Why is RNG Important in Online Casino Gaming?

Written by: Hein Coetzer , Online Gambling Expert and Writer
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What is RNG in Casino Gaming

It’s safe to say that you have heard of the acronym RNG while playing online casino games. But what does it mean, and why is it important? This article will look at the significance of Random Number Generators (RNGs) and how it affects the gaming industry.

RNGs are vital to online gambling sites for numerous reasons. One thing is sure, without the development of RNG, playing at online casinos certainly wouldn’t be fair or enjoyable.

What Does RNG Mean?

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As previously mentioned, RNG stands for Random Number Generator. But what does it mean for the player? The system generates a random sequence that corresponds to a particular symbol or event.

A lottery draw or craps shoot is a physical version of statistical randomness. Digital RNG systems produce a truly random outcome online for blackjack cards, slot symbols, and Keno numbers in software.

How Does it Work?

The RNGs in video and casino games are pseudo-random number generators as there needs to be a seed value or, if you like, a starting point from which to create a random number. Many online casino games use the current time in milliseconds as the seed value.

For example, the RNG could produce an outcome between 1 and several trillion, hundreds of times every second – even when the player is not operating the game. When you hit the spin button, it instructs the game to display the latest generated set of numbers converted into a symbol or string of events on screen.

What is RNG in Gaming?

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RNG plays a vital role in video games as it delivers different outputs every time a random action occurs. For example, in loot-focused games like Destiny or Borderlands, you may get weapons or armor that drop every time you defeat an enemy or open a treasure chest.

The game’s RNG determines the item and its attributes. You could get either a rare item or a low-level piece with various stats. The game’s RNG –sometimes called a dice rollrandomizes the results much like an online slot.

Online casinos use RNG technology in multiple games like roulette, blackjack, and specialty games like bingo and keno.

RNG in Casino Games

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Physical slot machines deliver random results on a fundamental level, with cogs landing in unpredictable places to spin reels a particular way. Since their creation, things have become significantly more sophisticated.

The RNG algorithm found in online casino games such as blackjack, slots, video poker, and roulette operates on a non-cyclic basis. In other words, every single result is 100% random and follows no pattern or cycle over time.

Fair Casino Gaming

This particular mechanic is the fundamental way an online casino game ensures results similar to a land-based game of chance. Fair and transparent gameplay is a crucial casino trait.

Independent regulators thoroughly test an online casino’s RNGs before granting an operating license. International testing agencies assess casinos’ RNGs to ensure fair gameplay, which is why you’ll find eCOGRA, Verisign, or TST certificates of legitimacy at the best online casinos. 

Online Casino Games That Use RNG

As mentioned above, several online casino games feature RNGs to deliver a brick-and-mortar experience. The random results keep the player engaged and validate the results as being fair. You can all of the following options at real money online casinos.

Online Slots

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Once a player hits the spin button, the online slot receives a command to display the position of the latest generated set of numbers. Different symbols and events represent these positions.

Online Blackjack

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The RNG at online blackjack games takes the place of a dealer by shuffling the cards. Virtual shuffling makes sure every single hand has an unpredictable result and thus ensures a fair game.

Online Bingo

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When the player activates an online bingo game, the RNG calculates the current set of results for a draw. It generates a new set of numbers representing a specific bingo number until all of them are present.

Test Your Luck & Play Online Casino Games!

Without RNG, gambling sites wouldn’t be popular or enjoy any fanfare. Random number generators ensure online casino games remain 100% fair. RNG also allows software developers to focus their attention on graphics, animations, and unique bonus rounds instead of worrying about the results.

Try your hand with online games that feature RNG at legit casino sites. Rest assured that your next wager’s result is completely random and independent of any possible interference.

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