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Written by: Jeremy Olson, OUSC Online Casino and Games Expert
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Casino cash races are among the most exciting promotions available at online casinos. They provide a chance to win large side payouts while enjoying exciting games.

BetOnline cash races differ from online casino tournaments in subtle ways, including their shorter time limits and different format.

This page will expand on these quick and fun tournaments. We will also discuss how cash races work, various race types, and where to find them.

Casino Cash Races

Everything You Need To Know About BetOnline’s Short & Fast Tourneys

What Are Casino Cash Races?

Casino cash races are online casino tournaments that take place over a very short period of time. While in regular tournaments players battle against each other over several days, cash races last half an hour or less (typically 20 minutes).

The race generally applies to only one game (blackjack or a specific slot). By accumulating wins, you move up on the leaderboard. Once the race is over, the winners are announced and the prize pool is split.

How Do BetOnline Races Work?

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BetOnline Casino provides a full range of cash races on any given day. You will find them in the casino’s top menu or under the “Promotions” tab.

You can expect blackjack and specific slot races daily. By selecting “Play Now” you opt-in to an available race.

Each event displays buttons for info and prizes:

  • The info screen shows the start time, end time, race type, and rounds (if applicable). Make sure you’re ready to play at the designated start time.
  • The rules section shows how to accumulate points. Prize pools vary based on the individual casino race. A $500 blackjack cash race, for example, might pay the top 20 competitors. First place could receive anywhere from a $70 to $100 payout.

You need only make one successful deposit to qualify for BetOnline cash races. From then on, you can compete in races for free after opting in.

See our BetOnline Cash Races Rules section for additional info.

Types of Casino Cash Races

Online casino cash races involve a wide variety of games. You can enjoy the following types of races at top real money casinos:

Blackjack Races

Blackjack Cash Race

When playing a blackjack cash race, you earn points for winning hands and extra points for a natural blackjack (21 on the first two cards).

Slot Races

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In slot races, it’s all about getting those symbols to match! You play a single real money slot game and collect points based on win sizes.

BetOnline Cash Races Games You Can Play

BetOnline offers cash races for multi-hand blackjack and an exciting slot selection. These are the games that are currently featured in their Cash Races.


Multi-Hand Blackjack

BetOnline MultiHand Blackjack Game Logo

Multi-Hand Blackjack is probably one of the most exciting games you can play in BetOnline’s cash races.

This popular online blackjack variation allows you to bet on several hands simultaneously, potentially increasing your profits considerably.

Plus, playing multiple hands at once can also help you mitigate your losses. For instance, if you play four hands and only win two, they will cover up for the other two losses.


Louisiana Voodoo Queen Slot

Louisiana Voodoo Queen Slot Logo

The Louisiana Voodoo Queen cash race is only for the brave. Immerse yourself in the world of black magic and try to match the symbols. But be careful: a black crow and voodoo dolls will be watching over you.

This 5×3 video slot was created by Pure RNG. It has an RTP of 94.43% and medium volatility.

It features a Free Spins Bonus Round and a Gamble Feature that allows you to double your winnings.


Junkyard Super Wheels Slot

Junkyard Super Wheels Slot Logo

In Junkyard Super Wheels, the action takes place in the desert, along route 66. It’s all about classic American cars on this 5×3 video slot game, so if you are a motorhead yourself, you should definitely consider joining this cash race.

Three scatter symbols (engines) will get you a Free Spin round and the Gamble Double function is also available in this game.

Created by PureRNG, Junkyard Super Wheels has an RTP of 94.57%.


Eagle Gold Slot

Eagle Gold Slot Logo

In Eagle Gold, you will go deep into the canyons of the Wild West in search of scatters, wilds, and bonus spins. The eagle is at the center of this classic 5×5 slot game set high in the sky, over the Rocky Mountains.

Perfect for nature-lovers, Eagle Gold was also conceived by PureRNG. All the animals featured in the slot provide good payouts and three scatter symbols grant you five free spins.

Eagle Gold has an RTP of 94.57% and medium volatility.

Play Eagle Gold For Free Online

Do you want to practice your skills before joining your first cash race? Check out this free game demo below!

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Try Your Luck and Play for Real Money

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BetOnline Casino
Accepts US players with a 100% up to $3,000

The Rules in BetOnline’s Cash Races

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  • Entry Requirements – Casino cash races require you to opt-in and place real-money bets. They differ from some casino tournaments, where an entry fee covers all of your chips/play.
  • Time Limits – Races take place over short durations, such as 20 minutes. Tourneys, meanwhile, ordinarily last days or months.
  • Leaderboard Placing – You earn points by accumulating wins. More points move you higher in the leaderboard standings. By clicking on the “trophy” button on each race, you get to view the leaderboard’s current state.
  • Bet Sizes – You can place any desired bet size (e.g., $0.25) given that wins are all that matters. Bigger wagers do increase the chance of larger payouts, but they’re not requirements.
  • Prizes – Cash races provide a prize pool just like tournaments. You’ll earn a share of the prize pool by finishing high enough in the standings. You can find Cash Races with different total prizes – $500, $750, and $1,000. The top 20 players on the leaderboard win money. 
  • No Wagering Restrictions – Real money prizes are credited into the winners’ casino accounts within 24 hours after the end of the race and have no wagering restrictions attached
  • Games Involved – A cash race applies to a single game. Games will switch every few minutes or so in the latter case.

Why Join a Cash Race at BetOnline?

BetOnline Casini Cash Races provide several unique benefits in comparison to other promotions. The following perks make races worthwhile.

Win Prizes on The Side

You might as well join a cash race if you play real-money casino games. After all, you can earn extra prizes on top of regular winnings.

Have Fun

Online gaming is all about entertainment. You’ll likely find cash races thrilling, especially with the short duration.

Spirit of Competition

Do you like competing against fellow gamblers? Races provide the perfect outlet to exercise your competitive spirit.

Try a New Promo

You might consider cash races if you’re tired of the same promos (e.g., deposit bonuses).

They definitely add a new exciting element to the game!

Enjoy Unique Games

Casino races offer the perfect chance to play new games. Give a new slot game a try while you compete for the chance to win additional prizes, on top of regular winnings.

Tips To Win During a Cash Race

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We can’t guarantee that you’ll win in cash races. However, you can improve your odds of earning a prize with the following advice.

  1. Consider Blackjack Races: A blackjack race is the only type where your strategy makes a true difference. You’ll earn more points by beating the dealer with expert strategy.
  2. Bet at Comfortable Limits: You need only place the minimum bet in the given game(s) to chase wins and points. Therefore, you can place wagers at comfortable amounts and still have fun.
  3. Monitor The Leaderboard: Leaderboard awareness helps you determine your proximity to prizes. You might increase the betting frequency if you’re close to a prize.
  4. Set a Limit on Races: While races are fun, you always want to keep your bankroll in mind. We recommend having a daily or weekly limit on how many races you play.

Race To The Finish Line & Get There First!

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Casino cash races are an excellent way to spice up your gaming experience. They allow you to pursue extra prizes while playing entertaining casino games. 

These events also involve an interesting strategy element and are fun to try. We highly encourage you to jump into an online casino cash race and enjoy.

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