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Celebrities and Stars That Launched NFTs


Celebrities have been endorsing products since the 1700s, when royalty used to promote chinaware sales. Their ability to target a massive audience has only grown as the internet has shaped our relationship with them over …

Exciting Ways to Spend Your Tax Return


So you received your tax refund at last! You may have forgotten about it because it seems to take the government forever to tend to these things. Nevertheless, it is your hard-earned money, and it’s …

Online Games That Make You Smarter


Welcome to Free Brain Training 101: Online Games That Make You Smarter. Did you know that an endless supply of free online games can help you develop critical skills related directly to your intelligence? Many …

SpinLogic The Future of RealTime Gaming


Though there has been no official announcement, RealTime Gaming is re-branding under the SpinLogic brand, at least in some regions. This year, RTG started rolling out games as SpinLogic and will carry the new name … Pulls the Plug After 12 Years

|, a top online gambling industry news source, has ceased operations after more than a decade in the business. The announcement was made by the website’s founder Calvin Ayre.   In the announcement, Ayre explained that …