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Our baccarat terms guide will show players the most common words used by casinos and other players as they play baccarat online or at a brick-and-mortar casino. This terminology will help you learn the definition and how each baccarat term is used during a betting round.


This can refer to three things in Baccarat. First, it can be the amount of money the player is planning to wager in a session. Second, it can be the action of the hand and what is happening at any point. Third, it can refer to the total amount of money being wagered at a particular time on the table layout.


The worst possible hand value in the game is called baccarat. This has a value of zero.


The banker in baccarat is called banco due to the French origins of the game. The banker deals the cards from the shoe and is often a casino employee in mini baccarat. The banker bet is the best possible one to make in the game due to the lowest house edge of 1.06%. If you win on a banker bet, then you’ll have to pay a 5% commission to the house, otherwise, this bet has an edge for the player.


The total amount of money a player has to wager is known as their bankroll.


A variation of baccarat where the bank is fixed and usually is house operated. On top of this, players can auction for the position of the banker and make the only allowed bet, which is the highest wager on the entire table as determined by the aforementioned auction. Players can make multiple bets on different hands in this form of baccarat and can bank multiple times, depending on table action, separately from their own player hand. This form of the game is quite rare, but it can still be found in many European casinos. The stakes in this form of the game will generally be quite high.

Burn Card

In most brick and mortar casinos, the first card in a shoe will be burned and placed in the discard pile by the dealer.


A French term used when a player wishes to be dealt another card. The same as a hit or hitting.

Chemin de Fer or Chemmy

live-chemin-de-fer-logoThe traditional baccarat game where only one player can act as the bank and bet on the bank in a hand. The others players at the table must make a player bet. The banker position is rotated around in clockwise order so every player has a chance in this position. Quite often the banker will also deal the cards under the watchful eye of the croupiers. This game is quite rare in America, but it’s still popular in European casinos and is the most popular form of the game in France. Generally speaking, this game will be played at high stakes and is reserved for super high rollers


Some forms of baccarat allow a player to have two hands. If they win on both hands, then they win the round and if they only win on one of them then it’s considered a tie. This doesn’t occur in mini-baccarat or punto banco and is therefore rare outside of French games.


Casino operators will take a 5% commission on a player’s winnings from a bet on the banker. This is done to ensure the house edge on this bet remains in the casino’s favor.


A round or hand in baccarat is known as a coup.


If you play on a rapid baccarat style machine in a casino or in general at an online casino, then you‘ll be assigned credits which are used to wager within the game. These usually have a denomination cash value and most machines and games will allow you to display your total cash and wagers in an actual cash value so that you can better keep track of your funds.


Another term for a dealer. This is most commonly used in punto banco and chemmy baccarat as the person dealing the cards will sometimes be an actual player in these games. The croupier will control the shuffling, betting, and winnings in a certain game and also keep track of the action to ensure that the proper rules are followed.


After a deck of cards is shuffled it will be cut. This is the action of splitting the deck at a random point and placing the bottom section on the top section. This is done to ensure a proper shuffle has occurred.

Cut Card

A plastic card which is used to cut the deck and keep cards hidden while doing so.

Down Card

A card that is dealt face down by the dealer and isn’t visible to those on the table.

Dragon Bet

A side bet where a player wagers on the player or banker, depending upon which dragon bet they make, winning by a margin of four or more points with a natural. This is a sucker bet due to the high house edge and should be avoided.

Edge Sorting

Edge sorting baccarat termsA technique used by some players where card values can be determined by small differences in the pattern on the back of cards which occurs during the manufacturing process. This is considered cheating by casinos, but many players won’t be held accountable as it’s seen as the casino operator’s responsibility to ensure their cards are consistent. Edge sorting is obviously not possible in online baccarat.

Flat Bet

A consistent bet made by a player without any fluctuation.

High Roller

If a player is making large bets consistently they’re known as a high roller. A high roller in baccarat can sometimes make high rollers in other games look like small time gamblers. This is due to the nature of the game and the ability it has to attract super high rollers who will gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars in a session.

House Edge

The percentage edge that the casino operator has over the player in the game. The house edge is the theoretical advantage that the house has, meaning that on a long enough timeline the house will always win that percentage extra over the player ensuring that they remain profitable and make guaranteed money from their casino games. The best bet in baccarat is the banker bet. This has a house edge of 1.06% when you factor in the 5% commission that must be paid on winnings.


The casino employee who oversees a traditional baccarat game. The ladder man will sit near the middle of the baccarat table and keep an eye on all the action in the game to ensure rules are being followed and betting is occurring as it should.


The table felt in baccarat has a series of boxes and betting sections which the players can make their bets, and also sections where the cards are dealt in a given hand. This is known as a table layout.

Loss Bet

A bet against the bank is known as a loss bet due to the higher house edge it attracts.

La Grande

Translated from French meaning the big one. This is the term used to describe a natural 9 being scored with the first two cards by the banker or the player.

La Petite

The “little one” in French. This refers to a natural 8 being dealt with the first two cards by either the banker or player.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat is a great new way of playing baccarat from your home, while still being able to play with a real dealer. This game mode can be found at most online casinos that offer live dealer games.

Match Play

Many casinos offer match play promotions to entice players to wager on their games. A match play bonus is a token or coupon that can be applied to a single bet which effectively doubles the player’s bet without their having to risk that much. They will, however, be paid out double their actual cash bet as a result of the match play. Match plays can only be used once and are usually only available on even money games. Sometimes baccarat is considered an even money game. It depends on the particular casino rules and the terms and conditions with the associated match play.

Mini Baccarat

live-mini-baccarat-logoThe most popular form of the game in North America and many other non-European countries. Mini baccarat is played on a smaller table with a casino employee controlling all the action as the dealer. Players can bet on the player, banker, or tie and after a bet is made all action is finalized and random. This is now the most popular form of baccarat worldwide as it allows the casual player to participate and bet at much smaller stakes than traditional baccarat. It’s also a far simpler version of the game for people to learn.


A slang term for the ten card or a face card, all of which have a value of zero in the game.


Eight 52 card decks that are used at the start of a new shoe are known as the muck. These will be shuffled and placed into the shoe to be ready for dealing. The total number of cards in the muck is 416. This differs from many other casino table games where the muck is the pile of discarded cards.


A natural occurs when the first two cards that are dealt to either the player or banker equal an 8 or 9. This automatically finishes the hand and payouts are made accordingly.


This is a flat long stick that is used by croupiers on the baccarat table to move cards around without actually touching them with their hands.


A win in the game.

Player Bet

A bet on the player in the game with the hopes that the player’s hand will win. The player bet carries a house edge of 1.24% and is the second best bet in the game behind the banker bet. No commission is paid on winnings from a player bet.


A French term for the player in baccarat, and the literal translation of player in French.

Punto Banco

live-punto-banco-logoA very popular variation of baccarat that is found at many online casinos. This is the version of the game that mini baccarat is based upon. It literally translates to Player Banker.


Another form of baccarat which is commonly referred to by its French translation Chemin de Fer. It’s also called chemmy.

Random Number Generators or RNGs

Computer programs used by virtual machines and in online casinos to determine the outcomes in relation to cards dealt are known as random number generators or RNGs. These programs are completely random and match that of an actual deck being dealt. The computer will randomly shuffle the cards using this program to determine the order in the shoe and then will deal the cards as such in the game.

Each shoe is shuffled and dealt completely independently of the previous one and all hands are completely random. This is another reason why tracking numbers and hand results in baccarat are done purely for superstitious reasons.

Rapid Baccarat

A version of mini-baccarat where a dealer sits in the middle of a stadium of computer terminals which are used by players to make bets on their own screen which shows a digital table layout. These types of games are very profitable for casinos as they only need one dealer for a huge number of players. In turn, it also allows the casino to offer lower limits due to the economy of scale set up by the game format. Rapid baccarat is a great option for beginners as it allows players to wager privately and learn the game at lower stakes.


The device that is used to hold all the cards that will be dealt. Cards will be shuffled and then placed in the shoe for easy access by the dealer. Shoes are used in many casino table games, baccarat included.


Another term used for the bank.

Shuffle Up

When the croupier shuffles all the cards and places them in the shoe before a new hand is dealt.

Super Pan 9

A variation of baccarat mostly played on the west coast of the United States of America.


A situation in baccarat where the player and banker end up with the same score. In this occurrence, those that have bet on the tie win. This is also referred to as a standoff.

Tie Bet

A betting option for players where they are wagering that the next hand will be a tie between the player and banker. It pays out at 8 to 1 at most casinos and 9 to 1 at some more generous establishments. The house edge is huge on this bet at 14.36% and it should be avoided.

Up Card

A card that is dealt face-up by the dealer.


An acronym for a very important person. Casinos usually reserve and use this term for high rollers.

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