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The ancient Chinese game of Keno may have originated back in the 19th century (pigeons may have been involved –we will neither confirm or deny), but it has managed to maintain popularity. It has persisted through time and has reached the digital format of online casino gameplay. In this article, Online United States Casinos breaks down the best online keno tips so you can play and actually win!

Play and Win at Online Keno

OUSC Online Keno TipsOnline Keno is a digital format of the regular Keno. Keno is a game where a person marks as many numbers as permitted on a card with numbers 1–80. The player registers their ticket, pays accordingly, and waits until the numbers are drawn (20 at regular intervals).

As a result, the number drawing is performed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) instead of an actual person or machine mixer. Different casino operators may offer different payouts for the same outcome, but other than that, players will find the same simple gameplay. However, at an improved faster pace.

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Keno Online

Choose Your Spots – The first thing to do when playing Keno is to choose your spots (a.k.a. your lucky keno numbers). There are 80 numbers on a Keno board. You can pick anywhere from 1 to 15 of them. Your numbers will be highlighted in blue.
Set Your Stake – Select how much you want to wager and the type of bet you want to place (read more about the types of bets below).  Once you’ve picked your keno numbers and your bet, your spots will appear highlighted on the board.
You’re Ready to Play – Click on the Play button. The online casinos’ Random Number Generator (RNG) will draw 20 winning numbers will show them on your screen.
It’s a Hit! – If any of your numbers coincide with the winners, this is called a hit. Hits will be highlighted in red. If you get enough hits, then you win!

Know the Types of Bets in Online Keno Before You Wager

Online Keno is not just about picking your lucky numbers, clicking on the Play button, and crossing your fingers. Get to know the different types of bets, so you can make a better, more informed decision before playing. Here is a brief overview of each online keno bet you can place.

Online Keno Betting Types

    • Straight Ticket – Making a straight bet on a Keno ticket is the simplest form of staking on the game. In order to win, players will need to a specific number of their chosen games, or optimally all for max payout.
    • Way Ticket – This bet provides players with several outcomes that would pay out, as it allows them to place different number combinations on one ticket. Namely, two combinations of 4 distinct numbers, as well as a third combination of all the 8 numbers can make up such a bet, with players placing a stake on any of these three to turn out.
    • Split Ticket – The split bet combines two or more straight bets, with an added disadvantage of preventing players from using one number in two or more straight bet number selections.
    • King Number Ticket – Like a split ticket, the king number bet allows players to choose different combinations, and one king number, which can be a spot by itself or pay along with other combos.

Online Keno Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are also available across online Keno titles, as well as other features such as free spins and similar win-hit bonuses. Bear in mind that, even though it isn’t a rule, considering the specific features of your Keno title and casino platform can be useful to playing Keno properly, and thus gain some much-needed advantage to turn the odds in your favor.

Payout Differences in Keno When Playing Online

Before you learn the top strategies regarding Keno, it is good to know that payouts differ based on how many of numbers you’ve chosen and the respective casino. In a max number amount scenario, players choosing 15 numbers will win half their bet for hitting 3 or 4 spots, or evens for 5, while 6 will double your bet; hitting 7, 8 or 9 gets players 5x, 15x or 50x their bet amount, 10 number hits – 150x, 11 – 300x, 12 hits – 600x, 13 – 1200x and 14 – 2500x, while a complete 15-number hit pays 10,000x your bet.

Top Winning Online Keno Tips


Analyze Your Bets

When determining your bet, make sure you compare and rationalize the bet type and amount, especially with the casino’s payouts. For example, hitting 3 numbers pays evens for bets made on 7 to 11 numbers, but the chances of hitting 3 out of 11 numbers are much better than hitting 3 out of 7. Hence, rationalizing the bet will definitely help you increase your winning potential.


You Don’t Have to Pick A Lot of Numbers

Picking your Keno numbers doesn’t have to be logical. Pick fewer numbers at first, this will increase your chances of getting a proportional amount of hits. Also, it is advisable that you bet the numbers that first come to mind. It doesn’t matter whether they are random or stand for something like your birthday, phone number or even dress size.


Have Fun, Keno Is Fun

Keno is primarily played for fun, like the whole online casino establishment, so the strategy that will allow players to make the most of their gameplay is to have fun and enjoy the action. As long as they bear in mind that the game outcome is completely random, players should have no problem handling whatever Keno number comes their way.

Did You Know? Keno Trivia

OUSC Trivia - Race Horse KenoYou can find Keno under other names. For example, when Keno first came to the United States (Nevada) it was called Racehorse Keno. In the early 1900s, all gambling practices except for lottery games were made illegal in the US, and punters made horse racing synonymous to a keno game.

However it is called and wherever it is played, the game of Keno consists of the same rules, bet types, and odds and payouts. It is a fun game that anyone can enjoy. So, follow our tips and start playing Keno for real money today!

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