New Crypto Deposit Methods Taking Online Casinos By Storm

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New Online Casino Crypto Deposit Methods Blog HeaderIn the online casino world, cryptocurrency options are quickly gaining ground as the preferred method for depositing and withdrawing funds. Anonymity and ease of use are just two reasons why players are opting to use cryptos like Bitcoin or Litecoin to make deposits. Internet gamblers are finding, that as this system grows in popularity, so do the new crypto deposit methods available at online casinos.

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies before now. They are digital currencies that use math-based cryptography to verify financial transactions. As you learn more, you’ll start to notice just how many cryptos are out there already.

New Crypto Deposit Methods at Online Casinos

When looking at the deposit options the last time you visited the cashier at your favorite online casino, you may have already seen some crypto methods. Expect to see more and more as time goes on. Below are a few examples of new methods for deposit and withdrawal at OUSC’s top-rated gambling sites.

Bitcoin Cash

Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin CashWhen Bitcoin developers decided to split the blockchain to increase its size, they created a new cryptocurrency. It has 8MB blocks and is known as Bitcoin Cash.

At Bovada Casino, players will find Bitcoin Cash is front and center. It’s easy to use, completely safe, and transactions are secure. This crypto is available for deposits and withdrawals, with no fees and quick transaction times.

To use Bitcoin Cash, simply login to your Bovada account and navigate to the cashier. From there, you will see the method under the Cryptocurrencies section. If you are new to Bovada, you can sign up for an account in minutes. Take advantage of the welcome bonus below and you’ll have extra cash to play your favorite casino games!

Bovada Casino
Bovada Casino
Use Bitcoin Cash For 125% up to $3,750


Online Casinos that Accept DashAnother new cryptocurrency option gaining in popularity is Dash. It is a well known, peer-to-peer, decentralized electronic cash option. Known to some by its other name, Digital Cash, it is an alternative to the more common Bitcoin.

Found at BetOnline, Dash offers quick transaction times in addition to privacy. Players tout this as a secure and user-friendly method of deposit and withdrawal. This particular crypto has a unique blockchain and wallet infrastructure.

Once logged in to BetOnline, find Dash in the cashier section of the site under cryptocurrency. If you’re not already a member of their online casino, sign up for a new player account and use the following welcome bonus!

BetOnline Casino
BetOnline Casino
Dash Users Receive 100% up to $3,000


Online Casinos That Take Ripple PaymentsA newer format of cryptocurrency that you may not have heard of yet is Ripple. This crypto operates via advanced blockchain technology. Ripple connects providers via RippleNet, providing a secure and scalable format for financial transactions online.

To use Ripple, you first need to create an online Ripple Wallet and buy some of the currency. Don’t worry, service companies such as GateHub make the process easy for newbies.

Wild Casino is one of the only online gambling sites that accepts Ripple as a form of deposit and withdrawal. You will find this banking method listed under cryptocurrency in the cashier. If you’re new to Wild Casino, you’ll receive the massive welcome package listed below!

Wild Casino
Wild Casino
Deposit Ripple To Get A $5,000 + 125 Free Spins Welcome Bonus

Popular Crypto Banking Methods At Online Casinos

Along with the above mentioned new cryptocurrency deposit methods available at online casinos, there are also some old favorites. If you have never used cryptos to make a transaction before, it may help to start here.


bitcoinAs the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is still the most popular among online casino players. More sites feature Bitcoin than any other type of digital currency. It is long tested to be safe and secure and is available for both deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin users can make deposits ranging from $20 to $25,000, and withdrawals from $20 to $10,000. Finally, there are typically no fees associated with this banking method which is a huge plus.


Casino ethereum logoThe Ethereum cryptocurrency is a little different in that it operates on its own unique platform. Ether is a cryptographic token that can be used as a digital currency and to run applications. This option is a close second to Bitcoin and is also considered an investment opportunity.

Players can use Ethereum to deposit between $20 and $25,000 into their online casino account or withdraw between $20 and $10,000 from it.


Litecoin LogoAround two years after Bitcoin hit the scene, Litecoin was born. Michael Lee, a former programmer for Google, wanted to come up with a faster option to Bitcoin. With Litecoin, the blockchain bigger than Bitcoin, resulting in quicker turnaround and greater growth potential.

Litecoin usually has no fees at online casinos and has the same $20 to $25,000 limits for deposits and $20 to $10,000 for withdrawals.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency at Online Casinos

Using cryptocurrencies for transactions isn’t just a novel way to go about things. Below you will find the added benefits of using crypto banking methods at online casinos:


Cryptocurrencies are a secure option for deposits and withdrawals with no worry about lost funds.

Quick Transactions

Whether you are depositing or making a withdrawal, the turnaround time is instant for most transactions.

High Limits

Unlike other financial methods at an online casino, with cryptos, you are given a larger limit for both deposits and withdrawals.


Cryptocurrency offers another level of anonymity that players enjoy when it comes to online gambling.

Make Your First Crypto Deposit at an Online Casino Today!

Online Casinos that Accept CryptoWhether you are fresh to online casino gambling or have enjoyed sites for years, the newer cryptocurrency banking method is one you should explore.

Visit any of OUSC’s top recommended online casinos today and head over to the cashier to make a real money deposit with one of their crypto options. No matter if you prefer the trusted favorites like Bitcoin and Ethereum or the newer options like Ripple and Dash, you’ll reap the rewards that this payment method provides.

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