Online Keno

Online KenoOnline keno derives is fame and popularity from the land based casinos and their keno lounges. It provides the same gameplay and rules that gamblers love about regular keno. There are many casino sites that provide online keno as a gambling option.

This page will help you learn the rules and how to play online keno with our easy step-by-step guide. We also provide a list of the best online casinos for keno online that players can join. Learn about the online keno strategy that players can use to play their best. Take a look at our in-depth online keno guide and strat to play keno for real money.

Best Online Keno Casinos

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Online keno is easy to learn and requires little more than choosing your numbers and hoping to hit as many of them as possible. While the edge in online keno lies squarely in the house’s favor, playing a few rounds while resting provides a generous risk to reward ratio. Players that still want to learn more about Online Keno and have questions about the game, they can check out our online keno FAQ.

With the introduction of Australian Casinos and the U.K. Casinos, many gamblers have taken to playing keno online during the last two decades. US players also have access to online casinos but have more restrictions. Do not fear, as we provide the best US casinos players can choose from.

How to Play Online Keno

To the uninitiated, a game of keno will most resemble an American lottery like Powerball. Players are equipped with an 8×10 grid containing the numbers 1 through 80 in sequential order. There may be terms used that you are not familiar with and you may want to learn the online keno terms for when you play.

Objective of Keno Online

Keno Online gameThe objective of keno is to mark anywhere between one and 15 numbers on the card, before watching to see how many of the numbers you’ve chosen are selected during a randomized 20 number drawing. The more numbers you hit, the more you win.

Playing keno in a land based casino involves filling out paper tickets with a tiny pencil and handing it over to a runner for safe keeping, but the online game is streamlined and efficient. When you visit most online casinos the game is presented to players via an intuitive interface which allows for quick wagering and easy to understand payouts. Wherever you decide to play keno online the game-play will be simple and straightforward.

Four Easy Steps to Playing Online Keno


Wager Amount

First, you’ll select a wager amount, typically beginning at $0.25 and moving up from $1 to $5 and so on. After you’ve decided on a wager, the next task is to choose your group of numbers for the next drawing. You can select anywhere from a single number up to 15 numbers per game, but the payouts are minimal when a lower amount of numbers is selected.


Pick the Numbers

Most players select 10 numbers when hitting the keno lounge because this amount offers a plausible chance at hitting several numbers, giving them a chance at winning significant payouts. The keno game operated by many online casinos makes this even easier by offering a convenient quick pick feature. Pressing the green quick pick button automatically selects a random allotment of 10 numbers on a player’s card.


Select Number of Draws

Once you’ve selected your numbers for the game, the last step is to decide how many draws you would like to run using the same card. Again, the online version of keno found in established online casinos streamlines the process by including point and click functionality. By choosing Play 1, Play 5, or Play 10, you can easily direct the game to run your preferred number of draws.


The Results and Getting Paid

The computer will tally your results instantaneously, and every time your card manages to match enough numbers during a draw, the appropriate winnings will be credited to your account.

Wikipedia has a good overview of keno. While I don’t always trust the information on Wikipedia because of how easy it is to edit the pages, the keno page is a nice resource.

Best Places to Play Online Keno

During the rush to digitize the casino landscape, classic table games like blackjack and baccarat and slot machines dominated the early days, but online keno is making a comeback.

Below we have a list of some of the best online casinos for keno and have split them up intro two categories, International and US casinos to make it easier for players to select the site that caters to them. Read the casino review to make sure they offer you everything you want and need, especially when it comes to online keno and other games.

Top US Online Keno Casinos

For those other US players that want other options to pick from can check out our extensive casino reviews section and select their preferred option.

International Keno Casinos

With the expansions of online gambling throughout the world, we can know find a huge variesty of gambling sites. We have two of the best online casinos to play keno at:

Betway Casino logo sm

Betway Casino

There are plenty of other casinos international players can find online keno at. The players in Australia can try their luck at the top Australian casinos. Those in the Great Britain can find reputable UK casinos that cater especially to them.

Online Keno Strategy

Keno strategyWhen playing online keno for real money, the first thing to keep in mind is that this lottery style diversion is accurately deemed a game of chance by statistical experts. This means that players have no way of influencing their chances of winning, or of reducing the house’s inherent edge. In the case of keno online, that house edge stands at approximately 30 percent, which means over the long run you’ll encounter a steep hill to climb toward potential profitability.

Of course, knowing this information is half the battle, because when you approach online keno as a low risk, high reward proposition, the game’s beauty becomes apparent. By betting just a few dollars and hoping for the best, a lucky draw can sometimes result in a massive score.

By examining the sample paytable below, you can easily assess your chances of hitting a major payout while playing the standard assortment of keno number selections. Additionally, the table includes the average payouts for various jackpot scenarios when placing a $1 bet.

Numbers Selected and Hit Odds of Hitting (1 in X) Average Payout on $1 Wager
10 out of 10 8,911,711 $25,000
9 out of 10 163,381 $4,000
8 out of 10 7,384 $1,000
7 out of 10 621 $140
6 out of 10 87 $20
8 out of 8 230,114 $25,000
7 out of 8 6,232 $1,480
6 out of 8 423 $90
7 out of 7 40,979 $8,100
6 out of 7 1,366 $400
6 out of 6 7,752 $1,480
5 out of 6 323 $90

As the table illustrates, a savvy keno player’s best chances of winning big money on a small bet comes from choosing six, seven, or eight numbers on a card. By doing so, rather than splurging on 10 or more numbers, you can still chase significant returns in excess of 25,000 to 1 on your money while going up against far more favorable odds. You’ll always be a longshot of course, but by sticking to six, seven, and eight numbers while playing online keno, you stand to lose just a little or win a whole lot more.


If you want to see results and drawings for many live keno games across the United States check out keno USA. They list over 40 casinos with live keno action.

Though online keno is never a good bet as far as a low house edge, it gives you a chance to win $10,000 or more for a single one dollar wager. You won’t find many other games in a casino that offer a higher payout for such a small bet.