What’s Vegas Low Roller’s Net Worth? Slot Riches Revealed

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vegas low roller net worth

Many YouTube slots channels involve sponsored influencers making $100 bets on every spin. In some cases, these players are not even betting real money!

Vegas Low Roller (VLR) has a different approach that’s relatable to the average player.

He plays for low stakes on slot machines, typically placing $1 to $5 bets.

Low-limit gambling doesn’t usually lead to riches, but then again, the Vegas Low Roller YouTube channel is quite popular.

You might be interested in knowing Vegas Low Roller’s net worth

Read on to learn more about VLR, his YouTube videos, and how much he’s worth.

All About Vegas Low Roller

Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Slot Player

Who is Vegas Low Roller?

Vegas Low Roller’s real name is Daniel Lorenzo Manachi. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and now lives in Las Vegas, where he often frequents casinos.

Manachi provides few details about his personal life or marital status. We only know he’s 45 years old, has no siblings, and was once engaged.

No info is available on whether the engagement turned into a marriage.

Slots fans don’t seem to mind the lack of details on Manachi’s personal life. Vegas Low Roller’s YouTube channel has over 246,000 subscribers and counting. 

VLR focuses on showcasing his highs and lows during Vegas slot sessions. He also offers more gambling tips and advice than competing channels.

Vegas Low Roller YouTube Channel

vegas low roller making money

Daniel Lorenzo was socially anxious when he was younger and turned to food to cope. His weight ballooned to over 500 pounds before he started making slots videos.

Manachi found that YouTubing helped him overcome anxiety and gain loyal supporters.

The latter inspired VLR to begin working out and losing weight, resulting in a much slimmer figure.

Today, the Vegas Low Roller YouTube channel is among the biggest in the gambling genre. 

VLC bucks the trend of showing unrealistic high-stakes sessions. Instead, Vegas Low Roller slot videos focus on limits ranging from $1–$5.

Manachi will spend $100–$300 per session, which exemplifies the average bankroll.

Comments on his videos typically express appreciation for Daniel’s humble attitude and charisma.

They also praise him for being an honest YouTuber who doesn’t use casino credits (a.k.a. fake money) like some channels.

Vegas Low Roller Net Worth in 2024

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Vegas Low Roller is unique in that he’s one of the few popular YouTubers who doesn’t have sponsors.

Manachi has revealed bits and pieces of his revenue sources over the years, including the following:

  • Patreon account
  • PR marketing consultant
  • Vegas Low Roller YouTube channel
  • VLC merchandise

We don’t have figures on Manachi’s Patreon, marketing consultant gig, or merchandise sales. But as covered below, we can estimate his YouTube earnings. Considering everything, we peg the Vegas Low Roller’s net worth at over $1 million.

How Much Money Does VLR Make On YouTube?

VLC currently has more than 200 million YouTube views. Experts say 1 million YT views is worth roughly $10,000 for bigger channels.

Multiplying $10,000 by 200 million, we find that Manachi may have earned $2 million lifetime through his total views.

Of course, some money goes to video production and personal expenses. Manachi likely does not have $2 million, but $1 million is a reasonable estimate.

Vegas Low Roller Popular Slot Videos

Vegas Low Roller has over 200 million views and many memorable videos. But which VLC videos are the best of the best?

Here’s a look at three of our favorites and the reasoning behind why.


Huge Profit with Little Invested

Big Vegas Low Roller slot wins aren’t usually the main focus of this channel. However, VLC’s most popular video (1.8m views) showcases him winning $783 on a $10 spin.


Dumb Guy Thinks He Won $12,000

This video displays Manachi’s willingness to poke fun at himself. He went wild after mistakenly thinking he won a $12,000 jackpot on a small bet.


What is Slot Machine Volatility

VLR shows his teaching abilities in this video about slots volatility. He gives a perfect demonstration by playing on machines with differing volatility levels.

VLR Most Epic Slots Win

Again, huge Vegas Low Roller slot wins are not usually the main draw to this channel. But he does win big sometimes, including an $11,999 jackpot on the Fire Phoenix slot.

This large payout helps compensate for the time that VLC mistakenly thought he had won $12k in the past.

FAQ About Vegas Low Roller’s Personal Life

We’ve discussed that his real name is Daniel Lorenzo Manachi. We’ll now dive deeper into what else we know about VLC’s personal life.

Is Vegas Low Roller married?

VLC revealed that he was engaged a few years ago. As for if Vegas Low Roller is married, he’s shared no details on tying the knot yet.

Where does VLRoller live?

His YouTube channel name says it all: VLC lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
He was born in Beirut, Lebanon before his family immigrated to the US.

What does Vegas Low Roller do for a living?

Daniel Lorenzo makes most of his money through the Vegas Low Roller YouTube account. However, he has other revenue streams, including PR marketing consultancy, merchandise sales, and a Patreon account.

Does Vegas Low Roller have a criminal record?

We haven’t seen any information suggesting that VLC has a criminal record. But casinos have warned him multiple times about filming inside their establishments.

Who is Vegas Low Roller’s mom?

VLC mom has appeared alongside her son in many Vegas Low Roller slot videos. She plays slot machines inside Vegas casinos with Daniel Lorenzo.

Reflecting on the Legacy of Vegas Low Roller

Many slots YouTube channels have drawn a bad reputation for showing unrealistic minimum bets and jackpots.

Vegas Low Roller is a refreshing break because he presents the realities of slot machines. VLC typically gambles a few hundred dollars or less and plays at $1-$5 stakes.

This approach does not always lead to the most exciting wins, such as six- or seven-figure jackpots. However, Manachi shows you don’t need to risk serious money to have a good time.

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