How Online Casino Design Brings in the Big Bucks

Written by: Jeremy Olson , Online Casino and Games Expert
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An online casino’s design might be most important to gaming company owners and their profits. Still, it also affects how you play and if you sign up in the first place. Simply put, gambling sites stand to profit more when they create fantastic, intuitive designs that are easy to navigate and keep you entertained.

Ten main online casino design features determine its success or failure. A casino will ultimately sink or swim based on how it handles a few critical aspects of the site’s layout and user experience. If they can’t nail these basics, you and other players will quickly move on to the next option.

10 Design Features That Can Make or Break An Online Casino 

Designing an online casino isn’t an overnight process. Owners and engineers need to consider multiple factors to set a site up for success. The following 10 elements significantly impact a gaming site’s profitability and determine whether your experience will be good or bad.


Easy Site Navigation

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Convenience is a huge motivator for playing games at a real money online casino. You want to find your favorite games easily, so companies must ensure that their sites are easy to navigate.

A straightforward main menu at the top of the website or app is a great start. That lets you move quickly through sections on the site.

Subcategories in the games section are also essential to cut down on endless scrolling. For example, the slots section could offer cluster-pays, jackpots, and Megaways categories.


Fast Load Times

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Page-loading speed is crucial for any website. However, it gains particular importance with online casinos due to how quickly players navigate.

You shouldn’t wait 20 seconds when moving from one game to the next. Likewise, you don’t want to wait long for games to load. Online casinos can ensure quick loading times by reducing the clutter on their sites.

A casino with optimized graphics and animations generally runs faster than one that’s overloaded with assets.


Appealing Site Themes

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An online casino without any discernible theme can be pretty dull. The site’s graphics and videos should be thought out and provide some personality.

It doesn’t take much to give a gaming site some flair. A solid color palette and a few well-placed images are all it takes to carry a concept. Some examples are the jungle theme at Wild Casino or the underwater lost city of Las Atlantis.


Trustworthiness by Design

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With scams and internet fraud, it shouldn’t be surprising that many online gamblers have some apprehension. That’s why legit gambling sites usually go the extra mile to establish credibility.

This process starts by displaying proof of licensing, game-testing certificates, and FAQs on the website. These trust-building tools are generally on display in the footer, at the bottom of a casino’s homepage.


Banking Method Variety

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No one wants to be limited to a deposit or withdrawal option they don’t know and trust. That’s why most online casinos have several banking methods available.

Ideally, a gaming site will accept bank transfers, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, altcoins, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and more. They’d risk losing customers if they only offered one or two obscure options.


User Experience (UX)

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Gambling sites must create an excellent user experience (UX) to succeed. Even the best games and most valuable promotions get lost in a clunky website with broken links and features.

Simplicity is king. Players want an easy signup process, fast deposits, and quick withdrawals. You might just bail out if you had to wade through dodgy forms, proprietary scroll features, and hidden menu options to find them.


Top Software Developers

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Well over 100 software providers serve the online gaming industry. Therefore, casino sites have no shortage of options when deciding on game developers

Of course, some providers stand out above others through their innovative and entertaining games. The best developers might charge a premium to use their games, but successful casinos are willing to pay the costs if it means higher quality.


Personalized Experience

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Most online casinos get by with generic bonuses and VIP rewards for all their customers. However, they’ll break away from the pack by providing personalized promos and loyalty perks.

The best online casinos have software that documents each player’s preferences. They can tailor promotions and rewards to individual users’ liking—players and the casino win in this case. Are you a slots fan? Here are some extra free spins.



Accessibility Hearing and Vision Impaired Icon

Thousands of web users need visual or audio aids when playing due to a lack of vision or hearing. Online casinos that provide accessibility features are automatically appealing to an entire sub-market.

For example, they may provide larger font settings, text to voice, or color blind mode for those who have trouble seeing. This slight touch makes the difference in retaining certain players.


Mobile Compatibility

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The age when online casinos only had to worry about desktop design is long gone. According to the European Business Review, 70% of online gambling revenue comes from mobile phones.

Casino gaming sites absolutely must offer a user-friendly mobile experience. Sites should run smoothly in phone and tablet web browsers and be optimized for touchscreen controls.

Keep An Eye Open for Winning Online Casino Design

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Online casinos don’t just benefit themselves when providing a well-designed site. They also ensure that you, the player, have a better gaming experience.

Surprisingly, the casino’s focus on profits translates into an optimal UX and a fun, attractive theme. Keep your eyes peeled for some of a solid company’s telltale hidden design clues. And now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find the best sites and games easier than ever. 

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