Celebrity Gamblers – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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List of Celebrity GamblersJust like your regular everyday folk, celebrities like to gamble. However, unlike us, they basically have unlimited funds. With so much money to burn, it’s no wonder that celebrities can easily gamble away thousands of dollars without a care in the world.

Imagine being able to take trips to Las Vegas all the time, play at your favorite casinos, and purchase multiple lottery tickets in one sitting. With so much money it’s hard to imagine you could spend it all…or could you?

Below we take a look at the most well-known celebrity gamblers. We cover the good, those who win and enjoy casino games, along with the bad and the ugly, those who lost a ton of money and possibly harmed their career in the process.

Successful Celebrity Gamblers

The following are some of the most well-known celebrities that have hit the jackpot in their gambling career.

Shannon Elizabeth

Celebrity Gambler Shannon ElizabethKnown for her role in The American Pie film franchise, actress Shannon Elizabeth has made quite a name for herself in the poker world. Shannon is well-known on the poker circuit, having competed in many big events.

She is considered a top female celebrity poker player and even competed in the popular World Series of Poker, cashing out in 2006 and 2007. Shannon is still active in poker today and can be seen at tables taking down big hands.

Jennifer Tilly

Celebrity Gambler Jennifer TillyAs an actress, Jennifer Tilly is best known for her roles in the Chucky horror series as well as additional films. While her voice is instantly recognizable, Jennifer’s poker gameplay is also well-known. She is a WSOP bracelet winner, having earned the win during the 2005 Ladies’ No Limit Texas Hold’em event.

She regularly participates in ladies events, celebrity events. and more on the poker circuit. So far, Jennifer has earned almost $1 million from playing poker.

Floyd Mayweather

Celebrity Gambler Floyd MayweatherKnown for his boxing skills, Floyd Mayweather is also pretty skilled when it comes to placing bets. He has earned major amounts in wins over the years along with big losses.

Due to his gambling passion, the fighter has won over $10 million. Back in 2012, Mayweather earned over $1 million by betting on an Oregon vs. Arizona state game.

Unlucky Celebrity Gamblers

Sometimes the truth hurts. Here are some celebrities that simply couldn’t admit they ran out of luck.

Allen Iverson

Celebrity Gambler Allen IversonKnown for his amazing basketball skills, NBA player Allen Iverson was not so skilled at gambling. Somehow, Iverson gambled away $200 million, money that he earned while playing professional basketball.

At his lowest point, Iverson was asking teammates for cash to be able to pay off his surmounting debt. He was even banned from casinos in New Jersey and Michigan due to his outstanding debt.

Michael Jordan

Celebrity Gambler Michael JPerhaps the most famous NBA player to ever play basketball, Michael Jordan also had an unhealthy gambling habit. It was rumored that Jordan stopped playing and retired due to his gambling habit.

Today, Jordan is worth over $1 billion so he can easily gamble as much as he likes. He admitted to a problem with gambling in 1993 and called it a “hobby that he can afford”.

Celebrity Gamblers That Went Down A Dark Path

Take a look at some famous celebrities who let the thrill of the game take over their lives.

Ben Affleck

Celebrity Gambler Ben AffleckOne of the most well-known celebrities on our list, Ben Affleck has had the privilege of taking part in several big movies including the latest Batman franchise. He enjoys poker as well as blackjack, having won big events including the California State Poker Championship.

However, over the years, Affleck found that his love for gambling became an ugly addiction. He eventually checked in to a rehab facility in 2001 and his gambling addiction, among other issues, managed to ruin his marriage with actress Jennifer Garner.

Ray Romano

Celebrity Gambler Ray RomanoOne of the most popular faces to ever grace primetime television, Ray Romano is a comedian best known for his role in Everybody Loves Raymond. When the show came to an end, Romano was dealing with a major gambling addiction. The addiction became so intense, that Romano eventually asked for help from Gambler’s Anonymous.

Today, he focuses on virtual betting but does not visit any casinos or live betting venues. He still competes in live poker tournaments though, often seen at the tables of the World Series of Poker.

What Can We Learn From Celebrities’ Excessive Gambling?

These are just a few examples of celebrities who have been successful with gambling, as well as those who have not had the best experience. Just like us, if not enjoyed in a safe and responsible way, serious gambling issues can arise. Be sure to set a budget for your gameplay, whether you are online or at the casino, to enjoy your play time without the risk of spending too much!

If you think you or a loved one may have a gambling problem, check out our Gambling Addiction and Responsible Gaming Guide to get helpful information about symptoms, as well as how to get help.

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