. There are four different types of scarabs, wrapped mummies that act as minions and guards, as well as two Bataanta and a warrior. Each of these enemies will provide a certain payout based on how many you shoot in the game.

Find the Risen Fire Mummy to earn the highest prize of 5000x the wager if the maximum wager is placed. The Risen Fire Scarab pays well too when the max wager is activated with 2,000 coins up for grabs.

Bonus – The God Event

At the end of each round, a special God Event can be activated at random. Players who are in a room that is active when this round begins will have the opportunity to destroy a Pharaoh God. If the god is destroyed, cash prizes are offered along with a collectible treasure. Prizes are determined based on player participation. The better you are, the more prizes you earn!

XP Experience Points, Quests, and Leaderboard

As if the exciting way Max Quest is played is not enough, Betsoft has included special Experience Points (XP), Quests and a Leaderboard competition.

XP Experience Points: You get points every time you beat an enemy. XP points will help your ranking on the leaderboards. You also get more Experience Points when you complete quests and win treasures. Each time you defeat an enemy, you are awarded Experience Points [XP]. XP works to increase your player level and leaderboard status, but it does not have a monetary value nor does it affect your bet.
Quests: Quests have difficulty levels ranging from 1–5. Once a quest is finished, the player will earn XP Points. This helps players move up on the leaderboard. Quests can include hunting for hidden treasure, killing a certain set of enemies, etc. You can keep track of your quests (up to 25) on the Quest Log.
Leaderboard: With Max Quest, there is an in-game leaderboard competition. Players compete against each other to earn a spot on the leaderboard. During a tournament period, the XP of each player is considered for the ranking. If you are at the top of the leaderboard, then you can win a treasure chest that will contain prizes. Players who are at the lower end of the board will be given additional XP to move up on the board.

Play Max Quest Slots for Free

Give the Max Quest: Wrath of Ra game demo a shot. Get acquainted with the game settings and rules. Then, go ahead and start defeating mummies and deities for the real money jackpot!

Try Your Luck and Play Max Quest – Wrath of Ra for Real Money

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IMPORTANT: In order to play this slot game online you need your Flash Player enabled on your browser. If you need help doing this, check out our easy Flash Player How-To Guide for Chrome and Safari.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra – Slots Features

  • Bonus Game: There is no bonus as such in this game, but at the end of each round players may be awarded a God Event. Players can face Ra, Osiris, or Anubis for the opportunity to win additional treasures and prizes.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Max Quest is not connected to a progressive jackpot.
  • Wild Symbol: This option is not included.
  • Scatter Symbol: Players will encounter enemies rather than symbols, so scatters in this game.
  • Autoplay Option: Players can select an autoplay option, customizing their experience before the enemies pop up.
  • Multiplier: There are multipliers in this game offered with enemy kills.
  • Free Spins: There are no free spins.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots Gameplay

Bullet Cost

Select the Minus or Plus sign to choose the prize per bullet you will wager

Bullet Buy-In

Select the Minus or Plus sign to choose the number of bullets you will purchase


Select Off or On to choose to allow autofire

Select Room

Choose the room you wish to play in. Room selection will show how many players are competing, so you can choose a full room or one that is empty.

Why We Recommend Playing Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

Max Quest Wrath of Ra GameMax Quest: Wrath of Ra can be recommended due to its unique theming and format. Players who want a little more adventure from their slot gaming should enjoy it. They will find the game is completely different from the traditional slot game.

By shooting ancient creatures instead of spinning the reels, the game is more interactive and provides players with a way to take their winning fate into their own hands.

Give the game a try at MyBookie Casino, to see just how unique the title really is!

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