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Written by: Aaron Kim , Online Casino Writer & Specialist in Slots
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Progressive jackpot slot machines are among the most popular games at online casinos. The prize pools grow with every spin until one lucky player hits an enormous amount.

This page covers the best progressive jackpot slots and the online casinos where you can play them. We’ll explain how the pots grow and show you the top games that regularly hit for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive slots are games where a small portion of all wagers go into a growing pool and increase the max Jackpot. When someone hits the grand prize, the pot will shrink to its initial minimum starting size before growing again.

Progressive slots usually have a higher house edge than the average fixed jackpot games. However, many players ignore the slightly lower return-to-player (RTP) for a chance at a life-changing payout.

The Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines Online

Based on our gathered information, the following slot machines at online casinos tend to be generous with their grand prizes.

Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe Online Slot Logo
Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe
Las Atlantis
280% up to $14,000
$1,800,000+ PLAY NOW
Aztecs Millions Online Slot Game Logo
Aztecs Millions
El Royale Casino
250% up to $12,500
$1,000,000+ PLAY NOW
Megasaur Online Slot Logo
Lupin Casino
$8,888 Welcome Package
$1,000,000+ PLAY NOW
Reels of Wealth Slot Logo
Reels of Wealth
DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500
$700,000+ PLAY NOW
Reels & Wheels XL Slot Game
ReCleopatra’sels XL
Bovada Casino
125% up to $3,750
$400,000+ PLAY NOW
Shopping Spree II Online Slot Logo
Shopping Spree II
Las Atlantis
280% up to $14,000
$450,000+ PLAY NOW
Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe Online Slot Logo
Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe
El Royale Casino
250% up to $12,500
$400,000+ PLAY NOW
Spirit of the Inca Slot Game Logo
Spirit of the Inca
Slots Empire
220% Welcome Bonus
$250,000+ PLAY NOW
5 Times Win Slot Logo
5 Times Wins
DuckyLuck Casino
500% up to $7,500
$200,000+ PLAY NOW
Shopping spree slot logo
Shopping Spree
100% up to $2,000 + 20 Free Spins
$150,000+ PLAY NOW

How We Found The Best Progressive Slots Online?

This data comes from two sources. First is our monthly newsletter research, where we track, review, and rank over 500 progressive jackpot games across our recommended online casinos.

This ranking also includes the opinion of online casino experts from the team. They have played and picked all the progressive slots based on payout rate, RTP, design, pot amount, and other aspects.

Top 3 Online Progressive Slot Machines

  • Jackpot Pinatas Deluxe: This Latin-theme slot from Real Time Gaming is excellent if you want to win big. The prize pot will pay you a huge jackpot, with a minimum bet of $5 and the chance to unlock up to 25 free spins.
  • Aztec Millions: An ancient-theme progressive slot with an RTP of 95% might be the chance to win a life-changing amount. The pool is constantly changing, but it might be over $1 million.
  • Megasaur: It’s a pre-historic progressive slot by Real Time Gaming with unique features. Besides the massive pot, you can unlock free spins and bonus prizes.

How Progressive Jackpot Machines Work

Slot Machine Jackpot Icon

Despite the contribution pot, progressive Jackpot and standard slot machines work alike.

They use random number generators (RNGs), a technology that creates thousands of symbol combinations in seconds and determines the result in the reels.

Every time you spin the reel, the random number generator decides whether you win or lose based solely on chance.

Progressive slots are pretty convenient for online and land-based casinos since the players themselves help fund most of the jackpot with each spin.

Regular Slots vs. Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive and non-progressive games differ in key ways. If you’re unsure which to play, look at the following table and pick the one you enjoy the most.

Progressive SlotsNon-Progressive Slots
✅ Offer payouts of thousands or millions of dollars.✅ Lower payouts.
✅ Higher volatility games.✅ Lower volatility games.
✅ The payout amount grows by a percentage of each spin.✅ Pay the winner a fixed amount.

Types of Progressive Slots

There are several progressive jackpot terms that slots players are likely to encounter. Below is a short lexicon of progressive jackpots, including the phrases used and their definitions.

Basic Progressives

Progressive Slots

This prize is your basic accumulated or “progressive” Jackpot. A fraction of the bet from every spin on the game feeds the ever-growing pot.

Random Progressives

Random Progressives

These jackpots are not tied to a winning combination on a payline. They can happen on any spin and are usually smaller than other prize pools.

Multi-Level Jackpots

Multilevel Progressives

Some software companies offer multiple jackpots on one machine. A five-level game might have Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi, and Grand prizes.

Linked Progressives

Linked Progressives

These machines have linked jackpots, making the prize pool increase faster. Multiple games could be tied together at different casinos.

Local Progressives

Local Progressive

These progressive jackpots link several machines inside the same land-based casino. These are often in the same bank of machines.

Wide Area Jackpot

Wide Area Progressives

This style of progressive Jackpot links machines from many different casinos. They might cover all the gaming machines in a state or company.

Hot Drop Jackpots

Unlike progressive slot games, Hot Drop Jackpots must pay out within a particular time or when the contribution pot gets to a specific amount.

Although players still cannot precisely determine jackpot wins, they will better know when a big payout is coming.

Hot Drop Jackpots award casino players over $5 million monthly with hourlydaily, and super jackpots as soon as they reach $250K!

Below you can review the jackpots in real time. If you are ready to play, check out the qualifying hot-drop jackpot slots to start winning!

Tips to Win Progressive Jackpot Slots

We’ve compiled some helpful tips if you are starting to play progressive slots or looking for a few suggestions.

  1. Bet Big To Win The Jackpot

    Most slots with progressiveness require you to bet the max to be eligible for the Jackpot. Also, games that don’t ask for a maximum bet will give you better odds of winning.

    This tactic can be risky, but it can make you win a life-changing prize.
  2. Get Familiar With Progressive Slot Machines

    Before making a bet, free spins are great for getting the hang of the games. You’ll be ready to play for real money once you gain confidence. It’s also helpful to watch game demos and read casino reviews.
  3. Avoid Slots That Recently Hit The Jackpot

    As explained above, progressive casino games operate randomly, and there’s no way to guarantee the results of a spin. However, choosing a slot that just paid out might not be the best idea.

Top Software Providers With Online Progressive Slots

The best online casino software providers make slot machines with progressive jackpots. That means you can shop around at different sites for a game you enjoy and still hit a massive grand prize.

BetSoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming Logo

Betsoft is known for slots with 3D animated graphics. Among their progressive online slots, you’ll see that 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, 50¢, and $1 machines have different jackpots.

Some of their titles, like Reels of Wealth and Faerie Spells, regularly reach over $700,000!

RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming Casino Software Logo

RealTime Gaming has the largest number of progressive online slots for US gamblers. Their massive jackpots snowball quickly since many games are linked across numerous real-money online casinos.

Their games include some heavy hitters in the table above, like, Jackpot Piñatas Deluxe, Aztec’s Millions, and Megasaur.

Biggest Progressive Jackpot Wins

Here is a look at the top 3 largest progressive slot jackpots that have been won and the amounts each player spent to win:

  • $39.7 million in Megabucks slot at Excalibur Casino Las Vegas. (A young engineer spent only $100 before hitting the big prize).
  • $35 million in Megabucks slot at Desert Inn, Las Vegas (Cynthia Jay-Brennan only needed five spins of $21 to win).
  • $24 million in Mega Fortune online slot in a regional online casino. (An anonymous Finnish player had a balance of only $20 and played $0.25 to hit the Mega Jackpot).

Take Your Shot at Life-Changing Progressive Jackpot Slots

Online Slots for Real Money Jackpot Winner

US players have many options if they wish to play progressive slots. With top prizes close to $2 million, you could retire early and buy a dream house.

If you’re ready to play slots online for real money, visit any casinos on this page and sign up for an account. On top of great progressive jackpots, you can take advantage of welcome offers and other great deals.

Progressive Slots FAQ

Below are a few of the most common questions regarding progressive jackpot slot machines.

How do progressive slots work?

Progressive slots work by building their jackpots with a small portion of all spins. As players wager money on a machine or group of machines, the grand prize pool builds until it is finally triggered.

Are there progressive slots in Las Vegas?

Yes, there are progressive slots in Las Vegas. Some affiliated casinos have linked machines, and others have local or random pots.
Each establishment is slightly different, but you can usually spot the large display board with a massive growing prize pool.

How do you win progressive online slots?

You need to play and get lucky to win at a progressive slot machine. Since the outcomes are always random, there is no specific tip to hit the Jackpot more often.
Many people choose to play when the Jackpot reaches a massive tipping point, assuming it will hit sooner than later.

Do progressive slots start from zero when someone wins?

Progressive jackpots have a minimum amount called “seed amount.” Once someone wins the pot, the jackpot pool returns to its initial seed and grows again.

Who pays the progressive Jackpots?

The formal process dictates the slot maker would be the one who pays for it.
However, these companies often have insurance to mitigate the impact of a massive jackpot hit. Getting paid can take hours or even days due to the verification process.

Do I have to pay taxes on jackpot winnings?

When a player wins a progressive jackpot over $5,000, paying taxes to the US government is required.
Typically casinos deduct taxes from the prize amount before paying it out, so this is not something for lucky winners to worry about.

How often someone wins a progressive jackpot?

According to compiled data, a progressive jackpot is won roughly every 55 million spins. As explained, this is an estimate, and the probability will vary depending on the game, RTP, and other factors.

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