Gambling on TikTok: The Best Accounts to Follow

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The Best Gambling Videos on TikTok

There was the world before TikTok, and there is the world after. With around one billion current users, its impact is undeniable. This simple app has given people the power to reach millions by creating original content or dueting with others, with some even achieving celebrity status.  

At often under a minute long, TikTok videos are wrapped up in sound bites and song clips, making them easily digestible and irresistible. People often view dancing trends, dialogue reenactments, and pranks, but there’s an audience for every interest, including gambling.

While TikTok doesn’t allow gambling-related ads, content is permitted and is wildly popular. Of course, watching someone hit a $50K jackpot is fascinating, but not all of the top creators are high rollers. Let’s look at the best gambling accounts and what makes them tick on TikTok.

These are some of our favorite online gambling TikTok accounts. Check them out and find your own.

#1. Barstool Gambling

Barstool Gambling started as a print publication in Massachusetts focused on fantasy football and gambling advertisements but quickly became a familiar name in pop culture. 

They make irreverent, comedic content primarily about table games and sports betting. Watch this player risk it all on a blackjack bet and attract the attention of the pit boss. 

BarstoolGambling’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 366K
  • Number of likes: 11.4M

Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christoppher's gambling content on TikTok

Brian Christopher is a lovable slot connoisseur who has successfully made a career by filming himself spinning the reels.

Apart from his TikTok following, he’s got more than 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His content is the perfect pairing of sound bites and comedic timing. You will undoubtedly enjoy his account if you love slots as much as Brian does. Check him out on YouTube as well!

BCSlots’ Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 125.5K
  • Number of likes: 735.9K

Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck's gambling content on TikTok

This content-creating married couple focuses solely on slots. Francine, a.k.a. “Lady Luck,” is the face of the two, while her husband, Miran, films her spinning the reels.

They draw in millions of views with their high-rolling style and massive wins.

Live vicariously through them in their super fun and exciting videos. And give them a like or two if you enjoy their content as much as we do! 

LadyLuckHQ’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 102.1K
  • Number of likes: 1.7M


Casino Fanatic's gambling content on TikTok

CasinoFanatic78 is a down-to-earth, relatable creator that used to work in casinos. Now, he mainly films himself playing slots and occasionally personal moments like fishing with his wife.

He talks about the reality of winning and losing while keeping a sense of humor. Watch as he spins the reels in Las Vegas or as he and a friend test out a silly superstition with surprising results. 

If you are looking for funny content to which you can relate at a personal level, this is the account to follow!

CasinoFanatic78’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 103.5K
  • Number of likes: 1.3M

World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour's gambling content on TikTok

In 2002 the entertainment and gaming brand, World Poker Tour, rose to fame when it started televising high-stakes poker tournaments and broadcasting them globally.  

Their TikTok content is solely snippets of their games’ most tense moments. Root for your favorite player as the drama unfolds in their nail-biter videos.

Follow them on YouTube as well if their TikTok content leaves you longing for more.

World Poker Tour Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 45.5K
  • Number of likes: 344.6K


LasVegasVp's gambling content on TikTok

LasVegasVP is a jovial creator that posts mostly videos of himself playing slots and enjoying mouthwatering meals every now and then.

He posts as many losses as he does wins, giving his content an honest feel. Laugh off his misfortunes along with him and celebrate his wins when he does get them.

If authenticity is what you are after, don’t miss out on this account.

LasVegasVPs’ Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 128K
  • Number of likes: 478.9K


Never Split 10s Gambling Content on TikTok

NeverSplit10s is a professional blackjack player that teaches you about every facet of the game with his Blackjack Academy videos. 

His TikTok content breaks down his lessons into a bite-size format and demonstrates how basic strategy comes into play.

Check out his educational TikTok videos and improve your game!

NeverSplit10’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 133.7K
  • Number of likes: 676K


Slots with Uncle gambling content on TikTok

As the name implies, Slots With Uncle is a niece filming her uncle having a blast playing slots. While the style is a bit amateurish, it only adds to their charm

They aren’t high rollers, nor do they hit a lot of impressive payouts, but that’s what makes them so relatable. Their most watched video is of Uncle scoring a $24 win.

They’ve just started growing their fan base on TikTok, so make sure to follow if you enjoy their content.

SlotsWithUncle’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 7,780
  • Number of likes: 7983

Xposed Twitch

Xposed's gambling content on TikTok

Xposed started playing Call of Duty on Twitch at a young age, and as his hobby progressed, he moved on to streaming slots and other casino games

He became so popular that he was able to turn his pastime into a full-time job. You can find him placing mega bets alongside A-list celebrities or discussing a particular game he likes.

Make sure to check him out on Twitch as well, as that is where it all started!

Xposed’s Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 101.7K
  • Number of likes: 2.8M

NG Slot

NG Slot's gambling content on TikTok

Armenian-born NG Slot has become such a well-known streamer he even has his own slot game. He mostly spins the reels but sometimes plays table games like roulette and blackjack. 

He’s known for being a high-roller and will often film himself receiving payouts over $100K. Watch as he places some dizzying bets on a roulette table or the blackjack table.

If you love to watch high roller action, this is the account your should follow.

NG Slots’ Stats on TikTok:

  • Number of followers: 104.5K
  • Number of likes: 1.1M
Gambling Content on TikTok

So what do people view the most on TikTok when it comes to gambling? Of course, everyone loves to see cold hard cash.

Videos of massive hand-counted payouts at casinos are among the most popular. Also, hitting the jackpot or a big win garners attention.

People also like to see more personal content, such as videos of meals at Las Vegas restaurants, sneak peeks into hotel suites, or failing to win a high-stakes bet.

Huge Wins & Epic Fails – It’s All on TikTok!

TikTok allows anyone to be a source of information or entertainment which comes with both positives and negatives. But most gamblers view it as a fun and useful platform.

They can watch someone play a new slot game, hit the jackpot of their dreams, or learn basic blackjack strategies. The world is progressing rapidly, but TikTok is the perfect example of how gambling has and will continue to distill through the ages.

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